To guide your video viewers' experience, illustrate the images in your recording, provide a faithful translation of the original narration, or create a mood, your project will only benefit from the intervention of voice-over actors. Essential for videos, commercials, and films, used for all audiovisual projects intended for television, cinema, or social media, voice-overs accompany audiences throughout a recording. Make your videos more lively and attractive by adding an adapted voice with high-quality sound. This will help you provide more information to tell your story, describe what is in your videos, or even propose translated content.

Discover the many voice-over actor services available on ComeUp. Offered by experts and professionals with tons of experience, they will exceed your expectations and brighten your video to explode your viewership.


Voice-over and sound narration

Whichever your activity sector may be, audio production will help you develop and grow. Communicate with your community or share helpful and relevant content that delights your customers using voice-over audio. Much more than a sound element, the right voice-over is the one that has the correct tone and can adapt to your channel. As the creator of your content, your voice-over actor is the voice of the off-camera characters, those who do not appear in the image of your audiovisual production. And if the voice-over can accompany the audience, it is the one that conveys a message, attracts attention, and makes people want to watch and listen until the end.

Are you looking for a voice actor? Find your dream voice with a professional who translates and then integrates their voice in a natural way. Your dubbing expert creates the right atmosphere and conveys emotions by using their voice to replace the voice of the original actor. Entrust this job to a professional voice-over actor who knows the right tempo and intonation for your recording. Forget about wasting hours recording with a simple microphone that only gives you average results.

Sign up on ComeUp for free and access professional voice-over services with studio quality at the best price, starting from $5.


Voice-over actors for all your projects

Do you have an audio or video project? Find the perfect freelancer among the services of professional actors who put their voices at your service in English, French, or the language you need. Radio shows, podcasts, commercials, trailers, documentaries, even recordings of phone messages, and video training, all your audio comes to life on ComeUp.

And if your project requires adding a voice-over that matches a character who speaks in another language, call on one of our professionals for a quality voice-over. Are you launching a commercial? Choose a voice-over that will enhance your advertisements, one that will win over your target audience and convey the right message.

Are you growing your business? Meet your voice-over actor, the one who fits your company's image and will be the intermediary between you and your customers. Because a great video combines many elements, entrust its editing to a professional graphic designer, and add subtitles to make it accessible to all. Order now and give a voice to all your projects.

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