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➤When you make your online store more beautiful, visitors are directly attached to your store.

➤The probability for you to get multiple visitors or buyers is very high only when your site does not have a good face on the net.

➤Furthermore, when your site doesn't have an attractive homepage, visitors don't matter to your store. They consider your shop fake.

➤That's why I offer you my section creation service to make your Shopify store more attractive online and to mark the difference between the others.

➤Encoding allows you to reduce the purchase of apps which further make your store slower when browsing.


Web developer by training with several experiences in programming. I will be able to code you sections on your tailor-made shop according to your expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact me to propose your projects for creating sections on your Shopify store.

For my basic offer, I will add a code to your theme to remove the "Powered by Shopify".


➤Create a Flash Info Bar on your store:
Indeed, this slider system will scroll through a certain number of flash info with an icon and a small text such as, for example, free delivery, satisfied customers, warranty, etc.

➤ Rotate an Image on your store for:
area to rotate an image on itself in CSS. This type of effect is good on a round trust badge.

➤ Create a Menu Hover Effect on your store:
create a hover effect on items in a menu on Shopify. 2 possibilities will be offered to you with a slight underline that grows on hover or a colored background!

➤ Scroll Numbers to the Scroll on your store :
make a system of numbers that auto-increment when the user arrives on this section. This effect is very trendy to display the number of satisfied customers and other numerical information.

➤ Put 3 Icons (customer service, warranty, secure payments) to Reassure the Customer on the Product Sheet of your store:
This insert is ideal for the reassurance effect with appropriate icons and texts such as customer service, warranty, secure payments, etc.

➤ Display Today's Date on your store:
the display will also be approached by the manipulation of dates in order to display the date, the day the month and the year

➤ Create a vibrating button on your shop:
This technique is often used to capture the customer's attention so that he takes action.
It has been shown that the conversion rate tends to increase by activating this vibrating button on shopify.

➤ Create an information bar with dynamic texts on your store:
It's a text that scrolls dynamically on your store to inform your customers about your operation or whatever you want

➤ Make a Footer with trusted badges on your store :
It is important to reassure your customers to have a pre-footer with beautiful icons and elements to reassure them.
Example: Delivery in Europe, Satisfied or refunded, After-sales service, Secure payment

➤ Display the stock on your store :
It is important for your customer to know if you have stock for your products and it also helps to make your product page more attractive.

➤ Make scrolling text on your store:
This type of system is ideal for highlighting information that must be memorized by your customers.

➤ Create a Popup on your store:
This system is very useful for providing important information, offering a subscription to the newsletter or even offering an irresistible offer.

➤ Round up Buttons on your store:
Some branded sites use rounded shapes to give style to their graphic identity! It's actually a good idea and it can make you really cool! Of course, some niches lend themselves to it more than others.

➤ Hide the Paypal button on your shop at the level of the basket :
The PAYPAL button which is found by default at the level of the basket is good for your shop.
Because it can cool more than one and have a negative impact on the sales of your store.

➤Create a Sticky Bar on your store :
So what is a Sticky bar? It is simply a bar fixed to the scroll with quick access to the purchase of a product with the choice of associated variants.

➤Make a Savings Calculator on your store:
It is based on promo codes that you will have to create beforehand on Shopify! you will have to create them on Shopify and then take the names of the promo codes to put them in the system (the JS). Options will also be possible!

➤Make Shapes on Images on your store:
These code snippets will mask part of your image to achieve the desired shape.

➤Create a (clickable) Gift Icon with Promo Code on your store:
It's a floating gift icon on your store. When you click on it, a mini information will be displayed offering a promo code

➤Offer a Promo Code from a certain purchase amount on your store:
This system will be set up on your product sheets with real-time information on the amount remaining to be spent in order to have an exclusive promo code.

