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✔️ Do you have a website you want to expand using organic traffic ?

✔️ Are you overwhelmed by the competition and do you want to rank and increase your traffic by improving your Domain Authority / Trust Flow?

✔️ How does a big SEO boost sound ?

I bet you want all of that, but you probably neither have the time nor the skills to create backlinks with a high DA?

Just give me the URL of your website and I'll take care of indexing it on websites from your country that will boost your SEO.


Why is it difficult to find good Backlinks ? 🔗

If you've ever paid for a backlink service, it's highly possible that you were disappointed... for several reasons:

❌ The backlinks you received did not have a strong Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flow (TF)
❌ They were not manually indexed
❌ The spam score of these links was high
❌ Many of these links were created on non-local pages (Russian, Thai, Chinese links)
❌ The majority of your backlinks disappeared in your Google Search Console
❌ Your traffic did not go up

Unfortunately, many backlink services are selling you a dream by promising you several thousand links to double or triple your organic traffic in a few days

📢Spoiler alert: This is not how off-site SEO works!

... And you realize too late that not only did your traffic not increase, but also that you were exposing yourself to Google penalties (in addition to having lost your money)

And on top of that, you'll have to disavow those bad links that are threatening the SEO of your website ☠️

These backlinks are usually links that are used by anyone who promises you thousands of backlinks for a very low price. The websites on which these links are created are spammed every day for backlinks and Google knows them as “toxic”

Remember these few lines if you want a real off-site netlinking strategy to boost your SEO without taking any risks:

➡️ Take a consistent number of backlinks for a sustainable strategy (e.g.: 200 or 300 per month, never create 3000 backlinks at once)
➡️ Have a large majority of backlinks in your language
➡️ Make sure that these links have a low spam score.
➡️ Don't take only links from websites with a very high DA/TF (it's suspicious for Google)
➡️ Don't take only links with a low DA either, it would be useless

Thus, in order to comply with those criteria, I decided to create :

A Backlinks service that works! 🔗

By placing an order on my service, you will receive :

✔️ Backlinks with directories from your country
✔️ On websites that have a low spam score
✔️ With consistent DA/TF (varying from 5 to 90+)
✔️ Links of different types (forum profiles, articles, social networks...)


Me in a few words...

📈 SEO Expert

✅ More than 1300 missions done on ComeUp

🎓 Certified by Semrush, the most popular and effective SEO tool

Thanks to my experience on the web, I have an excellent network of websites suitable for your Netlinking. I will also be able to provide you with good advice and custom solutions.

📢 Outperform your competitors on Google and go to the next level… NOW 💵💵



If you are looking for a strategy to rank on Google in the long run and have more and more organic traffic, here is what I can provide:

🥉 BRONZE Pack: 10 Backlinks for 60€
Here is a pack that can be useful for beginners. 10 BL is good to start off and test the power that Backlinks can offer. You will certainly see your number of visitors increase and your DA take some points. This is a good start for anyone who is in the early stages of his off-site strategy

🥈SILVER Pack : 30 Backlinks for 160€
This is the perfect pack for websites that are starting to get traffic. 30 backlinks is a good compromise for a webmaster willing to maintain his ranking on the 1st page of SERPs

🥇 GOLD Pack: 100 backlinks for 300€
The perfect pack for well settled websites. Those who have a good Domain Authority / Trust Flow can afford to move forward with a steady pace and take 100 Backlinks every now and then to keep progressing in the SERPs, towards the 1st position.

💎 PLATINIUM Pack: This is the advanced pack that every webmaster should own. It contains:
✔️ 300 Backlinks
✔️ Various DAs: 10-90+
✔️ Indexed links on articles related to your theme
✔️ Various anchors (optimized and not optimized)

This is what it takes to start doing SEO in a serious way.

