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🚨 New in 2023: new domains, better quality content, improved crawl by Google 🚨

If you have a website but it has a traffic close to 0 I have to inform you that your site is not useful and will not bring you customers, BUT :

🧐 You do NOT have to redo your site or change your CMS
🤯 You did NOT necessarily make mistakes in the writing of your pages
😎 You have NOT been penalized by Google

This usually comes from something that many webmasters and entrepreneurs don't work on: popularity. For a site to be trustworthy in the eyes of Google, it must have some popularity. And do you know how Google estimates the "popularity" of a website? By analyzing the quantity and quality of its backlinks.

And do you know what my service is for? To improve the popularity of your website by creating quality backlinks while making sure to stay under the radar of Google to avoid any penalty (100% guaranteed).

Now you want to say BINGO.

As I said, SEO is difficult and competitive. Put all the chances on your side by having an authoritative site in the eyes of Google. To appear as a reference in the eyes of Google, you must work on your netlinking. This authority is calculated according to the number of sites linking to your site and the quality of these links.

🔥 That's why today I propose you to improve your SEO natural referencing with quality backlinks (netlinking). With a recognized expertise in SEO Off Site, I invite you to read the full description of my service below.

🔥 Why invest in SEO ?

I am a digital marketing consultant for many years, specialist in traffic acquisition I accompany my clients by helping them boost the traffic of their websites. 80% of my clients come to me for SEO. The reason is simple:

  • if they invest 1000€ in online advertising, they will get about 10000 visitors, then nothing.
  • if they invest 1000€ in SEO, they will get about 1000 visitors per month, for life. That is 12000 visitors after one year, 24000 after 2 .... the return on investment is gigantic, I let you do the calculation.

They do not hesitate and invest massively in the only sustainable strategy that will bring them traffic in the long term. With a solid experience and more than 1000 clients, I have put in place techniques to achieve objectives proportional to your investments.

⛔ The risk with backlinks

There is backlink and backlink ... I have done many tests, I have implemented several techniques to create quality links and today I have a process allowing me to offer you quantitative backlinks of the best possible quality. My 10 years of experience have taught me to avoid :

🚫 To have 100% optimized anchors for your keywords
🚫 Backlinks with non-varied DA/TF
🚫 To get backlinks from pages in another language than the site
🚫 Getting 100% dofollow backlinks

Google has statistics on natural link profile of a site. If you deviate from the average, you risk the penalty.

Lucky for you, my links meet many quality criteria:

✅ The links are contextualized, they are blog articles talking about your global theme, the articles are generated by an AI and spun, they are not pleasant to read for a human but perfect for our friend Google
✅ the contents of the links are in the language of your site, so French if your site is in French for example
✅ the links are posted on dedicated pages, for you alone, there are not 100 links to 100 different sites
✅ the links are posted on authority sites (blogging platforms) with DA varying from 30 to 90 approximately
✅ links are 70% dofollow / 30% nofollow : to avoid any penalty you must have a natural link profile
✅ the links are taken into account by Google : I force Google's robot to come crawl (visit) the pages linking to you, so that Google counts these links in its algorithm
✅ the links are 50% with optimized anchors and 50% with non-optimized anchors: again to avoid any penalty

Regarding the sites on which I will publish your links, please know that I carefully choose the websites I work with. I even use this network to reference my own websites.

In the end, all my clients who implement good SEO practices see their traffic grow and out of more than 6000 referenced sites, no client has ever experienced a Google penalty. It is thanks to my experience and all these quality criteria that I manage to reach such a level of performance.

Many providers offer links from Chinese or Russian forums, comments of articles that have been spammed by 1000 other robots, a 100% dofollow link profile ... perfect to be penalized by Google and make your business plunge into the abyss of Google.

Your choice but don't forget that 🐼 and 🐧 are watching you.

🔥 Presentation of the different packs

Pack Number of Backlinks PDF Guides Position Tracking Tool Price
🧊 Ambitious 50 links 10€
Startup 150 links 30€
🔥 Fire 300 links 60€
Stars 600 links 120€
🚀 Takeoff 1200 links 240€
🔥 Rocket 2400 links 480€

What are the PDF guides?

  • How to get your site up on Google (17 pages)
  • The 20 best free tools for your SEO (8 pages)
  • The best SEO practices, confessions of an SEO consultant (21 pages)

All guides are in french language. I am the author of these guides.

