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# Discover the power of Slide Master PowerPoint for impeccable professional presentations!

> If you're on this page, it's because you're looking for a way to save time and creativity on your Powerpoint presentations, and you want to entrust your PowerPoint Slide Master project to an expert capable of producing a unique, professional template.

If you are a model PowerPoint user, this offer is for you.

Slide Master is a design tool in PowerPoint that lets you create and customize the overall appearance of all the slides in a presentation.
Using a Slide Master for PowerPoint presentations offers many advantages for creating a professional, dynamic, aesthetically pleasing presentation. Some of these advantages include:
**Time-saving and professional presentation**: By using a Slide Master in PowerPoint, you can save precious time by quickly creating a coherent presentation. With an identical formatting template and pre-established graphic guidelines, you don't need to design each slide individually. This allows you to concentrate on the content of your presentation while ensuring a professional, polished appearance.

**Present visually and in an original way**: A well-designed Slide Master allows you to present your content in a captivating way visually. Using clear text boxes and optimized layouts, you can organize your ideas effectively and create a new, original presentation that stands out. Incorporating relevant images, illustrations, and graphics enhances the visual impact of your message.

**Quality presentation and interactivity**: With a Slide Master, you can create a professional-quality presentation that captures the attention and engagement of your audience. Using animation effects, smooth transitions, interactive elements, and animated slideshows in your PowerPoint support adds an extra dimension to your presentation. This keeps your audience engaged and creates a memorable visual experience.

As a presenter, a well-developed PowerPoint template helps you to deliver an effective and dynamic presentation. Structured text boxes and bulleted lists enable you to present your ideas clearly, organized while captivating your audience's attention.

With a customized PowerPoint template, you can enhance the quality of your presentations and deliver engaging experiences to your audience. A good presentation, enhanced by animation effects and smooth transitions, will leave a lasting impression and contribute to the quality of your overall presentations.

> Using a Slide Master, you can create high-quality presentations with a professional, aesthetic look. This saves time, delivers a visually appealing experience, and powerfully presents your ideas.

Do you think you're up to the job?
Why Atheihom and not someone else?
Why entrust me with your Slide Master Powerpoint project?

One moment, your answer is here!
By entrusting your Slide Master project to an experienced designer, you'll benefit from a visually striking, professional presentation layout that reinforces your brand identity. Each newly designed or revised (redesigned) slide will be carefully structured to reflect your brand image and convey your message consistently.

My design expertise enables me to conceive, revise and edit unique, professional, interactive, and memorable PowerPoint presentations. I harmonize graphic elements, typography, and colors with your corporate identity to create a customized PowerPoint template. I ensure your new display stands out visually, maintaining a professional, consistent aesthetic to guarantee successful production.

With animated slideshows, animation effects, and dynamic text boxes, your presentation attracts your audience's attention. Well-structured bulleted lists will present your ideas in a clear and organized manner. Thanks to my expertise, your corporate presentation will be compelling and captivating, capturing your audience's interest and leaving a positive impression.

Using the custom PPT template, your presentation will be dynamic and engaging, essential for a successful sales presentation, startup, or any other presentation requiring high quality. Smooth transitions and judiciously integrated animations will make your presentation exciting and engage your audience.

In slideshow mode, you'll be able to present your presentation in an attractive, punchy way, highlighting visual elements and critical messages. The customized mask ensures visual consistency throughout the production, reinforcing your brand's image.

> A well-crafted presentation can enhance your pitch's effectiveness and capture your audience's attention. Your presentation will have a memorable visual impact, helping to convince your audience and achieve your objective.

Let me take care of your project, and you'll have a professional, high-impact presentation that will attract attention and leave a lasting impression.

I'm **Atheiho**, passionate designer. With 5 years of experience in graphic design, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with various associations and international organizations in countries such as Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, and Liberia.
Skills area
I'm Atheiho, a designer for 5 years with a good knowledge of :
Brand & UI design
Photoshop & Illustrator
Premiere Pro & Capcut PC

Let me present you my basic offer
For 10€, I'll deliver:
5 slides
A graphic charter to respect
Text and image space to insert
Une retoucher

> [SPECIAL OFFER] I'm offering a 25% discount on the Pack (Premium, Delux) for the whole month of July!

Pack Economic , for 85€
15 slides
Une charte graphique à respecter
Text, image, and video space to insert
A table with 5 rows and 2 columns
3 retouches
A thank-you animation at the end of the presentation

Premium Pack , for ~~160€~~ 120€
25 slides
A graphic charter to respect
Text, image, and video space to insert
A table with 5 rows and 2 columns
2 non-animated 3D illustration
4 retouching
A thank-you animation at the end of the presentation

Delux Pack , for ~~200€~~ 160€
25 slides
Une charte graphique à respecter
Text, image, and video space to insert
A table with 5 rows and 2 columns
5 3D animated illustrations
5 retouching
A thank-you animation at the end of the presentation


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What is a Slide Master in PowerPoint, and how can it enhance my visual presentation?
The Slide Master in PowerPoint is a tool that allows you to create predefined templates or slide models for your presentation. Using PowerPoint templates, you can easily customize the layout, fonts, colors, backgrounds, headers, and footers, creating a beautiful, visually appealing display consistent across all slides.

How can I make my PowerPoint presentation more attractive and animated by using Slide Master?
Using Slide Master, you can add animations and transitions to your presentation. You can define entry and exit effects for objects on individual slides or for the presentation as a whole. These animations bring your presentation to life, making it more dynamic and lively, captivating your audience and keeping them engaged.
How to create an interactive and collaborative slideshow using PowerPoint's Slide Master?
Slide Master makes it easy to create an interactive, collaborative slideshow. You can integrate interactive buttons, hyperlinks, and navigation elements to let viewers interact with your presentation. Moreover, you can share your PowerPoint presentation with others and collaborate on the same document in real-time, making presentation creation and editing more efficient and convenient.

How to design and produce a high-quality PowerPoint presentation using Slide Master?
To design a great-looking, high-quality PowerPoint presentation, choose a PPT template suited to your subject and audience. Then customize the Slide Master to create an attractive, consistent layout across all slides. Use graphics, images, and videos judiciously to illustrate your key points. Don't forget to make your Text easy to read, using appropriate fonts and contrasting colors. Finally, practice your presentation and use slide timing to maintain a fluid and captivating rhythm in your final presentation.

By using Slide Master to design and present your presentation, you'll be able to create an attractive, dynamic, and effective PowerPoint presentation suitable for sales presentations or any other type of presentation requiring high presentation quality.

> Don't hesitate to ask me any further questions you may have. I'm here to help you with your Slide Master project for your PowerPoint presentations!

I will create your powerpoint presentation template

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Atheiho 3 days ago

“Je suis un designer créatif et passionné, plein de ressources, avec une expérience de 5 ans dans le domaine. J'ai développé une expertise dans la création de solutions visuelles attrayantes et fonctionnelles. Mon amour pour mon travail se reflète dans chaque projet que je réalise, car j'accorde une grande attention aux détails et je m'efforce toujours de trouver des idées novatrices.

Mon parcours m'a permis de travailler avec des organisations internationales, les ONGs, PMEs et les TPMs en Afrique (Nigeria, Liberia, Togo) un peu partout, ce qui m'a permis d'acquérir une perspective holistique dans ma pratique du design.
Avec les compétences de designs graphique et expérience utilisateurs ( Design Ethique, UI & UX, PowerPoint) sans oublier les montages vidéos (Capcut et Première Pro)

Mon objectif ultime est de créer des expériences visuelles impactantes qui captivent les utilisateurs et apportent une valeur ajoutée à mes clients.”

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