I will create a professional video editing for your videos

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You have understood that editing your video yourself was not possible, right?

Do you want to edit one or multiple videos for:

➡️ Your YouTube channel?

➡️ An event?

➡️ Your company?

➡️ Your TikTok account?

➡️ Your Instagram account?

Or maybe you simply want to create a family or wedding video...

In fact, the nature of your project doesn't matter.

If you have never edited a video before, it's a good sign that you've arrived here.

Because it means that you have realized that editing a unique and captivating video yourself was not possible.

And let me tell you...

It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed in front of video editing software.

Or that the result of the editing you tried to produce was extremely disappointing.


💯 Audiovisual is a "thing" for enthusiasts!

First of all, let me introduce myself.

My name is Zack (Zakaria), and I am passionate about audiovisuals and a video editing specialist.

Video editing is one of my favorite topics.

If I can tell you that audiovisuals are a thing for enthusiasts.

It's because I have been immersed in it for over 5 years.

A video editing software is like a video game with lots of buttons...

If we don't enjoy what we're doing, if we don't spend hours and hours on it...

We simply won't understand a thing.

On the other hand, if we get into the game, if we seek to understand, if we test and refine.

Over the course of several years...

Automatic mechanisms emerge, and we gradually feel that we are taking control.

And then we know all the ins and outs of the system, and we can let our creativity shine to create 100% personalized edits.

✅ It's this passion that I want to bring to my clients, but not just that!

Passion, along with a complete mastery of multiple software programs (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop), is good... but not enough.

We're not just talking about video editing!

It's about your project.

Your project is unique, with a specific goal.

And it fits within a particular framework and atmosphere.

After working on dozens of projects, I fully understand the importance of surgically targeting my client's needs.

With a mix of logical reasoning and emotional understanding !

This allows me to fully translate my client's intentions through impeccable editing techniques.

In concrete terms, I can proudly say that I have worked on a wide range of projects:

(Interviews, documentaries, advertisements, events, music videos, trailers, tutorials, training videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, product presentations, service presentations, Facebook videos, TikTok videos, Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, Stories, etc.).

Therefore, I am confident that I can adapt to and understand your project!

Here are the offers I propose ⤵️

✅ Raw footage with a final duration of 1 minute
✅ Basic editing: cropping, trimming, etc.
✅ Addition of background music of your choice
✅ Addition of a single text
✅ Addition of your logo

Additional options:

🔹 Color correction (+€15)
🔹 Sound enhancement and cleanup (noise reduction, etc.) (+€15)
🔹 Adding images or clips of your choice (+€15)
🔹 Green screen removal (+€15)
🔹 Adding royalty-free music (+€15)
🔹 Adding visual effects (motion tracking, keying, camera tracking, object removal, face tracking...)
🔹 Delivering the source project file (.prproj) (+€50)

I have done my best to provide options that allow you to customize your order according to your needs.

However, if my options do not meet your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me for a personalized quote.

🎲 So, you have three options left:

Option 1 : Do the editing yourself and compromise on the excellence of your project. You may even end up with an unusable result, wasting time, and eventually coming back to me.

Option 2 : Learn video editing yourself. If you've read this far, you know that it's nearly impossible unless you're truly passionate about it.

Option 3 : Seek the expertise of a professional, invest a few tens of euros, and move forward with your project with impeccable results, without wasting time.

The choice is yours!

❓ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

➡️ Can I request revisions ?

My policy is simple: a satisfied client is my priority. As long as you're not fully satisfied, I will make any necessary revisions, regardless of your initial order.

➡️ What about before placing an order ?

As mentioned above, I pay special attention to understanding my clients' desires. So, before I start working on your project, I'm 100% attentive to your needs. It's the perfect time to tell me everything about your project and ask any questions you may have. I consider this preparatory phase crucial.

➡️ What type of file i'am going to receive ?

The final output of your project will be delivered in MP4/MOV format with a resolution of 4K/1080/720, according to your specifications.

➡️ What if the file size is too large ?

If the final file is too large, I will deliver it using a file transfer service like WeTransfer.

💁 Still have doubts?

Feel free to contact me directly via messages, and I will promptly respond to clarify any uncertainties you may have!

I will create a professional video editing for your videos

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