I will convert your existing website to mobile application

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As a Full Stack freelance Developer with many years of experience I can convert your website into a mobile app and publish on Google Play and App Store within 7 days according to your specifications.

I’m a Software Engineer experienced in converting websites to mobile applications for small and medium-sized businesses. All mobile apps converted come with splash screen and toast notification features. The process works in 5 steps as follows:
Step 1: The client provides his/her website URL
Step 2: I check the website and be sure it is a responsive website
Step 3: Website is converted to Android APK file and sent to the client for testing
Step 4: Client provides his/her Google Play Console account and/or App Store Developer's account details for mobile app uploading.
Step 5: Mobile App is finally compiled and published to Google Play and/or App Store

The above process does not exceed 7 days.

I will convert your existing website to mobile application at a very competitive rate.

Android and iOS apps - $50

The above prices are for a limited time frame.

Order now before the prices go up.

I will convert your existing website to mobile application

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“I am a Software Engineer located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I am looking to take on more work to increase my skills as a Software Engineer.”

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