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Automate 100% The Netlinking & SEO of your E-commerce.

On Google, 80% of traffic comes from positions 1 to 3. However, beyond this position : **your E-commerce is absolutely useless...**

Don't settle for crumbs!

97% of e-commerce sites do not survive the first 1ʳᵉ year, and... this is normal!

It's a cruel, but realistic observation, only 3% of E-commerce businesses manage to maintain their activity beyond one year.

So, how do you explain / prevent your digital Business experience from turning into a painful Calvary?

It's a lot **simpler** than it sounds: of the 97% of E-commerce who **fail**, we find that 100% have **guiltily** neglected the importance of anticipating traffic acquisition (=future customers).

Web professionals (agencies / freelancers / copywriters / designers / nephews...) all too often hide the truth from you: an e-commerce site **without a position** on Google, **without traffic,** is **useless**. It's as useful as a bakery in the desert - the likelihood of a camel ordering a croissant from you is practically nil.

Google remains a real **gold mine** for those who know how to make the most of it. This year again, Google alone accounts for 93% of search engine traffic in France (source SEMRush). Making a cross on Google literally means signing the death notice for your e-commerce.

This service is designed for e-businesses whose owners have understood that Google is **a major lever** for growth:


If so, then we can help you "significantly" boost your E-commerce on Google

**Case 1: You've been running your e-commerce business for a few months/years now...
And nothing (or almost nothing) is happening?

Unfortunately, this is **the classic case**. You had a business idea and naturally turned to a local agency to create your E-commerce. The shop is up and running, and you've done a good job with the catalog, but it seems that your agency's sales representative has deliberately neglected to talk to you about prospect/customer acquisition.

Outside your family circle and close friends, you generate **no** traffic, so you have **no** traction lever: in short. In short, you're driving a vehicle without petrol.

**Case 2: You use Facebook Ads / Google Ads / Snapchat Ads / Instagram / YouTube Ads / and/or Influencers... And the only people making money are your Chinese suppliers and the platforms where you buy your traffic :-/

You're aware of the importance of capturing traffic (no traffic = no sales) but every day your customer acquisition cost is higher than your sales margin.

This is a situation that in the short term may be normal when you're talking about buying traffic, but it's also one of the major reasons why thousands of small e-businesses die prematurely every year. Don't be foolishly stubborn, the situation is dangerous enough for you to change tack quickly! Thinking about capturing **free** traffic with our Backlinks could prove to be **the best** solution for **guaranteed** profitability.

**Case 3: Are you already making money with MediaBuy and/or your site's SEO is already making you money?

Congratulations! You're already one of the top 3% of e-commerce businesses. The success of this avatar is based either on a stroke of luck (Yes... it happens!), or on advanced multifactor skills, a 360° vision that you can't have when you're just starting out.

Ultimately, the idea is not to be profitable on just one channel, the idea is to saturate and squeeze **all** the acquisition channels, including the SEO / Google part (which we can **really** help you with).

Here's what I can offer you:

3 super-powerful backlinks
Full** delegation: You **strictly** have nothing to do
Article writing: contextualised **unique** articles (guaranteed without duplication) ~500 words
Add royalty-free images (1 per article)
De-optimised anchor 100% safe from Google's algorithm
Quality network
distinct IPs: A pool of over 600 **unique** Ips/ Several DNS servers
VIP Hosting: Our network is diluted over more than a dozen reputable hosters (Godaddy, PlanetHoster, OVH, AMazon WebService, etc.)
Natural speed: The network is of sufficiently high quality that you don't have to force Google to index your site.
Various TLDs: Various and consistent extensions in the French-speaking world: .fr / .com / .net / .org / .be / .ch / eu
Anti-Spyware: A large part of our network is camouflaged with SEO tracking tools: your competitors won't be able to copy your strategy.
**Price: €240**

Proof of the successful completion of the service will be screenshots and links.


*Area covered* : **France / Belgium / Canada

This offer is exclusively packaged for French e-commerce.

We have made the RESTRICTIVE choice to work only with e-commerce websites. It's a strategic choice that's bearing fruit, as to date +97.5% of our members have seen significant growth in their turnover.


If you wish to popularize a website of the following type: Showcase site, Blog, MFA, Parasite.... We will not be able to accept your application.
Similarly, we will not accept websites promulgating themes deemed borderline by the algorithm (Porn / Online Gaming / Casinos / Drugs / CBD...). If you find yourself in one of these situations, we suggest that you contact specialist networks.