ULTIMATE Premium Pack 🏆
3600 Backlinks with French articles
5 sponsored articles published on blogs with a DA greater than 50. The articles will be 500 words and will be optimized for your keywords
✍️ Creation of articles dedicated to your theme (MasterSpin): Free
Linking specific URLs to specific keywords: Free
Free access to a Google position tracking tool
PDF Guide: How to get your site to rank higher on Google
PDF Guide: The 20 Best Free Tools for Your SEO
PDF Guide: The best SEO practices, confessions of an SEO consultant
🤠 Price: 1000€

My clients who get good results and a good ROI usually choose a minimum premium 4 pack. My clients who get the best results, an excellent return on investment and especially long-term results take the ULTIMATE pack, it is a profitable investment.

**Indeed, these clients have all arrived on the first page of Google on many keywords. Of course it depends on the competition and the market as well as the quality of the site to be referenced.

💡 How to choose the right pack?

How to know which pack to choose? Do not order randomly!

It is very simple, it will depend on your DA (Domain Authority). The DA is a note from 0 to 100, estimating the quality of netlinking of a site. The higher the score, the more likely the site is to be well referenced on Google.

Let's do the test together, it's free:

1️⃣ To find your DA, go to Google and type "Free Moz DA Checker" :

You'll find plenty of free tools to measure your Domain Authority.

2️⃣ Fill in the URL of your website in the big box "MOZRANK CHECKER
3️⃣ Click on the "Check Rank" button.
4️⃣ This will mill around a bit, then further down you will see a table.
5️⃣ This is where you will see the "DA" column, which is the score out of 100 for your website.

If you don't get it send me a message, I'll analyze it for you FREE 🙂 !

Then, if your website has a score between :

  • 0 to 15 -> I suggest you to choose 2400 Backlinks or the ULTIME pack
  • 15 and 25 -> I suggest you to choose 1200 Backlinks
  • 25 and 35 -> I suggest you choose 600 Backlinks
  • 35 and 45 -> I suggest you choose 300 Backlinks
  • 45 and 55 -> I suggest you choose 150 Backlinks
  • Above a DA of 55, you don't need backlinks

Of course, if your cash flow doesn't allow you to invest the right amount of money at the time you read this, you can do this work over several weeks/months.

For example, you can order 150 backlinks every week for 4 weeks if your DA is 27.

However, do not expect to get results by ordering 150 backlinks if your site needs 1200, SEO does not work like that unfortunately.

🤔 What you will need to provide me with

I would only need 3 things:

  • URL: I would need the URL of your site. It is best to link to your homepage. Then, the juice from the links will be transmitted to your whole site naturally via your internal links (your menus etc). You can also provide me some URLs of important pages of your site, but it is not mandatory.
  • Your keywords** : you must give me a maximum of keywords. You don't have to target your 2-3 main keywords. The keywords will be used as anchors for your backlinks, so the more they are, the better!
  • A theme** : This will guide the writing of articles. You must give me a theme for each order. It can be anything you want, for example: Interior design, home renovation, online business, digital marketing, ... The choice is yours!

Do not hesitate to contact me before ordering to tell me about your theme. The articles will be on "global" themes, if you sell bikes, the articles will be about sports in general, which is enough for Google. But if you want to boost the work a bit more, you can take the option ✍️ Creation of articles dedicated to your theme (MasterSpin) and there I could write articles specifically on the theme of cycling.

Once you place an order, this is the brief format I expect:



cheap bike
buy bike
advice on buying a bike
best bike
guide to buying a bike


One URL per line and one keyword per line. Thank you for respecting this brief format, it will make my work easier and will guarantee you the best results.

You can send me the brief by message or directly in a text document (.txt or .docx).

🚀 The options

You can customize the service by adding 2 options (independent of the number of backlinks):

  • ✍️ Creation of articles dedicated to your theme (MasterSpin): with this option, backlinks will be created with content generated just for you. This means that the backlinks will be precisely in your theme and therefore of better quality.
  • 🔛 Link specific URLs to specific keywords : if you want to link URLs to specific keywords/anchors, you should check this option. Otherwise, as I state right above in the "What you will need to provide me" -> I would mix all URLs with all keywords / anchors.

😍 Some customer reviews

Here is a selection of positive reviews taken at random. I can't list them all because there are more than 4000. I have a lot of satisfied customers and many are loyal, they come back to me to continue to improve the SEO of their site or for me to help them on a new project. This is not by chance! I hope to count you among my satisfied customers soon.

