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# Create links, and establish partnerships - Your business card is the key to your professional network.

Which profile is this service for?
Are you an independent professional or entrepreneur who wants to promote your services and make business contacts?
Do you frequently attend trade shows, conferences, or networking events where you'd like to exchange contact details with other professionals?
Are you looking for a new job, or would you like to strengthen your professional network for future opportunities?
Do you have a sales role where you must represent your company and share your contact information with potential customers?

> Please read if you answered **YES** to any of these questions. This means that this service is for you.


## But let's talk about the business card

The **business card** is an essential communication tool for professional meetings. It allows you to **make your mark** and leave a memorable impression during professional exchanges. Printing your **personalized business card** allows you to present your contact details and your **professional identity** concisely and professionally. It's a powerful tool for making contacts, promoting your business, and reinforcing your **brand image**
. The professional business card is a unique, personalized piece representing your company and facilitating communication at professional meetings.

There are several important reasons for having a professional business card. Firstly, an original and unique card allows you to stand out from the competition and **capture the attention** of people you meet professionally. A well-designed and **attractive** card template reinforces your brand image and conveys a **feeling of professionalism** and reliability.

A quality business card is a tangible communication tool that creates a positive first impression. Handing it to someone represents your visual identity and sends a strong message about your company and its values.

Ordering your business card allows you to customize every detail, from colors to design, to match your style and business perfectly. This gives you total control over your card's look and feel, enabling you to convey your message consistently and effectively.

> Don't forget that first impressions count for a lot, and a well-designed business card lets you make an immediate impression. It also reinforces your visual identity and helps people recognize and remember you more easily.

**Rest assured, you won't regret being here Follow me! **

**Do you think you're up to my request? **

**Why Atheihom and not someone else? **

**One moment, your answer is here!**

> As a creative, passionate designer with four years of experience, you're the ideal business card professional. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

* My love for my work is reflected in every project you complete. My boundless creativity allows me to develop unique and original visual solutions, ensuring that every business card I produce stands out creatively.
* As a resourceful designer, I can develop innovative ideas and adapt to different styles and requirements. I have many skills and knowledge enabling me to respond effectively to needs.
* I attach great importance to detail, ensuring that every business card element is carefully considered and harmonious. My attention to detail enables you to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs.

* My expertise in creating visually appealing and functional solutions enables you to design business cards that are not only attention-grabbing but also easy to read and understand. You know how to balance aesthetics and functionality

For €5, here's what you get in my introductory package:
1 business card design proposal (double-sided).
PNG and PDF files.
300 dpi resolution
2 retouching options

## Want to move at high speed; I present the promotional packs

Economic Pack , For 10€, you'll get :
2 design proposals(recto-verso)
1 choice
03 retouching
PNG and PDF format
Resolution 300dpi

Premium Pack , For €20, you get :
3 design proposals (double-sided)
1 choice
03 retouching
PNG and PDF format
300dpi resolution

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When everything is for you and us, the order will be validated. I'll start to work on it, and you'll receive everything on schedule.

I will design your business card

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About the seller

Atheiho 3 days ago

“Je suis un designer créatif et passionné, plein de ressources, avec une expérience de 5 ans dans le domaine. J'ai développé une expertise dans la création de solutions visuelles attrayantes et fonctionnelles. Mon amour pour mon travail se reflète dans chaque projet que je réalise, car j'accorde une grande attention aux détails et je m'efforce toujours de trouver des idées novatrices.

Mon parcours m'a permis de travailler avec des organisations internationales, les ONGs, PMEs et les TPMs en Afrique (Nigeria, Liberia, Togo) un peu partout, ce qui m'a permis d'acquérir une perspective holistique dans ma pratique du design.
Avec les compétences de designs graphique et expérience utilisateurs ( Design Ethique, UI & UX, PowerPoint) sans oublier les montages vidéos (Capcut et Première Pro)

Mon objectif ultime est de créer des expériences visuelles impactantes qui captivent les utilisateurs et apportent une valeur ajoutée à mes clients.”

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