Eligible CMS (non-exhaustive list)

Popular themes
Interior & Exterior Decoration
Jewelry & Fashion & Accessories
Kitchen & Lifestyle
Crafts & Local Products
Passions & Hobbies
Wellness & Esoteric
Sport & Activities

You have STRICTLY NOTHING TO DO, we take care of EVERYTHING from A to Z!


**Step 1**
Place your order and enter your URL in less than 3 minutes...

and... **That's it!** We'll take care of the rest.

**Step 2
every month... We activate the levers of growth

We select the sites in our network that are most relevant to your theme. We write unique content written by real people. All this coupled with a set of quality signals for Google.

**Step 3
every month... you see a steady rise in your positions

You should be able to see an overall rise in your positions on the Google search engine = + positions = + Traffic = + Sales. It's a virtuous circle, and one that never ends.

What happens next?

Nothing, you have NOTHING to do but play your **Role of E-merchant**.
From now on, spend your time in a useful way: Develop your product catalog, work on your sales margins, test your upsells, downsells, cross-sells, build customer loyalty, increase your average basket...

In short, we take care of Google's algorithm for you. All that's left for you to do is add value to your prospects.


SEO Content Pack
Generation of x100 SEO contents (on your theme).
- 100 SEO articles of 500 words each
- The unit price per 500-word article is €2.95
Important: this content is mainly intended for Google (increasing the number of positions by multiplying the content) and generally provides little or no added value for the web user.
**+ 295 €**

Spot Pack
A list of more than 50 backlink spots**.
- You use the spots immediately
- They cost you nothing to deploy.
- This list contains all the nuggets for a powerful impact on your Google rankings.
**+ 140 €**

Booster Pack
If you'd like to give your Google rankings a bigger boost, we can offer you this pack of **5 Backlinks** that can be deployed immediately. In total, with the basic package, you will have 8 super-powerful links.
**+ 295 €**

You can contact us for a clearer idea if you don't know what to choose.


SEO Content Pack 100 SEO articles **+ 295 €**
Spot Pack 50 Backlinks Spots **+ 140 €**
Booster Pack 5 more Backlinks (8 backlinks in total) **+ 295 €**


***Are you only improving the SEO aspect?***
Yes, and that's already **enormous**. We're committed to doing everything we can to help your e-commerce site climb the Google search engine rankings. **The best part is that you'll see continuous, potentially endless growth and **everything** that's implemented will persist over time (whether or not you continue the adventure with us): it's a powerful & above all **long-term** strategy.
***How long does it take to see the 1st results?***
In general, within a few weeks, you will already be able to see an elastic effect in the overall position of your website. The elastic effect is explained by temporary volatility according to Google DataCenters (Check your positions using this free online tool: https://seo-hero.ninja/ ). Noticing the elastic effect means that your site will react quickly and well! As the days go by, the positions will **all** stabilize upwards and your e-commerce will continue to rise day after day, continuing to benefit from each order.
***How long does it take to set up the service?***
Less than 3 minutes... And that's not just a figure of speech! You give us your website address, and we take care of **everything** else.
Your only role will be to see your e-commerce site rise in Google rankings.
***Is there a risk of over-optimisation?***
Absolutely not, as our policy is to clearly **under-optimise** the anchors we use to create links for you. Most of the anchors we use are of the following types: indicative & navigational (click here / view this site / more information...) or of the Branding type (http://www. / BrandName) or anchored on Images (+ ALT).

Why Sub Optimise? Because it works just as well, if not better...! We **strongly contextualise** the periphery of **all** the links we create for you, 100% themed and with a real semantic link in relation to your subject: Google will make a very good connection between our Spot which deals with subject X and your site which also deals with the same subject X. There's no need to take the slightest risk by rushing the algorithm with aggressive anchors.

For those of you who want to find out more about the search engine's filters and penalties: you can read up on the Google "PINGOUIN" filter, released in 2012.
***I've been offered +1000 backlinks for €5... Is this a scam? Is this a scam?***
Yes and no... It's not a scam in the sense that you'll actually get your x1000 Links for €5.
But... in the best case, it will have very little effect on your site, and in the worst case, you'll have a Toxic ball and chain, a ball and chain that will be very difficult to get rid of on a young site.