⭐ Gotta go fast ? Good, I have something for winners ⭐

Here is my ultimate Backlink offer:

🚀ULTIMATE Pack : 700 Backlinks for 650€
To put things in perspective : That's 93 cents per backlink. This is by far the best option to outrank your competitors. On average, a good website with a DA of 40 has between 500 and 1000 Backlinks. Thanks to this pack, **your website is going to be pushed to the first positions

Option 🔗 What you get Price
Basic 1 BL 10€
Additional BL 1 BL +10€
🥉BRONZE Pack 10 BL +50€
🥈SILVER Pack 30 BL +150€
🥇GOLD Pack 100 BL +290€
💎PLATINIUM Pack 300 BL (5 premium) +430€
🚀 ULTIMATE Pack 700 BL (50 premium) +640€


Why ordering backlinks regularly?

If you have ambition for your website, you must do what is necessary to increase your organic traffic. In order to do that, you need a sustainable off-site SEO strategy.

In other words, you need several backlinks on a regular basis. I keep repeating it, regularity is essential in SEO.

There is no point in gaining 200 backlinks in one month, then nothing for the following months.

If you do that, you will only get a fleeting boost in your traffic.


They did not hesitate

Don’t just trust my words, look at what others did.
Here are some of my customer reviews.
They understood the power of backlinks, they chose my service to build a sustainable strategy and a quality netlinking for their website

One thing’s for sure: Today, they do not regret it:

Thibault Mouille 👍
Absolutely perfect. Loïc is one of the best SEO professionals we have ever met. Our orders are always delivered on time, communication is responsive and fluid, and most importantly the results are as promised! I recommend them 200% Thank you!
Benjamin Trojman 👍
Good quality work, totally low spam score, mix of follow and nofollow (with a majority of follow!!), mix of optimized anchors and standard url, mix of good DAs (+90) and standard DAs (+20, +30...) so it's ideal for stable SEO I recommend 200%!
kpublicity 👍
I am very satisfied with Loic, it's really a real exchange that there is behind (you can contact him to ask questions about the link, and it's pretty fast anyway it must be said! ) Concerning the backlink, it is quality (he writes a specific text to your theme, and even to the content of your page, so it is quite "precise" ... ) For 5€ I expected less ;) The deadline is respected (right on time) but at least, it's clean ;) So no problem at this level either. In short, honest presta ( complicated nowadays ), Thanks again Loic !



It's always complicated to know how to create good backlinks, so I decided to answer the most frequent questions I've been asked:

💭 What is the nature of the links you provide?

I work with three types of links:

📝Article links: I will put your link on articles specifically created to make backlinks through Guest Post. These will be articles that deal with the theme of your website links that are therefore very well contextualized

🙋 Forum profiles: I will create a profile for you on a forum that allows you to post your link. These forums will not be contextualized like articles are, but the authority is much stronger on forums

🌍 Social network links: Links from Pinterest, Behance, Facebook... They will vary the link profiles you have on your website, while giving it authority

If a forum doesn't allow it, I may use the comment section to make you a good link

💭 Backlink Dofollow or Nofollow?

I do both. Dofollow is important, but you need no-follow links for a good balance and not to get Google penalties.

💭 How many URLs can I give you?

  • 1 URL for the 🥉BRONZE Pack
  • 1 to 2 URLs for the 🥈SILVER Pack
  • 1 to 5 URLs for the 🥇GOLD Pack
  • 1 to 10 URLs for the 💎PLATINIUM Pack
  • 1 to 20 URLs for the 🚀ULTIMATE Pack

💭 How long will it take me to get results?

Your links will take a few weeks or even months to get indexed. Once done, the SEO juice will stem from them and you'll start gaining traffic gradually

💭 To which pages should I create Backlinks?

I recommend targeting your homepage (60%) and your other important pages the rest of the time (blog posts, a collection that sells well etc...)

💭 How can I make sure the work has been properly done?

You will get a detailed Excel sheet report containing all the URLs of the created links for your website. You'll be able to visit those website and check the backlinks by yourselves 😉



You have handed me your off-site SEO strategy. You start to rank on Google’s SERP and your website has now a higher authority.
**You'll be generating passive income every month, without doing anything!

I'd love to have helped you develop your website. So don't wait any longer and call me in 3 steps:

1️⃣ Place an order according to your needs
2️⃣ Send me the link of your website and the pages you want to make backlinks
3️⃣ Give me some keywords and examples of link anchors

I will take care of the rest

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