I will provide you with up to 5000 valid business emails with all their contact details

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You are looking to prospect effectively but you don't know where to get High Quality Email files. You tried to buy online BtoB Files, but you quickly realized that these files were overpriced and that their data was very often obsolete, incomplete or even erroneous and that the latter sometimes contained up to 45% invalid emails.

Maybe you've also tried scrapping software to extract data from yellow pages and finally found that it was much more complicated than what was mentioned on the publisher's site. Your IP was blocked by the targeted business directory, so you had to find a way to use multiple proxies to bypass these blocks. It is necessary to change IP every 5 minutes, sometimes even every 30 seconds, it is a time-consuming and energy-intensive work. And when you were finally able to find out how to program the automatic change of your proxy IPs and you thought you had finally set everything correctly... A CAPTCHA appeared, reducing all your hopes to nothing. And even imagining that you were able, by the greatest of luck, to suck up the data you needed, you would have quickly realized their poor quality and the impossibility of exploiting the emails obtained, , given their abnormally high invalidity rate. At best with this type of file, all your messages will end up directly in SPAM and at worst the IP(s) of your SMTP server will be blacklisted after a few hours or even a few minutes or in the case of use of an online sending platform you will be permanently banned by their support.

With more than 12 years' experience in the world of Data and Email List Verification, I offer you to benefit from recent BtoB Email Files, tested and 100% Valid in order to carry out your Prospecting Emailing actions. Concentrate solely on your core business and no longer waste your precious time unnecessarily spending your money on inadequate solutions that could jeopardize your IP's reputation.

I suggest you acquire up to 5,000 complete BtoB files with : Company name / Activity / Address / Postal code / City / Telephone / Fax / Website and Emails (100% Valid).

You will therefore obtain through these BtoB Files, in addition to additional information, up to 5,000 deduplicated and Valid Emails
This file will be delivered in .XLSX format to make it easier for you to use. However, it is also possible to receive it in .CSV on simple request.
It's possible to obtain these files according to the activities you're interested in, or based on a very specific geographical area, such as a Country, a Region or even a City.
In this case, please provide us with all these details when you place your order.

By default, and unless you specify otherwise, we will use a BtoB file taken at random according to national geographic zones and listed activities.
Notes: The filling rate of additional information for columns with a title other than "Emails" will depend on the country selected, it being understood that only the "Emails" column will be obligatorily filled in 100% of cases and that the emails will all have been checked at prior.

For more information on this subject, please contact us before placing an order.

I will provide you with up to 5000 valid business emails with all their contact details

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