I will be your community manager on your discord, looking after your community and managing your server

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🏆 Discord is the No. 1 communication platform

Initially for gamers and associated communities.

Today, it's impossible not to be on Discord.
🌍 Everyone (or almost everyone) is on it.

But normally, you already have your server ?

However, having a discord server is easy. Anyone can do it. But reading messages from your community, managing conflicts and moderating takes time.

⚖️ You've got a choice :

  • 💥 Have a dynamic server and a committed community thanks to it
  • 💤 Have a "dead" server and a "ghost" community that will gradually disappear.

🌐 Whether on a PC or a phone, people are active and available!

  • They chat
  • They laugh
  • They call each other
  • Sending messages to each other
  • They share information
  • They swap

💬 "It's not that I don't want to, it's that I can't, it takes too much time !

➡️ The solution is simple: outsource this task.

My team and I specialize in using discord.
We have 2 screens, which means we can work on screen 1 and manage servers on screen 2.
What's more, we have discord on the phone to ensure continuity of management.

Why call on you and your team?

🏛️ I'm the founder of a discord server that's now completely autonomous, with 150 people from a very specific community that's closely linked to an old passion. I chose myself the people who today do my work on my server. I configured the entire server, I did the recruitment, I moderated and configured the bots. For over four years.

➡️ So you can use my knowledge in this area to create your server and achieve your goals.

💎 Classic pack 5€
✅ Observation of your server
✅ less than 5 interactions per day with your members
✅ Enforcing your rules
✅ 3-day trial
💎💎 Full pack 70€
☑️ Involvement on your server
☑️ 30 interactions / days maximum
☑️ 10 announcement messages maximum
☑️ Modification of your server
☑️ Writing and modifying your rules
☑️ 7 days management
💎💎💎 Premium pack 450€
✅ Involvement on your server
☑️ 60 interactions / days maximum
☑️ 20 ad messages maximum
✅ Modification of your server
✅ Writing and modifying your rules
☑️ 30 days management
☑️ Transmission of knowledge and management
☑️ 30 minutes voice chat with ComeUp to discuss your needs

📸 Achievements will be provided as screenshots and shared on ComeUP as well as the link to your discord in our discussion

Announcement messages: these are messages that are sent to everyone using the @everyone command to make an announcement, quite simply

❓ Definition

Rules writing:

➡️ Approximately 1000 words clearly explaining prohibited behaviour.


➡️ This is my support in explaining what you want, modifying what you want as you wish, as well as moderating your server during the follow-up period only. During the monitoring period, you'll have unlimited editing and management support.


➡️ It is made with ComeUp functionality, it is simply a phone call.

Message embed:

➡️ This is a message with a very pretty frame

Announcement message:

➡️ these are messages that are communicated to everyone using the @everyone command to make an announcement, quite simply.

🤝 Have you found what you're looking for?

1️⃣ Once you've chosen the offer of your choice, we'll get in touch on the ComeUp platform.

2️⃣ I'm going to ask you for a few details so that we can offer you a tailor-made service.


Do you have any questions about the service? Or can't decide what's right for you?
Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll do my best to answer your question as soon as possible. I'll post it here afterwards.

What's in it for me?

➡️ What's in it for you is that I'm offering a competitive rate for a quality of service that I want to be "top of the range" or "high ticket". I'm offering you a service that will increase your loyalty, and therefore your community.

💬 Do you have any guarantees ?

➡️ As long as the order isn't returned and you have the "tracking" option, I'll be happy to listen to you and modify your server again and again.

💬 What are you looking for personally ?

➡️ I'm looking to establish a relationship of trust between myself and my customers. The aim is to build loyalty in you, the person reading this answer.
This directly echoes the previous question. I'm aiming for the long term and trust, so I'm going to provide a premium service so that you can visually claim "High Ticket" services.

💬 What's your language level?

➡️ I'm French by birth and have a very good level of English (several trips, work in an English-speaking environment, TOEIC B1 (865/995)).

💬How do I place my order?

➡️ Once you've chosen the service that's right for you, you'll receive instructions in my automated message. I'll give you further details based on your order.

👏 The final word

You're not just placing an order, you're making an investment! 📈
An investment yields results.
You're increasing your community's satisfaction, so you're going to increase your results! 📈

It's up to you to decide whether you want a high-quality service for your success. It's up to you and your decisions.

I look forward to working for you!

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