I will translate your English document into French

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I provide help to individuals and companies with their English to French translation needs. My mission is to adapt the message of the source language to your target readership with clarity and precision.

You fit the following profile:

You want to publish your texts, or make them accessible to a French readership.

You are looking for a professional translator.

=> Then I'm the right person for you! My name is Roxane, I'm a professional translator and I translate from English into French.

But why should you contact me ?

I am a native French speaker and my written French is excellent and so is my spelling.

After a degree and a Masters in Chinese and English, I set up my own business as a professional translator. I worked on and improved my English during numerous trips abroad. I do all my research and reading in Chinese and English on a daily basis. I've got a C2 level. Moreover, I've been translating every day for many years. Translation is as important to me as breathing!

I'm passionate, and that's the secret of a job well done. I became a translator out of a desire to help others.

Entrust the translation of your documents and content to a professional. I guarantee the writing of a French text that is faithful to the original, fluid and natural, the content and form are respected. You won't feel when reading that the text hasn't been written directly in French.

I adapt to your needs.

Building a relationship of trust is the most important for me. The relationship with the customer and their satisfaction is my number one motivation.

For 5 euros, I translate 200 words.
If you have more than 8000 words to translate, we can do multiple orders. Translation is my full time job so I can accept documents with a large amount of words.

I will translate your English document into French

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“Après une licence puis un master de chinois, je travaille maintenant à mon compte comme traductrice. Grâce à ma spécialisation en littérature lors de mon master, puis diverses expériences professionnelles dans le domaine, je propose également mes services pour de la correction de textes ou de la beta lecture de romans.”

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