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LAUNCH OFFER: up to 98% off!

💬 How can I strengthen my brand image and the quality of my services, being more credible and exceeding customer expectations?

➡️ With ✨E-books✨!

Read them, listen to them, resell them, add them as gifts, to reinforce one of your services on ComeUp or other online business platforms.

✨ Don't miss this opportunity to shine ✨

💪 Enhance your brand image and customer satisfaction

If you have E-books, we don't know if you've read them or not.
Maybe it's even you who wrote them exclusively?
But if you're in a niche, for example "you offer a service on sport" and **as a bonus, you offer e-books on this theme. **
Your customers are bound to think the world of you.

And you'll be able to stand out from the competition!

🧠 Strengthen your knowledge

Having a single opinion is not necessarily the best option.
It's better, in life and at all levels, to have several versions, to get the 'big picture'. The more different versions you have, the more you can bounce back and adapt.

Let's go back to the example of sport, if you exclusively recommend one type of diet, to people who are incompatible with it and who have the perfect profile for a different diet, you'll miss out completely.

📈 The greatest investment is investing in yourself

W.Buffet (Billionaire Investor): *"My best investment was $100 to take part in a seminar on public speaking.

➡️ What you learn will stay in your head, no one can ever take it away from you, and you can turn it into a business in the long term. You can use it to argue your ideas, defend your positions and win your conflicts. Anyone who speaks out without having an "informed" opinion on the subject can only increase their chances of making a fool of themselves.

💎 It's a value that only 0.1% of the population has.

👌 And I doubt you're in the other 99.9%, otherwise you wouldn't be here, on this page, reading me.

🤡 Free for you to buy packs of 10,000 E-books and I don't know what, that you'll never read, let's be realistic. It's hard to realize, but imagine, 10,000 20-page E-books. That's 200,000 pages. The equivalent of reading 32 times the entire Harry Potter saga ... 224 books... and if they're 40 pages long, 64x Harry Potter. 448 books.

🏛️ The average public library holds 1,600 books.
See the library nearest you?
Take 1/4 of the books and it's yours.

❓ So that's what you want to buy? Where do you sell?

🧠 On the other hand, buying 10 E-books in a theme is smart. Your customer will have a quick look and maybe read the one they like. It doesn't matter after all, they can resell them themselves and that's real added value for your service.

✨ Don't miss this chance to add value and make a difference.

🔎 Breakdown of the d-e books pack

Name of thematic Number of e-books in French Number of e-books in English Price per e-book
💸 Affiliation 11 1 0.42€
💸 Silver 29 3 0.16€
💸 Business 34 25 0.08€
💸 Copywriting 11 5 0.31€
💸 E-commerce 14 9 0.22€
💸 Corporate 26 4 0.17€
💸 Infoprenariat 4 1.25€
💸 Investment 9 0.28€
💸 Mailling 12 7 0.26€
💸 Marketing 37 19 0.09€
💸 Sports betting 1 5€
❤️ Animals 6 0.42€
❤️ Wellness 63 26 0.06€
❤️ Seduction 27 15 0.12€
🧠 Learning 17 0.15€
🧠 Communication 12 7 0.26€
🧠 Employment and recruitment 13 8 0.24€
Personal development 25 4 0.17€
🧠 Language 2 1 1.67€
💪 Martial arts & survival 4 4 0.63€
💪 Nutrition 19 10 0.17€
💪 Health 22 13 0.14€
💪 Sport 10 9 0.26€
🌐 Web Activity 64 32 0.05€
🌐 Photo and video 3 3 0.83€
🌐 Advertising 14 10 0.21€
🌐 Social network 17 13 0.17€
🌐 Technology 21 20 0.12€
🎁 Miscellaneous 9 8 0.29€

❓ Definition

I need to make sure we're talking about the same thing, though, so we're going to define a few terms for the rest of this.

  • ☑️= New compared to previous offers

➡️ Unlike "✅" which is already present and unchanged.


🚀 LAUNCH OFFER up to 2 cents per e-book **💎 classic pack

💎 CLASSIC PACK 🚀 5€ - 64€ ➡️ 5€
✅ Receive e-books on a single theme of your choice
✅ French & English if available
✅ Fast delivery
✅ Sales licence
💎💎 FULL PACK 🚀 91€ - 270€ ➡️ 10€
☑️ Receive e-books for a group of themes (💸❤️🧠💪🌐)
✅ French & English if available
Fast delivery
✅ Sales licence


💎💎💎 PREMIUM PACK 🚀 812€ ➡️ 15€
☑️ All e-books (536 French e-books, 306 English e-books)
✅ French & English if available
✅ Fast delivery
✅ Sales licence
🎁 Receive the exclusive gift theme on this pack

You'll see that there are more than 812 E-books, because I've duplicated the ones that belong in more than one theme.

🤝 Did you find what you were looking for?

👏 Once you've chosen the offer of your choice, place your order with me on the ComeUp platform. I'll ask you for a few details to offer you a tailor-made service. Then I'll get back to you, and if necessary I'll go back to the drawing board with more information.


Do you have any questions about the service? Or can't decide what's right for you?
Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll do my best to answer your question as soon as possible. I'll post it here afterwards.

💬 What legitimacy do you have for this service ?

➡️ I got these e-books to make perfect gifts for my services. And even make them a service in their own right. So you can do the same! 👌

💬 What's in it for me ?

➡️ What's in it for you is that I'm offering a competitive rate ... 2 cents per e-book, for a quality of service that I want to be "top of the range" or "high ticket". I'm offering you a service that will increase your sales and your clicks, and therefore your turnover, to maximize your additional source of income with ComeUp.

💬 What are the results ?

➡️ Aren't you happy with your new e-books? Your customers will be happy too!

💬 Do you have any guarantees ?

➡️ You can do whatever you like with these e-books, they're yours now and you have the right to resell them. However, you cannot modify them.

💬 What are you looking for personally ?

➡️ I'm looking to establish a relationship of trust between myself and my customers. The aim is to build loyalty in you, the person reading this answer.
This directly echoes the previous question. I'm aiming for the long term and trust, so I'm going to provide a premium service so that you can visually claim "High Ticket" services.

💬 What's your language level ?

➡️ I'm French by birth and have a very good level of English (several trips, work in an English-speaking environment, TOEIC B1 (865/995)).

💬How do I place my order ?

➡️ Once you have chosen the service that suits you best, you will receive a Google-drive link to download your pack directly into ComeUp.

Other services that might interest you ⬇️

Find all my services on my profile, available in French (left) and English (right)

👏 The last word

You're not just placing an order, you're making an investment! 📈
An investment yields results.
You're increasing your customer satisfaction, so you're going to increase your sales! 📈

It's up to you to decide whether you want a high-quality service for the success of your services and the creation of your own additional source of income. It's up to you and your decisions.

I look forward to working for you!

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