I will guide you to realize your full potential through personalized mentoring and life coaching

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Akshay - Your Personal Growth Mentor

Unlock your potential and transform your life with me, your trusted guide to personal growth ! With a wealth of experience and insight, I'm dedicated to helping you thrive.

Ready to begin your transformation? Connect with me today!

What I Offer:

Tailored Coaching: I provide one-on-one coaching to help you define and achieve your life goals. Your aspirations, your plan.

Mindset Mastery:Together, we'll conquer mental hurdles and cultivate a positive, empowering mindset. No more self-doubt.

Skill Development: I'll guide you in acquiring essential skills for personal and professional growth. Practical knowledge to thrive.

Self-Confidence Boost: Discover your inner strength. With my support, you'll confidently tackle challenges and seize opportunities.

In essence, I'm here to help you design your future, overcome mental barriers, acquire valuable skills, and boost your self-confidence. Your success story, personalized.

1. One-On-One Coaching Session
- Price: $5
- Delivery: 30 minutes
- Personalized coaching tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Let's have a focused discussion to kickstart your growth journey.

2. 3-Session Growth Package
- Price: $15
- Delivery: 3 sessions (30 minutes each)
- Dive deeper into your personal development with three dedicated coaching sessions. Achieve meaningful progress and lasting change.

3. Comprehensive Self-Discovery Program
- Price: $40
- Delivery: 4 sessions (45 minutes each)
- A structured program designed to help you unlock your full potential. 4 sessions, goal-setting, and continuous support for lasting transformation.

The coaching sessions will be conducted to provide guidance and support in various aspects of career growth, including goal setting, skill assessment, strategy development, professional development, overcoming challenges, and ongoing support. These sessions will take place on the platform , either Google Meet or ComeUp Direct, and the duration and content will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

You can also get a progress report after each successful coaching session for an additional $5. This report will serve as a valuable tool to track and document the progress made during the session. It can include a summary of the goals discussed, the strategies devised, and the action plan going forward. This additional service will help clients to stay focused, motivated, and organized on their career growth journey, making it a worthwhile investment in their personal and professional development.

I will provide a detailed progress report in PDF format, spanning 1 to 2 pages, which will include comprehensive information and updates.

An extended coaching session typically involves of one-on-one coaching or guidance compared to a standard or regular coaching session. This option allows for a more in-depth exploration of topics, issues, or skills and may extend for 60 Minutes. This is in addition to the basic service at additional €13.92.

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