Nicolas_ChemX - Le 03/05/2023 👍
Great work as usual with Guillaume! It's already fast in normal time but here the delivery was express! 👍 I have been using Guillaume's services for quite some time now. I have never been disappointed and the results on my sites are really significant. Of course this is in addition to the personal work on my sites. In conclusion: Good Job and I recommend 4000%.
ThibaultMouille - Le 14/12/2022 👍
What can I say ... I ask Guillaume regularly and am always very satisfied. For a new site - my marketing profession inciting me to benchmark - I made 3 equivalent orders at the same rate and on the same day for 3 distinct URLs. The verdict is simple. I already see Guillaume's BLs while I don't see anything from the other providers, even if the links undoubtedly exist, they are not yet indexed by Google. When will they be? Will they be? For Guillaume Ahrefs and Ubersuggest already see them! So THANK YOU and BRAVO.
JLLtr - 09/12/2022 👍
I am more than satisfied, but impressed by your work, when I saw the report, it's incredible, these great diose, I really recommend you more for the price is really top. Thank you Mr Guillaume for your seriousness and your work.
ThibaultMouille - Le 16/11/2022 👍
I am very pleased with the service and the quality of the work. Punctuality, quality, communication, quality-price ratio... everything is there. Guillaume illustrates very well my favorite maxim "under promise - over deliver". I recommend, in both senses of the word 😊 thank you!
Daniel_ZAWADZKI - Le 04/10/2022 👍
I used Guillaume's services and everything went well. Guillaume is responsive, answers questions quickly, gets up very early on Sunday mornings to work haha (this is something that stuck in my mind when I saw that he answered me around 6am on a Sunday), clearly knows what he is doing and you can feel his expertise in the field. Although I have to wait 2-3 months for SEO results, I decided to use his services again. I recommend.
ThibaultMouille - Le 09/06/2022 👍
I can only congratulate myself for having called upon Guillaume whose expertise I already knew from the trainings I followed from him. With him, the communication, the speed of taking charge, the quality of the service and all the advices make that it is certainly the reference in his field. Thank you and see you soon.

💬 Do you have any questions?

Know that I already have over 6000 satisfied clients on ComeUp and more if you count my direct clients and on other freelance platforms. I have several Google and Hubspot (the Inbound Marketing pros) certifications. All this is not due to chance, I am passionate about digital marketing and SEO and I love to accompany my clients to success. My experience and my expertise, I offer them to you today.

Feel free to ask me all your questions through the private messaging of the platform. I let you look at the FAQ I created below which should answer most of your questions. If you ever don't find your answer, I am of course available.

→ Available 7 days a week

🙋 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I be penalized?
Answer: No, in the 8 years I have been practicing, none of my sites and none of my clients have been penalized. I use the latest techniques in Netlinking, I exercise a diligent and professional monitoring. I make sure that Google does not suspect that you are trying to buy links. In his eyes, links are natural. I put everything in place so that your link profile is natural: slow crawl of backlinks by Google, mix of optimized and non-optimized anchors, etc.

➡️ Good to know: Google no longer penalizes via its algorithm, the netlinking that it considers "artificial", it is content to ignore the links it does not like, disavowing links has become unnecessary. If a site were to suffer a penalty for its netlinking, it would be a manual penalty. If it happened, you would get a message in your Google Search Console.

Question: Are the links in DoFollow?
Answer: It depends, I mix, precisely to avoid being penalized. You must have a natural link profile. This means that you must have DoFollow links and NoFollow links, this is very important.

Question: How many DoFollow links will I have?
Answer: I mix it up so that you have the most natural link profile possible. I don't commit to an exact number because I update my method every week. As an example, my latest clients have about 70% dofollow links.

Question: Will the links be indexed by Google?
**Answer: Yes, and that's a very good question. Many providers create links but do not have them indexed by Google. So, it's like they don't exist. You have to index them yourself. Of course they don't tell you. Personally, I use a paid tool, reference on the market that allows to have the links crawled by Google. It does not necessarily index them but it takes them into account in its algorithm (as a backlink) since it has "visited" / crawled them.

Question : Will I see the links on the Search Console ?
Answer: Google Search Console offers a report on external links. Unfortunately, this one is not very exhaustive and many complain about it. It can take months before Google shows you the links in Search Console and some will never be shown. But this does not mean that the links are not indexed, it is simply that Google considered that you reveal these links had no interest.

Question: Will I see the links on Semrush, Ahrefs, SEObserver, Moz, etc?
Answer: It has become very difficult to follow the indexing of links. No tool : Search Console, Moz, ahrefs, Majestic, Semrush, etc is exhaustive. Everyone will display what they want. I use a tool to make Google crawl the links. I force its robot to visit the pages that have links to your site. But I do not force the robots of third party tools (Semrush, ahrefs, Moz, etc). What's more, these tools do not have the same means as Google, so between the moment when the links are crawled by Google and the moment when they appear on third-party tools, it can take years.