At the risk of shocking some people, you should know that a SINGLE link from the Network is x10 more powerful than 5,000 links from services such as these.
***Can you tell us about the technical qualities of the Network?***
- A 100% private network (with no third-party partners, **we are not a marketplace**).
- Several dozen separate, hermetically-sealed hostings (OVH, AWS, DreamHost, PlanetHoster, Rackspace, O2switch...)
- Dozens of DNS services
- 7D/7 BackUp service
- ~600 distinct Class A / B / C Ips
- Sites designed to limit Footprints
- Robot guidelines that **protect you from spy bots from well-known SEO tools (Majestic, Ahrefs, Semrush...)**.
- Constant monitoring of the state of the network and its indexing on Google.
- We only accept "Safe" themes in the eyes of Google.
***Do you force the indexing of posted links?***
Why not? My answer is clear: if you have to force indexing, it's because the URL in question has **no power**.
All the content we create for our clients is indexed **quickly and naturally**: this is the best guarantee of the quality perceived by the Google algorithm.
***I've been told that SEO is free! Why pay for links?***
There are indeed a whole host of advanced techniques for obtaining free & sometimes quality links (forums / certain directories / official and government sites, etc.).
Does it work? Yes, but... it's long and tedious!
Examples of platforms with free & powerful links: Forum 60M de consommateurs or Projet participatif libre

So why pay for backlinks? Simply because the firepower is **absolutely** incomparable and we take care of **everything** for you.
***Will my competitors see the links I've created?***
60% of our network is hidden from spy robots from SEO Tools (Majestic / Ahref / Semrush / Ubbersuggest...). We offer this feature natively. The point of protecting your link network is to prevent your competitors from imitating you by buying similar links. Your SEO strategy is precious, and we do our utmost to slow down the curious.
***How long do links stay on our network?
The answer is clear: ***for life***! There are no hidden costs and no annual renewals.
***Can you tell us more about the articles you write?***
The articles are 100% legitimate White Hat articles:

- Written by humans trained in SEO copywriting
- The article titles are all designed to create real semantic coherence with the target (your e-commerce site)
- All articles are at least 500 words long + one royalty-free image
- All articles are UNIQUE and guaranteed **without duplicate content ;**
- We pay particular attention to the richness of content mark-up (Hn / Italic / Bold / Bulleted list...)

***How do you choose which sites to link to?
We have developed an in-house tool that enables us to identify the sites in our network that are most likely to have an impact on the positioning of your e-commerce. In all cases, the algorithm of this tool puts forward certain criteria for its selection:

- The sites in our network that are most consistent with your theme
- Sites with the most powerful raw metrics;
- Sites with the most authoritative referrers (BFMTV / Wikipedia / LeFirago / Univ ~ Gouv links).
***Can I give you guidelines on anchors, locations and choice of SEO TITLES?*** No!

No! Our formula is an AllInOne: we put our firepower and expertise at your disposal so that you systematically reap the BEST RESULTS in a standardised way. Our process is simple and has proved its worth over several years. Standardising our offer has enabled us to offer you a formula at a SACRIFIED price = €240 / month (order). For an equivalent service, most local SEO agencies would charge you ~ €1000 incl. VAT / month (Don't take my word for it, get some quotes!).

What's more, SEO is a rather special business where everyone has their own opinion. The service providers are sometimes as honest as 'garage mechanics', as talented as 'Formula 1 drivers' and the clients are all new computer whizzes... In short, if you trust us, let us work in YOUR interest and judge us on the results.

On the other hand... If you're the new Matt Cutts and SEO holds no secrets for you, we suggest you don't use our services.

***What happens at the end of the 12ᵉ order?
At the end of one year of loyalty with us, the account will start again at Zero, quite simply!

Once again, it's important to consider that we REALLY want to reward loyalty. To get the most out of the low prices at the end of your subscription, it's essential that you play the game and remain a subscriber for 12 consecutive months (in the twelfth month, the links will cost you 50% less than the 1ʳᵉ order).

**Fast turnaround**: We promise to start your service as soon as possible after your order has been validated.

**Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week**: You can contact us with any questions by message or **direct call** directly via comeup.com

**Serious in my work**: whichever option you choose, I'll treat your order with the utmost seriousness. Every project counts.

**Secure payment and communication** via the ComeUp and ComeUp direct platforms.



Click on the blue **Buy now** button: we'll quickly get to work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

See you soon on the other side

I will create powerful backlinks for you

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