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🎥 I will create engaging UGC video content for your brand

I will create natural and authentic UGC videos for your brand, helping you generate more revenue 💶

PLEASE : 🇫🇷 All my videos are produced in French

🚀 Maximize Your Brand Impact with UGC Content Creation

You can use the video(s) on various social media platforms:

✅ Meta (Facebook/Instagram)
✅ TikTok ads (advertisement)
✅ Website or your Shopify store
✅ Snapchat ads (advertisement)
✅ Linkedin ads (advertisement)
✅ On your social media channels (organic feed)

My Profile 👩🏻 🤳🏻

I'm Estelle, 26 years old, and I'm a content creator with over 6 years of experience in the field of communication and marketing.

I hold a bachelor's degree in communication, a bachelor's degree in marketing, and a master's degree in e-business

🎬 I create UGC videos for various niches:

Pets (2 cats, 1 dog)
Apps, etc.

But what is UGC? 🙋🏻♀️

User-Generated Content, known as "UGC," is content (photos/videos/text/reviews, etc.) created by users in favor of a brand.

What are the benefits for a brand? ✅

1️⃣ Social Proof

Creating a UGC video provides social proof that a product or service is worth buying. It serves as a buying trigger, as potential customers can relate to the content creator in the video, making them more likely to trust and purchase the product/service.

➡️ This video is perceived as more authentic because it comes from a real person

2️⃣ Engagement

UGC is the most powerful way to engage your audience. Engagement is key to social media growth, and by adopting a UGC content creation approach, it will generate reactions, shares, and conversations among your audience, building communities.

➡️ By using UGC content creation, engagement will be higher. This will help you reach a wider audience, strengthen your brand's reputation, and position it in the market

3️⃣ Authenticity

UGC is authentic, boosting consumer trust in your brand. I ensure that every UGC video accurately reflects your brand identity, telling a compelling story and creating emotional connections with your audience, fostering trust and interaction.

❌ Creating UGC content is different from traditional advertising or influencer marketing, which may appear fake and less authentic.

My services :

Basic service :~

🎬 1 UNBOXING Video €30
I will unbox your product
Includes on-camera presence
Voiceover included

➡️ For businesses selling products online, the product and its packaging are the first physical contact with the customer.

Can an unboxing video drive sales??

🙇🏻♀️ When a user watches an unboxing video, they see the joy on the person's face. They witness their excitement as they gradually unpack the product.

Through empathy, the user identifies with the person's emotions, making them want to unbox the product and ultimately purchase it.

🎬 1 Short Testimonial Video €50
I will create a customer testimonial video
Includes on-camera presence and voiceover
Video up to 10 seconds

E.g., "I've tested (the brand's) products, and they are truly effective. I recommend them to everyone looking for (product benefit)."

E.g., "I'm genuinely amazed by the product's quality. Give (the product) a try; it will change your life!"

➡️ Short testimonial videos are ideal for reassuring prospects about a brand's credibility, product quality, services, and offerings.

They are more authentic; testimonial videos instill confidence and serve as "social proof."

🎬 1 Organic UGC Video (for posting on your social media feed €130)
I will create an organic UGC video, up to 45 seconds
Includes on-camera presence and voiceover
Editing included
1 revision included

Organic Video: An organic video is created by a content creator and then shared with the brand for posting on their account (e.g., Instagram feed).

🎬 1 UGC Ads Video (for sponsorship €180)
I will create a UGC video, up to 45 seconds
Includes on-camera presence and voiceover
Editing included
1 revision included

Ads Video: A sponsored UGC video is created by a content creator and funded by a brand to promote content through social media (e.g., Meta, TikTok ads, etc.).

Video Output:

✅ Vertical format
✅ High Quality
✅ MP4 or MOV format
✅ Delivery via WeTransfer (requires your email for delivery).

They Trusted Me

I've had the privilege to work with several brands, including:

✅ Unbottled
✅ La Redoute
✅ 900 care
✅ Juste.Paris
✅ Avène, Embryolisse, Cheerz, Flowy, and many others...

🎥 Need multiple videos? Discover the Advantageous PACKS:

Pack 1 = 3 UGC Ads Videos (for sponsorship €500)
I will create 3 UGC videos, each up to 45 seconds
Includes on-camera presence and voiceover
Editing included
1 revision included per video: a total of 3 revisions
Pack 2 = 5 UGC Ads Videos (for sponsorship €800))
I will create 5 UGC videos, each up to 45 seconds
Includes on-camera presence and voiceover
Editing included
1 revision included per video: a total of 5 revisions

Additional Options:

➡️ For all the services and packs mentioned above, you must provide the script.

📝 If you want me to write the script, please select the additional option specifically for script writing. Please check the "SCRIPT WRITING" option.

Script writing may include:

1️⃣ 1 hook (an attention grabber)
2️⃣ Problem identification
3️⃣ Solution/product benefit presentation
✅ Ending with a Call to Action (CTA)

If you want an additional hook, please check the "I WANT AN ADDITIONAL HOOK" option.

🎥 Video editing is handled by me. If you want to receive all raw footage, please check the "I WANT ALL RAW FOOTAGE" option.

🚀 I guarantee delivery of the video within 7 days or 3 days if you choose the "EXPRESS DELIVERY" option.

How Can I Take Advantage of Your Service?

➡️ To place an order, select the options you're interested in and click "Order.

Please note that the products featured in the content must be provided and sent by the brand/company.

If you're ready to elevate your brand and social media, let's work together !

➡️ Have questions? Feel free to contact me via message; I respond promptly.

See you soon !

PLEASE : 🇫🇷 All my videos are produced in French

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