➤Automatically add a Product to the Cart on your store:
When the product arrives on the basket page, a product that you have defined will be automatically added to the basket under certain conditions. This tutorial is ideal if you want to offer a free product with the purchase of a specific product

➤Create a Loyalty Information Bar with Promo Code according to the number of Visits to your store:
Indeed, this system will allow you to offer your customers up to 3 information bars with, for example, promotional codes that are more and more interesting with each visit. This is ideal for offering a kind of loyalty system on Shopify and thus making the user experience closer to the customer.

➤ Decorate your website for Christmas with Snow Effect:
This code was developed especially to decorate your Shopify site for Christmas to bring some joy to your store.

➤Create an add to cart button in the collections on your store:
This system is quite practical to allow your customers to buy directly from your collections without having to go to the product sheets. In addition, your conversion rate will be greatly boosted

➤Create a Special Offer insert on your store:
It is an Insert or banner offering an Offer that your customers cannot refuse. In addition, it will boost your turnover since you will necessarily sell more

➤Make an Amazon Button on your store :
Internet users all know Amazon and are used to the color codes present on this site.
Customers will feel more confident and will be more inclined to purchase!
This color is also common on e-commerce stores because it converts very well.

➤Make your GDPR contact form on your store :
To make your contact page or Newsletter GDPR compliant, most use applications, but I offer you a piece of code to solve this problem for you.
If the application codes are not available, it is up to them to take the steps to be GDPR compliant on Shopify

➤Put "from" before the price on your store :
It will only show if you have different prices.

➤Add a promo code at the level of the basket on your shop:
This is very useful because basic shopify only offers it at the checkout level!

➤Create a FAQ system on your store (Customer Content):
It's just a simple and effective FAQ system to put in your FAQ page to put information about your products, your payment methods and others

➤Expand the add to cart button on your store:
This effect will slightly magnify the add to cart or buy now button on all your product pages
This trick will increase the visibility of the button and therefore increase your conversion rate

➤Put a video on your product page hosted on your store:
It's quite handy if you don't have a Youtube channel or a Vimeo account.

➤Create an informative flashing banner for "free delivery" on your store:
You want a kitsch button to make it clear to your customers that shipping is free

You have your Shopify store with personalized products but you are having trouble offering your visitors/buyers to add their information (text, photo, name and others etc...).
The fields that I propose to you are: image fields, surname + first name field, option fields and selection fields.
Very practical for POD or sites with products that require customization.
These fields will save you the installation of an often paid application.
This field is mandatory, i.e. the "add to cart button" will only work if the field is filled in to avoid purchases without criteria.
This field is not mandatory, i.e. the "add to cart button" will work if the field is not filled in.


➤A simple text field (Last name + First name):
This is a simple text field to add a Last Name or First Name. Example: First name for a personalized T-shirt.

➤A single-choice option field:
Single choice (List of choices with radio button). Example: Choosing the color of the text on the T-shirt.

➤Checkbox field:
Confirmation (Checkbox)

➤Download field:
Allows for example the customer to upload his own image for the personalization of a product. The choice of authorized extensions (eg: jpeg;png;gif;psd;pdf) is made when adding or modifying this field.

➤ Drop-down menu field:
(Display of choices in a drop-down menu). This is another mode of presentation of multiple choice, where only one choice is possible, such as the color of text or the shape of the collar of a T-shirt.


Customer reviews on your stores allow visitors to learn more about your products regarding their value in the market before buying them with confidence.
These reviews are also a great way to sell online on e-commerce sites and for your store. This is key insurance for your visitors. All of this helps convince visitors to order from your online store.
Encoding allows you to reduce the purchase of apps that make your store even slower when browsing.

The image carousel allows you to put pictures of your store on the Home page to make your site more attractive to your visitors. All this is included in the branding of your site.


➤I offer you a Customer Review carousel with 5 reviews (Customer Content).

➤A Customer Reviews carousel section with 10 reviews (Customer Content).

➤A Customer Reviews carousel section with 20 reviews (Customer Content).

➤Creation of an image carousel with 5 image areas on your store (Customer content).

➤Creation of an image carousel with 9 image areas on your store (Customer Content).

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