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✅ Are you struggling to create your own logo?

✅ Do you want a logo that brings together your clients and employees around your brand like big companies do?

✅ Do you want a logo that boosts your marketing strategy and your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, keep reading...

🤔 Why do the biggest companies take such good care of their logo?

📢 The logo: much more than just an image.

A graphic representation of a brand, service or product, the logo plays a leading role in the success of a business.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." 💪

The logo is very useful for a company:
・It sets it apart from the competition;
・It identifies it;
・It defines its commercial offer (products and/or services).

In short, it's a real landmark for prospects and clients.👀

The biggest companies understand this well.

Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon... Whatever their field of activity, these companies have a historic logo, maintain it and protect it.

It is the symbol of their past, their values, their know-how, and their professionalism.

You are probably thinking: OK for big companies! But is it also important for me as an independent, self-employed person or as the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise?

The answer is: EVEN MORE.

Yes! The aforementioned companies are leaders in their field. They automatically inspire confidence, and ultimately, at the altitude where they operate, the competition is quite low.

The competition in your sector is certainly much stronger. Owning a logo is one of the keys to your success 🔑.

Discover now how a successful logo can help you increase your visibility.

Okay, I understand the benefits for me and my business. But what about the clients? ❓

🌍 Your logo: your notoriety booster.

Your priority: the client. Without clients, your turnover is zero! 😰

So, you must be visible. The logo has now become your key to contact.🤝

A good logo, once successful, will first attract your prospect's attention and seduce them.

This is your number one objective.

Currently, we are witnessing a real competition to attract prospects in any sector of activity. Standing out is a necessity.

Once your potential client is "hooked", you can generate interest thanks to your logo. This prospect then seeks to know you better, to learn more about your offer and your field of expertise.

The logo has a huge advantage: it reassures 🤗. It testifies to the strength of your company. You appear as an established and serious entity.

This feeling of trust is crucial. It is the ultimate purchasing facilitator. The logo is a central element of your communication.

👉 For 77% of French people, the first criterion of trust is the adequacy of the brand's products and services with the promises conveyed by their communication. (Source: Union des Marques).

Your prospect has become a client. Congratulations! But it would be a shame to stop there. Make sure that they become YOUR client!

Selling is good, but retaining is the BEST for a sustainable business.

Conquered by your offer, your client wants to continue the adventure with you.

Your logo then becomes familiar. Faced with a very competitive offer, your client mainly searches for your products or services by using your logo.

Your company stands out from an abundant offer. The customer is able to mention your name just by seeing your logo. Objective achieved! Your commercial offer appears obvious. But...yes! There's a "but". All of this is only possible if your logo is successful.

Creating a logo that enhances your company's image is not simple. You need to show creativity 🪄, choose the right colors 🎨, select the appropriate typography 🖋 and make sure that this combination conveys the right message and expresses your personality. And the icing on the cake 🍒, it must last over time 🗓. It's a real headache. As you can see...creating a logo is not something that can be improvised.

But you are determined to succeed. Give yourself the means to achieve your ambitions and be accompanied by an experienced graphic designer.

😃 Why me?

🧔🏻 Let me introduce myself...

Attentive to the smallest details, your satisfaction is at the heart of my priorities.

My passions: graphics and marketing for over 10 years 🥰.

As the creator of unique and custom graphics, I have accompanied the realization of over 2,000 projects.

My values: quality and professionalism. These values guide me constantly in the realization of each service.

Want to learn more? Click on my profile.

✍️ Discover my know-how and expertise right now.

🤩 A very simple offer!

My offers for a TOP logo 🎯!

The Standard pack⚡ for €80: my basic offer.

For €80, I offer you a unique and original logo that perfectly meets your expectations and your company's values.

This logo will consist of an icon and text. You will receive it in JPG, PNG, and Vector formats (AI.).

In summary, this basic offer includes:
✅ A first series of 2 ideas;
✅ Delivery in formats: JPG, PNG, and Vector (AI.);
✅ The possibility to request 1 revision;

*Only one logo will be provided in all these formats.

The Premium pack🏆 for €120: for total "freedom".

It's not easy to order a logo 😰. You may have doubts, hesitations during the design process.

