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Native Website Creation Training

Learn to create websites from scratch using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

If you're passionate about web development and want to master these fundamental programming languages, this training is designed for you.

You'll gain essential skills to develop custom and interactive websites. Here's what we'll cover:

-- Learning the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
-- Creating responsive and visually appealing web pages.
-- Integrating interactive features with JavaScript.
-- Connecting to databases with PHP and MySQL.
-- And much more, depending on your specific needs.

This training is suitable for all levels, including beginners (no prior programming experience is required).

Educational Objectives
-- Creating responsive and visually appealing websites with WordPress or Wix.
-- Understanding and effectively using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
-- Developing interactive features and web applications.
-- Optimizing performance and security for your websites.
-- Learn about all these technologiesserver, site, web pages, html, css, javascript, php, widgets, SEO, content management, page creation, CMS, site customization...

-- Customized training tailored to your pace and needs.
Opportunity to work on practical projects to reinforce your skills.
Access to an experienced trainer with over 4 years of web development experience.
Successfully trained over 100 students both in-person and remotely.
Flexible availability, including weekends and evenings.
Your satisfaction is our top priority.

This training is entirely focused on learning

We will not address issues with existing websites or provide troubleshooting services. If you require troubleshooting services or other tasks related to your website, please refer to our other offerings on our profile.

Basic offer starting from €25
With the basic offer, you will have 45 minutes of video conference training via Zoom.

To go further, we offer several options:

Training Pack
5 hours of training via video conference
10 hours of training via video conference
20 hours of training via video conference


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