I will discuss with you on a topic of everyday life for 2 hours and give you advice about

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You are Adults, Young People, Adolescents or Children and you need to be listened to and advised on facts or concerns,
You are overwhelmed by difficult situations and have no one to turn to to share your sorrows and receive instructions.
GOOD ! I'm available.

*Who am I ?
I am responding on behalf of Aïhonnou M. Ricardo, specialist in education and training sciences. As a person, I have gained experience interviewing and advising others. I have a great ability to listen and understand people in exchange situations.
Confiding your concerns to me will not be a regret for you.

*What type of topic can I respond to?

If possible, contact me for all types of subjects. However, it is better to send a few:
Marriage and divorce, romantic relationships, success, betrayal, food and health, happiness of being and the joy of living, pregnancy and food, menstruation, personal and clothing hygiene, current facts and many others...

You can present your topics in this form:

<< How to overcome fear? >>

Or even << I have to understand.... >>

* How will the 2 hours of exchange be managed?

At the beginning, we will have 1 hour of exchange and will take a break for a moment depending on your availability before continuing with the rest of the time.

The exchange will take place on the platform here through messages.

For 10€ your expectations will be met and you will be filled with joy.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.
I look forward to you.

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