Question: How long does it take for the links to be crawled by Google?
Answer: It depends on the quantity purchased. I have the links crawled little by little. For 50 backlinks, it's about 1 month. For 600 it's about 3 months and for 2400 it's about 6 months. So, for Google everything is natural, you get your backlinks little by little. Be careful, a crawled link will not necessarily appear on third party tools (Semrush, ahrefs, Moz) nor in the Search Console or sometimes years later (unfortunately).

Question: Can I check the indexing of links with the site: command?
Answer: A "site:" command no longer reveals all links. This does not mean that Google has not indexed the links. It can sometimes put the links in its secondary index but it will take into account the backlinks. In any case, Google takes into account the links of the pages even if they do not index these pages, these are two different things for Google.

Question: What will the links look like and where will they be published?
Answer: The links will be mostly in the form of blog posts, so post on blogging platforms, allowing to post articles like Wordpress.com for example.

Question: Will the links be in French and published on French websites?
Answer: The links are in French but posted on international sites. You have to forget the notion of "French site" or "English site", etc. The web is worldwide. My own site, which is French, is hosted in Germany. This does not pose any problem for Google. You can have a French blog hosted on the blogging platform wordpress.com, the platform hosts blogs in all languages. If this was a problem for Google, no one would create a blog on it.

Question: How will I provide you with my URLs and keywords list?
Answer: Once you place your order, I will send you instructions. It is at this time that you will be able to send me the list of your URLs and keywords. Either as a text file (.txt) or directly via the ComeUp messaging system.

Question: How many URLs and keywords will I be able to provide?
Answer: It depends on the number of backlinks ordered. There is no need to give me 300 keywords for 50 backlinks. In terms of URLs, I will need at least the homepage (this is the most important) and a maximum of keywords (no limit except the number of backlinks).

Question : Can I split my URLs and anchors by associating certain anchors to certain URLs ?
Answer: No, you will give me a list of URLs and then a list of anchors (keywords), I will mix it all together. Your keywords must encompass the general theme of your site, otherwise it could be considered as over-optimization. The best is to create links to the home page, then the juice of the links will be transmitted on all pages naturally.

Question: Can you create the links bit by bit?
Answer: No. On the other hand, I have them crawled little by little by Google over about 3 months, precisely so that it does not see hundreds of backlinks in a very short time. Again, this is to avoid the penalty.

Question: Will the 10€ offer allow me to earn billions of euros and dominate the whole world? I would like to compete with Amazon.com, do you know this ecommerce site?
Answer: ... :-)

Question: Will your service improve my SEO?
Answer: Definitely: yes. Then it all depends on the competition on your keywords. There are other factors that come into play for SEO, such as the content or the architecture of your site.

Question: How long will it take to see results?
Answer: When it comes to SEO, you should always count on several months. It is a perennial strategy, very profitable, but slow. This is normal. Nobody has a perennial technique that goes fast in SEO. If a SEO promises you quick results: run away!

Question: I don't have too many ideas for keywords, what can I do?
Answer: I could help you find good keywords after you place an order over 120€. Not in pre-sales as this is a paid service.

Question: If I only give you 3 keywords, how will I be better referenced on other keywords?
Answer: What counts are the keywords that are on YOUR site. You must therefore have content on your site (on your pages, your blog posts, your product sheets, etc.). The links will improve the popularity of your site and therefore allow your optimized pages to rank better.

Question: How do you generate the texts?
Answer: The service costs 0,20€ per article. Obviously for this price each article will not be written by a professional writer. Nevertheless, the texts will be generated by an AI (artificial intelligence) and "spun" (technique used by SEO gurus) so that each article is different.

Question: Will the link anchors be over-optimized?
Answer: No, I will use your keywords for the anchors but I will mix with non-optimized anchors ("click here", "learn more", etc). My goal is not to penalize your site. I use about 50% optimized anchors. The goal is again not to be penalized.

Question: Are there any other services that could help my SEO?
Answer: Yes of course! I propose others. Don't hesitate to tell me about it via the messaging system and tell me about your project (give me the URL of your site). I will tell you what to do.

Question : Can I propose you several sites ?
Answer: Yes, but in separate orders! I can only take one domain (yourwebsite.com) per order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the blue button at the top right of this page, under my profile picture.

See you soon.

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