I will promote your YouTube video to an audience of 10,000 people

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📌 Increase the visibility of your YouTube video with a 100% real audience!

👉 Have you recently uploaded your video to YouTube and don't know how to get noticed?

👉 Do you want your video to rank higher in YouTube search engine results?

👉 Are you struggling to build lasting audience loyalty and monetize your YouTube channel?


Whether you are an entrepreneur, artist or YouTuber, I suggest you promote your video in order to increase its visibility with a 100% real audience.

Through this promotion, you will gain real views and subscribers as well as authentic user engagement. You could also consider becoming a YouTube Partner to monetize your own videos and earn revenue.

📌 A web marketing expert you can trust!

My name is Maria. And I have been working for several years in collaboration with certified Google/YouTube Partners. I specialize in digital marketing and particularly Google Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

📌 Boost your audience with a Google Ads campaign!

Thanks to my experience, I will set up a Google Ads campaign to promote your video on YouTube:

1️⃣ Analysis of your channel to target your audience
2️⃣ In-Stream Ads Implementing
3️⃣ Real-time performance tracking of Google ads

To improve the notoriety of your channel in the long term, the campaign is spread out over time to avoid the “peak of views” effect.

⚠️ How is your video audience targeted?

The targeted audience depends on the nature of your video and criteria such as: gender, age, geographic area, keywords, viewing habits, etc.

Please note that you can customize audience targeting by choosing certain options provided below for an additional fee.

📌 Service tiers and options

For 50€, I will set up a Google Ads campaign to promote your YouTube video for 7 days to an international audience of 10,000 people and encourage them to watch your video.

The number of views, subscribers, likes and comments will increase accordingly depending on the nature of your content.

When ordering, you can also choose one or more options described below.

✅ Completion of work

Once the promotion is complete, I will provide screenshots of the Google Ads campaign as proof of work.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on this page.

I look forward to working with you,

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