I will do python scripting, coding, automation tasks

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Welcome To my service,

➤ Would you like to complete a project in Python and need an expert in the field?

- Are you looking for a Python script to automate your tasks?

- Do you need professional developers?

- Are you in need of experienced Python coders to delegate tasks to?

- Do you want to make your life easier?

- Do you want to make your homework and get good marks?

- Are you tired of wracking your brain?

➤ Congratulations

- You've FINALLY found a solution to solve your problems!

➤ I am a Python developer with over 5 years of professional programming experience. My main aim is to combine my two favorite IT subjects: AI and Databases (well-known as Data Science). Also had expertise in automation, scraping, and scripting.

➤ I can create any Python script for automation, web scraping, and data mining tools that you need to be done in a short time. I can export the data to any of your desired formats such as TXT, EXCEL, JSON, DATABASE, etc.

➤ In this gig, I offer:
- Making your simple python script.
- Helping you to complete your python assignments.
- Little python-based project.
- Python web app.
- Python restful API.
- Advanced python project.

- Python coding:
- Implement the algorithm in Python.
- Optimize Python code.
- Consulting, Python code review.
- Machine learning in Python.
- Intermediate python-based project (with OOP).
- And again, anything that can be done in Python.

- Automation Task:
- Auto process Excel, text file, image.
- Auto read/write/format Google Sheet.
- Auto-login/download/upload.
- Auto your daily routines on com.

➤ Very Small project 5 €:
- less than 15 lines of code.
- simple script without a graphical user interface (GUI).
- 1 simple functionality.
- 1 days delivery.

➤ Small project 20 €:
- less than 30 lines of code.
- simple script without a graphical user interface (GUI).
- up to 2 simple functionalities.
- 3 days delivery.

➤ Medium project 50 €:
- less than 60 lines of code.
- 1 complex functionality or up to 5 simple functionalities.
- 5 days delivery.

➤ Complex project (100 €) with Graphical User Interface (GUI):

- A graphical user interface typically includes elements like buttons, text input fields, dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other widgets that allow the user to interact with the Python program.
- The GUI can be designed to display information, receive user input, and perform actions based on that input.
- Content in the GUI can include text, images, charts, or any other visual elements relevant to the project's requirements.
- It's important to specify that the GUI is tailored to the project's needs, so the specific elements and content would depend on the client's requirements.
- less than 150 lines of code.
- 3 complex functionality or up to 8 simple functionalities.
- 10 days delivery.

➤ Functionalities:
We offer a range of functionalities to enhance your Python project:
- Simple functionality: These are basic operations or features that the Python script can perform, such as reading data from a file and displaying it.
- Complex functionality: These functionalities involve advanced and intricate tasks, such as creating machine learning models, handling extensive datasets, or implementing sophisticated algorithms.

I also offer the following options:
- Additional 1 task for €10 ( allows you to add an extra functionality or feature to your Python project, enhancing its capabilities ).
- Additional 2 tasks for €20.
- Additional 3 tasks for €30.
- Additional 4 tasks for €40.
- Importing data from a file (csv, xlsx, json, txt) for €10.
- Exporting data to a file (csv, xlsx, json, txt) for €10.

- Invest in Your Success

If you have any question Please feel free to contact me .

Thanks will be glad to work with you!!!

I will do python scripting, coding, automation tasks

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“Je m’appelle Mehdi, Jeune entrepreneur. Passionnée de graphisme et avec une expérience de près de huit ans. Je travaille en tant que graphiste indépendant depuis 2015 dans les differentes sites ( Merch by amazon , Redbubble , etsy , teespring , amazon kindle , kdp , fiverr........)

C'est donc naturellement que j'ai choisi 5euro.com pour vous accompagner dans vos projets en vous proposant des services qui vous feront gagner du temps et de l'argent et pour mettre ma créativité à votre service.
(Travaux Graphiques, T-shirt, Ebook, Sweat, Logo, Couverture, Favicon, Instagram, Citation, Mug.....)

Je suis très à l'écoute et ma règle d'or c'est que le client soit toujours satisfait !
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