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Contact French radio stations to present your album or your EP

If you are a musician, singer or have an amateur or professional music group, you certainly want to make yourself known more widely, in particular by offering your work to French radio stations.
But voila, the media world is not very open in France and contacting journalists can be complicated.

For this, I will contact the French radio stations for you.

I can contact French radios for artists and musicians who are in various musical styles such as pop, rock, rap, RnB, jazz, classical music, world music, reggae etc... N' do not hesitate to send me a message to discuss it and to tell me in which musical genre you register.

Service at 10 euros

With the basic offer at 10 euros you will have access to this:

✅ Advice on which radio stations to contact depending on your musical genre
✅10 radio stations or french radio journalists contacted
✅ The delivery of two screenshots of the email sent to the french radios
❌For the basic offer, please provide me with the content of the email to be sent

To start working together, I need to receive a link to your site, but also, if possible, to receive your music in MP3 version.


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I will contact the professional French radios

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xavier38 9 hours ago


Professionnel de la communication et des médias, je mets mes compétences à votre service.

Je suis diplômé d'un Master 2 en sciences humaines obtenu à Lyon. Par la suite, j'ai acquis 10 ans d'expérience dans le monde de la communication et des médias.

En me passant commande, vous avez l'assurance que le travail ne sera pas sous-traité. Je m'occupe personnellement des tâches qui me sont confiées, de A à Z.

Voici quelques adjectifs qui me définissent: disponibilité, réactivité, rigueur, créativité.

Discutons ensemble de votre projet, qu'il soit petit ou grand, je me ferai une joie de vous accompagner!”

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