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🔊 Do you want to communicate in order to develop your notoriety, enhance your image and/or boost your sales?

🎧 Digital audio is a booming and ideal medium for promoting your business at attractive prices to an audience and a community:

  • New creation, product launch

  • Proposition of services

  • Craftsman, trade, restaurant

  • Company, brand...

💻 Every day, more than 8.8 million people listen to the radio on digital media in France, or 15.9% of the population aged 13 and over.*

🧡 It particularly appeals to 35-49 year olds since 21.7% of them listen to the radio on digital media, CSP+ (23.5%) and Ile-de-France residents (19.9%).*

  • Source Médiamétrie Sept-Oct 2021

➡️ Benefit from optimal visibility with a committed and loyal audience made up of lovers of disco-funk, soul and 80's sounds.

FM 80 FUNKY MUSIC is the Internet radio classified:

⭐️ Number 1 in the Disco & Funk category and in the top 20 places (all genres) on the first French platform RadioKing**

⭐️ Number 1 in Cannes, number 2 in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) and in the top 10 places in France on the Online Radio Box stream aggregator**

⭐️ In the top 40 places of the Top Deezer radios in France**

FM 80 FUNKY MUSIC is also the first radio broadcast by the RadioKing platform appearing in the Top Deezer radios in France**

** Ranking regularly noted

🕙 We offer you the most appropriate time slots to broadcast your advertising spot.

🎯 Whether you want to target peak hours when audiences are greatest or specific times of the day, we make sure your message captures the attention of listeners at the right time.

💡 Depending on your budget, choose an optional advertising campaign over several days. Our goal is to maximize the impact of your message by offering you the best visibility.

💪🏼 Increase your presence, strengthen your notoriety and stimulate your activity!

📈 To measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign, you receive screenshots of your ad's performance, including the number of unique listeners, listenership rates, other key metrics like location (country) and sources (listening platforms).

🤩 We communicate to you the date and the times of diffusion of your spot as well as the recordings proving its good diffusion (antenna gauges in MP3 format).

👌🏼 This valuable data helps you gauge the success of your campaign and adjust your strategies accordingly.

➡️ Contact us today and let our team guide you to a successful radio campaign featuring funky 80s music.

▶️ The basic service without option at 20€ corresponds to 2 broadcasts on the same day and at the times of your choice.

Options (4 broadcasts per day):

  • 1 day + €10 = €30 in total for 4 broadcasts, i.e. €7.50 per unit
    (Additional delay of 1 day)

  • 2 days + €30 = €50 in total for 8 broadcasts, i.e. €6.25 per unit
    (Additional delay of 2 days)

  • 3 days + €50 = €70 in total for 12 broadcasts, i.e. €5.83 per unit
    (Additional delay of 3 days)

  • 4 days + €70 = €90 in total for 16 broadcasts, i.e. €5.62 per unit
    (Additional delay of 4 days)

  • 5 days + €90 = €110 in total for 20 broadcasts, i.e. €5.50 per unit
    (Additional delay of 5 days)

  • 1 week + €100 = €120 in total for 28 broadcasts, i.e. €4.29 per unit
    (Additional delay of 7 days)

🎙 The commercial (between 20 and 30 seconds maximum) must be in MP3 format (320 kbps).

💡 We can create your audio ad spot (not included and in addition to this service)

👋🏻 See you soon for a next campaign :-)

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