I will promote your Spotify music to 20 000 listeners

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Professionals in the music industry such as producers, managers, and publishers are often highlighted, but what about self-produced artists? How can they promote their music and gain visibility? This is where our service comes into play. We use analytical marketing techniques on Spotify and publish in our specialized networks to help self-produced artists significantly increase their statistics while offering them greater visibility and showcasing their music or album to qualified and targeted listeners.

For only €10, we offer a promotion of your Spotify music to a qualified group of 20,000 listeners matching your musical style and preferences. We will write a promotional text that we will distribute on our networks/groups/playlists (see FAQ for more details) targeting the desired audience. At the end of the service, proof of the promotion will be provided to you (link and text), along with a detailed analysis from our experts.


The benefits of our service are numerous. The visibility provided by our service can initially be monetized through traditional royalties. But in the long term, depending on the quality of your music, you will gain:
- Visibility (leading to an increase in your fan base)
- Increased streams
- Potential playlist placements
- Growth of your non-music social networks


After a careful analysis of your music, we will write a feature article about your music that we will distribute on our groups/networks/playlists according to the style of your music. This way, your visibility will increase based on the quality of your sound. (Regarding the engagement rate, see FAQ)
When you place your order, we allocate between 5 and 20 days depending on the chosen package to promote your music to a wider audience. You will receive at the end of the service:
- Proof of the promotion we wrote and distributed
- A detailed analysis at the end of the service.
- If needed, expert advice on your music to increase your visibility.


How many listeners will I gain?
We don't have a predefined answer to this question. However, from experience, we have observed an engagement rate of 15% for less catchy music and up to 50% for the best music. Thus, the results will be more or less significant depending on the effectiveness of the featured music.

It's important to note that we cannot guarantee a return on investment because not everything depends on us. However, if the engagement rate is below 5%, we commit to cancel the order and refund you.

Are the listeners real?
Each stream gained is a result of a genuine interest in discovering your music, so the listeners are indeed real (coming from different countries depending on your music and your preference).

How do we carry out our advertising?
The MediaGrower network consists of many distribution channels (Spotify playlists, Facebook/Instagram pages, Discord groups, etc.). Thus, we have a wide variety of target audiences that can be reached (mostly aged 18 to 54 and a mixed audience), and we have the ability to select the most likely targets to appreciate your musical style. We have an audience of over 1,000,000 people who can be reached through our advertisements on our private networks.

Additional Options

-Classic Offer: Targeting 20,000 people
-Classic+ Offer: Targeting 40,000 people
-Classic++ Offer: Targeting 60,000 people

-Expert Offer: Targeting 120,000 people
-Expert+ Offer: Targeting 300,000 people
-Artist Offer: Targeting 500,000 people

Our Values

We understand how rare online visibility can be, so we genuinely want to help you achieve your project and follow your aspirations. Our team is here to answer your questions, and we hope to work with you very soon!

I will promote your Spotify music to 20 000 listeners

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