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## Sell your products better online with a turnkey single/multi-product Shopify store

**If you are on this page, it is probably because you find yourself in one of these situations:**

you are looking to develop an online business, particularly dropshipping to quit your job, have extra income or to achieve financial freedom
you have already created your Shopify store, but you cannot **exceed the ceiling of 1000 to 2000 euros per month**
You used service providers to create your Shopify store, but you are disappointed with the result

~If you found yourself in any of these descriptions, especially the last two, you know exactly what will happen if you don't find a solution quickly.~

> You will work hard for the results to change…and you risk losing patience and giving up.

> And maybe you will end up returning to your daily life: metro-work-sleep…

> …without realizing your dreams.

## I want to spare you all this. But how ? Read on to find out.
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Thank you very much for Mick's work, I am very very very satisfied with the result, I am. of. far. an easy person. but he was able to meet each of my requirements, I recommend and I will come back
Mick was very professional! I 100% recommend his services! Fast delivery and satisfaction guaranteed!
Thanks Mick! Quality work delivered! Followed the instructions carefully. Professional and serious. I recommend and I will order again for future projects!
Fast and effective
Very satisfied with the result! Professional, deadlines met, I recommend
Top listening to our requests
Thank you very much for this quality work, listening, responsiveness and patience, my site is much brighter, complete, pretty, the colors are more vivid and pleasant, and I have also started to make sales in the products I added. Very satisfied.

## Why create a single/multi-product Shopify store?

Today, the e-commerce industry is experiencing significant expansion, and successful businesses are those that are constantly adjusting to meet the needs of their customers.
Creating a single or multi-product Shopify store is good. But your store should be personalized to fully reflect your brand and business identity.
Although creating an e-commerce site, especially a Shopify store, may seem like a daunting task for some people, expert assistance makes the process of setting up the online store easier.
Whether you are new to or experienced in creating e-commerce sites and Shopify stores, entrusting this task to a professional is an excellent option to ensure the creation of a professional and efficient online store.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional in dropshipping or e-commerce, using an expert service is essential.

**Do you want a store that doesn't look like classic dropshipping or e-commerce models?**

**Are you looking for a coherent, attractive store that stands out from the competition?**
Here’s a tip:

designing a Shopify store with a brand identity, whether single-product or multi-product, represents one of the best solutions to propel your adventure in dropshipping or e-commerce towards a higher level.

## What are the advantages of a Single Product Shopify store?

A single-product store is characterized by the presence of a single item in its catalog.

Its targeted approach differs from other e-commerce stores.

Opting for a single-product store offers simplicity and clarity, since customers have a precise understanding of the offer offered.

Marketing is specifically geared towards a single product, which can significantly improve the customer experience.

It is crucial to note that single-product stores are not without challenges. They are more sensitive to fluctuations in demand for this unique product, and if it loses popularity, the store can be seriously impacted.

Also, this model may not be suitable for all product types or markets. Thorough market research and careful analysis of the pros and cons are essential before making the decision to set up a single-product store.

## What are the advantages of a Multi-product Shopify store?

A multi-product store is distinguished by the presentation of several variations of products, whether they belong to different niches or specialize in a particular niche.

This model offers several benefits, including revenue diversification, customer expansion, cross-selling and upselling opportunities, capturing seasonal trends, improved brand awareness, growth potential, as well as retaining customers by offering them a variety of options in your store.

**However, it is important to note that creating and managing a multi-product store presents challenges**: requiring to maintain a varied inventory, coordinating the promotion of different types of products, ensuring that the online presentation remains consistent despite the diversity of the articles offered.

~A well-considered marketing strategy and effective inventory management are crucial to ensuring the success of a multi-product store.~

## With a well-designed, easy-to-manage Shopify store that costs a few hundred dollars, you can generate tens of thousands of dollars per month.

It's phenomenal. I sincerely hope that you realize this.

