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**Are you tired of cherished old photos losing their glory to time and damage? Your memories deserve to shine once again!**

Welcome to my "Old and Damaged Photo Restoration" gig, where I breathe new life into your precious memories. I specialize in resurrecting damaged photos and returning them to their original state, or even better. With meticulous attention to detail and advanced restoration techniques, I'll bring back the vivid colors, clarity, and charm your photos once had. Say goodbye to cracks, tears, discoloration, and other blemishes that have plagued your treasured images for too long.

*I'm Dimuthu, an experienced photo restoration expert with a passion for preserving the past. When you choose my services, you're not just getting a photo retoucher, you're entrusting your memories to someone who genuinely cares.*

With my service, you'll benefit from:

# **Photo Restoration:**

* I'll meticulously repair any damage, including cracks, tears, and discoloration, in a digital image format.
* Minor details that may have been lost will be restored to their best possible condition.
* For heavily damaged images where some details are irrecoverable, consider the "Heavy Damaged Repair" option in the extras section (details below).
* I'll enhance the image's color, boost overall sharpness, and improve clarity, elevating its quality.
* Please note that if the original image is grayscale (black and white), this service won't convert it into a full-color photo. If you desire colorization, you can choose it as an additional option.
* Your edited image will be delivered in digital formats, including JPG, PNG, and PDF, making it convenient for various uses.
* The final image resolution will depend on the source files you provide, but this package is limited to a maximum resolution of 5000x5000px for a single image.

# Here's how it works:

Provide me with a scanned copy or a clear photo of your damaged image.

If your photo has multiple damaged areas, kindly provide both individual and overall images for more effective results.
~Should you choose the "Heavy Damage Restoration Option," please share additional reference images to aid in the restoration process. Additionally, if you have specific requests or preferences regarding the images, please communicate them with me before I commence the work. In the event that you require further revisions after the initial work is completed, you may need to purchase additional revisions, unless they were already included in your initial order.~

I'll work my magic and restore your photo with precision and care.

You'll receive a high-resolution, beautifully restored image that captures the essence of your memories.

You should understand that some limitations may apply, and not all details can be recovered. In such cases, I'll use my expertise to improvise and deliver the best possible result.

# My pricing

Package addon Photos to repair Delivery time Price
Basic 1 4 Days € 15
Standard 3 4 Days € 30
Premium 5 4 Days € 45
* Basic Package: Restoration of one damaged photo for € 15 with a delivery time of 4 days.
* Standard Package: Restoration of up to three damaged photos for € 30 with a delivery time of 4 days.
* Premium Package: Restoration of up to five damaged photos for € 45 with a delivery time of 4 days.

You have the option to upgrade your basic service to either the standard or premium level by selecting the appropriate addon from the Extra Options section.

# Other optional services that you can get with this.

**Colorization Option:**

If your original image is not in color, you can choose this option to have it transformed into a color photo. I will create a lifelike color image based on your original. It's important to note that accurately replicating colors from a grayscale image may not be feasible due to the absence of color data. However, I will focus on achieving the most realistic result possible based on your input. By selecting this option, you will receive an additional colorized image file. The delivery time for the colorization option remains unchanged.

**Additional Revisions Option:**

After I've delivered your image, if you find that you need further adjustments or enhancements, you can utilize this option. For example, if you want to remove an object from the photo or enhance someone's appearance, I'm here to assist, but you'll need to opt for this option. Each use of this option allows for one revision per image. Please note that additional revisions may add a minimum of +1 day to the delivery time.

**Heavy Damage Restoration Option:**

If your image has lost details that are seemingly irrecoverable from the files you provide, this option is your solution. For instance, if your image contains a group of people, and one or more faces are beyond restoration, I won't be able to magically restore those original faces. However, with the "Heavy Damaged Repair" option, you can provide me with additional reference data.

For example, in the scenario mentioned above, if one person's face is missing, you can send me another image or images (preferably multiple) of that individual. I'll use these references to reconstruct the missing details in your original image. In cases where you lack any image of the missing face, I'll employ various techniques, including AI tools at my disposal, to generate a suitable face that aligns with your image. While this may not be entirely precise, it will be the best achievable result.
~Feel free to reach out before opting for this option if you're unsure whether it's necessary for your image.~ I'm here to guide you based on your specific needs and inquiries. Please note that the "Heavy Damage Restoration" option may add a minimum of +2 days to the delivery time.

Don't let time erode your precious memories any further. Take action now and bring your photos back to life! Click the "Order Now" button, and let's embark on a journey to restore your cherished moments. Your memories deserve the best care, and I'm here to provide it. Place your order today and relive the past in all its glory!

I will do damaged photo restoration

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