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Give your audiovisual project the impact it deserves with a professional-quality voiceover that will captivate your audience.🔥

Are you looking for a professional, captivating voice for your audiovisual project?

I'm here to help. Whether you need a voiceover for a commercial, film, TV show, video game or any other project, I'm here to provide top-quality voiceovers.

As a voice-over professional, I'm able to understand the specific needs of each project and provide a voice-over tailored to each client.

I'm passionate about my work, and with years of formative experience in the field, I can guarantee a professional and talented voiceover for your project.

I'm also equipped with the best tools and equipment to guarantee optimal audio quality for all voice-over projects. I'm confident that my voice-over service will meet all your needs.

So what do I offer?

For just €10, you'll get the following:

📌 A voice-over recording for up to 200 words.

📌 Delivery format: MP3

📌 Broadcast rights included

📌 One (1) retouch only.

📌 File format: mp3

Would you like a voice-over recording of more than 200 words? Then the following packs are for you 👇

Number of words to record 500 1000 2000
Delivery format (MP3)
Right of distribution
Number of alterations 2 3 5
Withdrawal of breathing
Price 20€ 40€ 60€

PRO Packs

Packs Elite Pack PREMIER Pack GOLDEN Pack DIAMOND Pack
Number of words 5000 10000 20000 30000
Number of retouching operations 5 8 10 10
Price 100€ 200€ 350€ 500€

Additional options

Option Price
Breathing correction for a more eloquent rendering ✨ 5€
Superior audio quality 5€
Royalty-free background music (soft/vibrant) 5€
Split into multiple files 5€
Audio mixing (compression, equalization, normalization) 10€
Synchronization of audio with your video 10€
Unlimited editing 15€

🚨 NB: I'll need the following for voice realization.

👉 The script

👉 The video for synchronization with the audio (if you need it of course)

👉 The tone and style the voice-over should have


📍How do I place an order?

The process is easy to follow:

👉 First, select the options that meet your needs.

👉 Then click on the black "order" button.

👉 Finally, you'll be redirected to the built-in chat where you can submit any information I need to know and ask any questions you may have.

📍What's the delivery time for the voice-over?

🗣️ The delivery time depends on the project, the length of the script and the volume of voiceover work. Generally, the delivery time is agreed in advance at the level of the chosen package.

📍What types of voice-over are available (male, female, child, foreign-language voice-over, etc.)?

🗣️ The types of voice-over offered include male and female voices. It's also possible to find foreign-language voice-overs, particularly in English.

📍What are the voiceover customization options (tone, style, speed, etc.)?

🗣️ Voiceover customization options can include choice of tone (serious, grave, playful, etc.), style (professional, friendly, humorous, etc.), speed (fast, medium, slow), pronunciation and intonation.

I discuss with you beforehand to customize the voiceover to your needs.

📍What technical specifications are required for voice-over production (format, sound quality, bit rate, etc.)?

🗣️ The technical specifications for voiceover production depend on the project. In general, technical specifications include file format (MP3, WAV, etc.), sound quality (sampling, sample rate), bit rate, volume level and voiceover duration.

📍How does the process of reviewing and editing voice-overs work?

🗣️ Of course, if you're not happy with the voiceover I've created for you, we can discuss the changes you'd like to make. The number of changes I can make will depend on the package initially chosen. In general, I'm willing to make changes to make sure you're happy with the voiceover. How long this takes will depend on the nature and extent of the changes you wish to make.

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