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If you're here, it's because you understand the importance of a impactful logo animation for your business. An animated logo is a powerful marketing tool that can quickly propel your brand and capture your target audience's attention.

And you're absolutely right! ✅

A high-quality animated logo will not only set you apart from the competition but also position you above it. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to brand visual identity. A well-executed animated logo can reinforce your brand image and pique customer interest even before they make a purchase decision.


Having a poor logo animation can be uncomfortable and detrimental to your business or brand. Here are some reasons why a bad logo animation can be problematic:

❌Tarnished Brand Image: Your logo is often the first visual element associated with your business. A poor animation can give off an unprofessional vibe, potentially damaging your brand image and reputation.

❌Communication Difficulties: Logo animation needs to be clear and understandable. If executed poorly, it can hinder the transmission of your message or visual identity.

❌Distraction: A poorly executed logo animation might distract the audience rather than captivate them, diverting attention from your content or message.

❌Missed Opportunities: A well-designed logo animation can be an excellent way to stand out and spark interest. A bad animation deprives you of the opportunity to make a positive impression on your audience.

❌Financial Consequences: If you invest in a bad logo animation, it can cost you not only financially but also in terms of time and effort to rectify it.

Let Me Ask You a Few Questions!

✅Are you looking for a custom and creative LOGO ANIMATION with exceptional effects to showcase your PRO Logo?
✅Do you want to differentiate yourself from competitors with a unique LOGO ANIMATION that perfectly represents you?
✅Are you interested in a tailor-made LOGO ANIMATION that reflects your business essence and helps you stand out?
✅Are you ready to discover how an exclusive LOGO ANIMATION can add a special touch to your brand and capture your customers' attention?
✅Do you seek to enhance your company's impact with a customized, creative LOGO ANIMATION with captivating effects?
If yes, you're in the right place! |


I am Valentine, a digital designer. I have profound expertise in the following areas:

  • ⬇️Branding
  • ⬇️Motion design
  • ⬇️No-code Development
  • ⬇️Video Editing
  • ⬇️Sales Funnel Creation

Throughout my 4 years of practice, I've constantly enriched my design skills by adapting to the latest technological advancements. My experience has allowed me to master various design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Systeme.io.

What Sets Me Apart!

My Responsiveness: I reply promptly to all inquiries;

My Commitment to Work: I've consistently adhered to agreed-upon deadlines with my clients;

My Availability: Listening is one of my essential qualities; I'm always available to understand and address my clients' needs.

👌Here are some reviews from satisfied customers about my services:

Marie P 🥰✅
Impeccable and careful work, she respected exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much.
mncl 🥰✅
Flyers_Artinine1 does their work well, serious and attentive. I recommend them.
PierreFont 🥰✅
Very good work.
The Crucial Impact of Logo Animation in Your Business
Logo animation is a potent way to breathe life into a company's visual identity. This innovative approach strengthens the logo's impact by making it dynamic and interactive. Animation instantly grabs viewers' attention and creates a memorable experience. Through smooth transitions, visual effects, and creative movements, logo animation adds modernity and originality. This helps stand out in a competitive market and leave a positive impression on potential customers.
Animation can be tailored to different platforms and media, such as websites, ads, social media, presentations, promotional videos, and more. This provides visual consistency and reinforces the brand's presence across various communication channels. A well-executed animation can subtly and captivatingly convey the essence and values of the company. This creates an emotional connection with the target audience and enhances customer loyalty. Animated logos also offer creative flexibility, allowing experimentation with graphic styles and visual effects to captivate viewers. The use of synchronized sound effects can also add an extra dimension to animation, further enhancing the overall impact of the logo.
Ultimately, logo animation is an effective way to tell the company's story and communicate key messages playfully and engagingly.
In summary, logo animation is a powerful tool to strengthen the visual impact of the brand identity, attract attention, create an emotional connection, enhance brand presence across multiple platforms, experiment with creativity, and tell the company's story captivatingly. It's a modern and effective approach to bringing the brand to life and leaving a lasting impression on the target audience.
👇For my basic offer at €5, you'll get:
✅Creation of a logo animation
✅1 graphic element (smoke, sparkles, fire, etc.)
✅5 seconds of animation
✅Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
✅Royalty-free music and/or sound effects
✅1 revision
🥀STANDARD Package: €15
✅ An animation for each logo element with 2D effects
✅ An additional secondary animation
✅ Format: MP4 or MOV in 1920x1080
✅ 1 included revision/modification
✅5 seconds of animation
✅Royalty-free music and/or sound effects
🤩GOLD Package: €30
✅ An animation for each logo element with 3D effects
✅ Bounce / stretch & squash effect for impeccable quality
✅ Format: MP4 or MOV in 1920x1080
✅ Revisions: 2
✅5 seconds of animation
✅Royalty-free music and/or sound effects
📌PREMIUM Package: €60
✅ Up to 3 different animations
✅ Bounce / stretch & squash effect for impeccable quality
✅ Transitions between animations
✅ Format: MP4 or MOV in 1920x1080
✅ 2 included revisions/modifications
✅Maximum duration: 5 minutes
✅Royalty-free music and/or sound effects
👑CUSTOMIZED Packages: €80
Here, you decide everything, and I provide my advice
✅ Up to 6 different animations
✅Maximum duration: 5 minutes
✅Royalty-free music and/or sound effects: Your choice
✅ Format: MP4 or MOV in 1920x1080 or any dimensions you need
✅ Revisions: Unlimited until satisfaction
✅ 3D Effect
✅ Bounce / stretch & squash effect for impeccable quality or any other effects you deem necessary for your logo animation.

➡️What Do I Need for Your Logo Animation?

✅Your illustration (logo) in vector format .eps, .ai, .pdf, or in high-quality .psd format.
✅If you only have a .jpeg or .png file, no worries, please message me first to discuss.

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