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You want to travel but you don't have the time or don't want to spend time organizing?

That's good, because that's what I like to do!

Passionate about travel and discovery, I like the "organization" part just as much. I find pleasure in researching hotels and places to visit. I begin to travel in front of my screen, in my head, long before taking the plane. I have a blog where I tell about my travels. It's a way of sharing with other travellers : my itineraries, my favourites, my disappointments.

For 25 €, I will prepare an itinerary for you for 7 days with some advice for a successful trip and a general idea about the country you are going to visit (currency, means of transport, language).

I will offer you travel options to reach the sites to visit with approximate prices.

I will provide you with the entrance prices of the sites you will visit.

I will provide you with a list of 5 accommodations that will match your budget and your desires.

For this, I will send you a short questionnaire beforehand which will allow me to know your expectations, your centers of interest, your budget. A week later, I will deliver a PDF document to you.

+5 €: a paragraph on the culinary specialties not to be missed ;

+5 €: I will look for the flights for you and offer you the best options ;

+10€: 2 weeks stay ;

+20€: 3 weeks stay ;

+30€: 1 month stay.

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