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I will create your Professional Video Editing (2023)

🎥 Video editing: the tool for success

Today, video is the best way to convey the ideas of your company and your professional projects. Creating engaging video content is essential for communicating your concepts to your clients and prospects.

But a video without editing is like a car without an engine, it won't work. Your video may be the most interesting, but if the editing is not up to par, viewers will stop watching after a few seconds.

You understand that quality video editing is not easy to achieve and is not within everyone's reach. Having your video edited by an individual is definitely not a good idea...

You realize that viewer attention is the key element that will make your project take off, and you are now looking for a professional video editor who can create high-quality videos that will captivate your audience from the first few seconds.

🌟 Chantastic: the video editing expert

I am Ludovic, known as Chantastic, a freelance video editor/motion designer since 2018. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned companies such as Webedia, Activision, LVMH, among others, as well as production companies like Inspiration Productions, Motion Shelter, Tekoo Production.

Today, I have decided to make my services available to everyone to help you grow and stand out from everyone else.

Because a demonstration is worth a thousand words, you can check my work in the video presentation of the service.

✨ The ideal video editor

Look no further, you've found him. Collaborating with Chantastic guarantees you:

  • ✅ Creative expertise
    Your ideas come to life with polished visual effects, smooth transitions, and a unique artistic touch.
  • ✅ Customized approach
    We will work closely together to understand your vision, goals, and desired results, ensuring that the final video perfectly matches your brand and objectives. I consider excellent customer service to be crucial.
  • ✅ Attention to detail
    I pay meticulous attention to each frame, ensuring impeccable timing, seamless editing, and flawless finishing.
  • ✅ Established professionalism
    I edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, perform color grading on Davinci Resolve, and use After Effects to add special effects, titles, and smooth transitions to your videos.

As you can see, whether you need to present a company, a project, a concept, create your advertising video, or your latest YouTube video, you've come to the right place.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Choose your package

Feel free to contact me before placing an order so that we can better understand your needs and determine which options are suitable for you.

Basic Service for 10€
Basic video and audio cuts
OR basic video and audio effects
OR adding of one element (logo, image, music)
Format: MP4 - Full HD 1920x1080
Description 🥉 Essential Package 🥈 Advanced Package 🥇Expert Package
⏱ Duration of Final Editing 1 Minute max. 1 Minute max. 1 Minute max.
🎞 Rough Cut and Editing
🎨 Color Grading
✨ Text and Graphic Animations
🎵 Royalty-Free Music
🎥 Research and Addition of Royalty-Free Videos
🌟 Special Effects and Transitions
🎛️ Professional Sound Effects
⚙️ Number of Revisions x 1 x 2 x 3
🔰 Format MP4 - Full HD 1920x1080 MP4 - Full HD 1920x1080 MP4 - Full HD 1920x1080
Price 60€ 380€ 480€

2️⃣ Choose your options

For a longer ⏱ Duration of Final Editing, please add the corresponding option.

⏱ Duration of Final Editing 🥉 Essential Package 🥈 Advanced Package 🥇Expert Package
+1 Minute +60€ +120€ +180€
+5 Minutes +120€ +240€ +360€
+10 Minutes +210€ +480€ +720€
+20 Minutes +320€ +720€ +980€

Choose additional options if needed, and feel free to ask me if you have any specific requests.

☑️ Options Prix
🎵 Royalty-Free Music 25€
🎵 Proposal of 3 Royalty-Free Musics 45€
🎨 Color Grading 60€
Text and Graphic Animations 60€
🌟 Special Effects and Transitions 120€
🎧 ** Professional Sound Effects** 60€
🎤 Professional Voice-Over (1 minute max.) 60€
💬 ** Subtitling** (1 minute max.) 60€
🎥 Research and Adding of Royalty-Free Videos 120€
🔰 +1 Additional Format: horizontal OR vertical OR square 120€
🎛 Delivery of Source Files (AI, PSD, AE) 60€
⚙️ +1 Minor Revision ➡️ Once the order is delivered, you are entitled to a certain number of revisions. If you wish to modify a small element of the video again, you will need to add this option (e.g., text, color) 15€
⚙️ +1 Light Revision ➡️ Once the order is delivered, you are entitled to a certain number of revisions. If you wish to make slight modifications to the video again, you will need to add this option (e.g., insert a new video, insert a special effect) 30€
⚙️ +1 Major Revision ➡️ Once the order is delivered, you are entitled to a certain number of revisions. If you wish to modify the video again, you will need to add this option (e.g., change the editing pace, change a part of the editing) 60€

3️⃣ Place Your Order

It's time to finalize your order! Once you have selected the package and options, all that's left is to confirm your order. The delivery time will be indicated during the ordering process.
Do you have an urgent request? Choose express delivery!

4️⃣ Order in Progress

Congratulations! You have just placed your order. We can now discuss the details of your project and begin working on it.

5️⃣ Order Completed

The order is complete! You have received your video montage. You can request one or more revisions depending on the package you have chosen. Once you are satisfied, you can finalize the order and provide feedback.

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Réactif et professionnel, merci pour tes idées et ton travail Ludovic.

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Merci à toi !

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