That's why I offer you the Premium pack.

You benefit from the content of the ⚡ Standard pack (a unique and original logo consisting of an icon and text) with the possibility to request revisions indefinitely 😋.

In short, you validate the order as soon as it meets 100% of your aspirations.

Perfect for obtaining a "custom-made" logo and avoiding disappointments if you change the nature of your project.

In summary, the 🏆 Premium pack includes:
✅ A unique logo design;
✅ A first series of 3 ideas;
✅ Delivery in formats: AI. PDF, JPG, and PNG;

*Only one logo will be provided in all these formats.

2 packs available for a professional logo.🚀

You will find below a comparative/recap table of the content of the Standard and Premium packs as well as the answers to your main questions:

• What type of logo will be received?
• In what format?
• Are revisions possible?
• What is the delivery time?
• What is the price of each pack?

Packages ⚡ Standard Pack 🏆 Premium Pack
Unique logo design. Unique logo design.
First set of... 2 ideas 3 ideas
Logo files provided in formats AI. PDF, JPG et PNG AI. PDF, JPG et PNG
Number of revisions 1 Unlimited
Additional information Only one final logo will be provided in all formats. Only one final logo will be provided in all formats. Only one final logo will be provided in all formats. Only one final logo will be provided in all formats.
Price 80 € 120 €
💪 Want to take it a step further with mascot/drawing options?

😎 Stand out!

Give your company a mascot!!🐉

Mr. Clean, the Duracell bunny, the Michelin Man... Many brands use a fictional character as a representative, as the emblem of their company.

Objectives: create a relationship of trust with their target, capture attention, and give a friendly image.

Trust, sympathy... Key values that encourage buying 💸.

Like the "traditional" logo, this mascot carries the story of a company and conveys its values.

It addresses you like a friend... You have a special bond with this mascot, almost an attachment 💖.

This emotional attachment is much more difficult to obtain with a classic logo.

What better way to differentiate yourself from the competition than to offer an original mascot?

None. It's a key to contact and a super powerful prospect magnet.

Discover this option and move to the next level 🏎.

As with the traditional logo, I ask you questions about your expectations and your company.

Bring your imagination to life!!🌈

You're talented with a pencil in your hand. You have a real talent, but you don't master computer drawing software.

Don't abandon your drawing in the back of a drawer 🚮! Give me your sketch !!

With this service, you transform your drawing into a high-quality vector image.


With Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software, I offer you a logo faithful to your intentions and the messages you want to convey.

When the order is complete, you smile 😃! The logo of your dreams has just been born and it will accompany you for many years.

Mascot/drawing options.

Below is a summary of mascot and drawing options.

Options Description Price
🐉Mascot logo Creation of an original mascot to represent your company. +200€
🌈Logo from a drawing The logo of your dreams in digital format. +50€
😃 Don't wait any longer, the benefits are endless!!!

✨ What are the benefits for you and your company?

📈 A logo at the service of your company.

Through this service, your company benefits from a "tailor-made" logo:

• original and respectful of your graphic charter;
• adapted to your activity and your target;
• timeless;
• easy to recognize and remember;
• usable on different media, available in several formats.

How to Order?💻

To place an order, it's very simple! I invite you to choose the package and options that meet your expectations, and then click on the blue "Order" button:

What happens after the order is placed?

  1. I ask you a few questions about your expectations and your company;
  2. You provide me with the information requested via the chat;
  3. I validate and start your order.
You now have all the cards in hand 🃏.

A new step for your business.🚀

Are you a freelancer, independent professional, or a small or medium-sized enterprise?

You're interested, but you still have questions? Click now on the white "Contact" button located at the top right of this page, under my profile picture and statistics. (You can also find this button at the bottom of this page.)

I promptly respond to all your questions.

On the site, I have already completed more than 2,000 orders.

📌 Find the reviews of all the customers who have trusted me on my profile.

Graphic design is my passion. I devote all my energy to creating a logo that meets all your expectations.

Do you want to work with a reliable, serious, and dedicated partner?

Do you want to be accompanied to take this decisive and crucial step?

The creation of your logo is an important date 📆 in the history of your company, in your personal history...

See you soon on the other side. 😃

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