**But beware,**
Things are not that simple.

Creating a profitable single or multi-product Shopify store requires:

skills in web design and web development
marketing skills
skills in writing product sheets

You have several choices available to you today:

Waste time and learn all these skills yourself before you start
delegate to a novice service provider at the risk of never obtaining results
choose an expert who can help you create your single or multi-product Shopify store

**The last choice is definitely the best.**

**Why let me create your single or multi-product Shopify store?** ~I am Arsène, your Shopify expert.Web designer for 4 years and Shopify store designer for 3 years,~ I am setting up an online store for you optimized with a unique and original design. Thanks to my 3 years of experience, I have developed the necessary skills to set up high-end optimized Shopify stores to sell on the internet. I am efficient, professional and I take charge of creating your online store with the CMS, Shopify website editor.

**By working with me, this is what you gain:**

A turnkey Shopify site, configured from A to Z and ready to use.
A unique, attractive e-commerce store, adapted to the image of your product and brand.
A study in your niche or sector of activity
Customization of page templates.
Delivery on time.

STANDARD OFFER / TURNKEY SHOP: €65 instead of €125

Installation and Configuration of a Theme.
Installing a free Shopify theme ideal for the product niche
Theme Translation
Theme Optimization
Brand strategy + Graphic charter
Creation of a unique graphic charter for your store
Setting up a font
Implementation of colors appropriate to the niche produced
Search and Optimize royalty-free images for the store
Adding your brand logo
Navigation optimization
Setting up pre-written legal pages (General conditions, privacy policy) and informational pages (Contact us, Order tracking, FAQ, Who we are)
Creation of the main menu Header and footer
Product integration.
Setting up up to 10 products that you send me
Installation of products on your store
Implementation of product images Optimize to the image of your brand
Product name optimization
Installation of trust badges (secure payment) on your product sheets.
Implementation of royalty-free images of trust badges (Satisfied or refunded, Fast delivery, secure payment, etc.) at the footer of the Home and product pages.
2 free touch-ups

PRO OFFER: €165 instead of €250

Setting up Pack Standards
Setting up a header banner
Setting up up to 20 products and the product sheets that you send me.
Installation of products on your store
Insertion of your brand on each of your products
Setting up an attractive homepage
Implementation of text and marketing offers that convert.
3 free touch-ups

PREMIUM OFFER : €260 instead of €450

Setting up Pack Standards
Setting up Gold Pack
I help you find and choose your domain name
Proposal of a premium Shopify theme suitable for the product niche (“You must purchase the theme and make it available to me for work).
Setting up the theme + configuration
Optimization of product images
Import up to 10 customer reviews from your AliExpress supplier.
Image Compression
Setting up product sheets that convert
Extensive SEO optimization (search for unique and relevant keywords)
Added custom HTML and CSS section
5 free touch-ups
Possibility of contacting me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 07 days

Additional options

10 products: €15
20 products: €25
30 products: €35
100 products: €85
2 Touch-ups: €15

Questions Answers
What is a single-product and multi-product Shopify store? A single-product Shopify store offers a single item, while a multi-product store offers multiple products in different niches or specializations.
What are the advantages of a single-product Shopify store? Benefits include a focused marketing strategy, clarity for customers, and simplified management focused on a single product.
And what are the advantages of a multi-product Shopify store? A multi-product store offers revenue diversification, customer expansion, cross-selling opportunities, and greater flexibility.
How to decide between a single or multi-product store on Shopify? It is recommended to analyze the market, understand your target audience, and evaluate the pros and cons specific to your business before making a decision.
How to place an order? Check the option that suits you. Validate your order by clicking on “Buy now”. As soon as I have read your order, I will take care of you!
How’s the rest going? After placing the order, you will immediately receive a message asking for some information to create your store.
What do you need to design the store? If you already have a Shopify account, just add me as an administrator or give me access, if not, send me your email so I can install Shopify on your email address.
Are the stores hyper-optimized? Absolutely yes, each store is worked rigorously in order to achieve quality optimization. From the product sheet to the configuration of the site for a perfect, high-quality result.
What is the minimum time to receive my complete Shopify store? The minimum delay is relative. Indeed, it all depends on your request, but generally in 3 working days, I can create your Shopify store.

# Just one decision can change your life. Make the right decision now!
Contact me to bring your projects to life.
I am available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help you.

See you soon to work on your project.

I will create your shopify store

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