I will write a sales copy cold email landing pages with high conversion rate

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Are you struggling to get traffic to your website?
Are you struggling to sell your product?
If you answer yes to the above questions, could you make sure you read to the end?
I will write a cold email that will bring hundreds of prospects to your site daily. Time spent on your site will triple, with a forty percent conversion rate.
All this is possible with a copy that uses compelling and persuasive words.
With my wealth of experience as a copywriter who has worked with different industries and sectors,

I am a copywriter, and I have worked with companies in the health sector. I have also worked with real estate companies.
I work most of the time on projects, and my pay is based on the duration of the project.
I am result-oriented; a compelling and persuasive copy will give you the desired result, which will grow your sales massively and increase your revenue.

I offer customized service, but my charges range from $30 - €185.03 per email.
It also depends on the industry, whether I am writing to a new prospect, an existing customer, or a customer who is not coming forward again.
Lastly, the duration of the projects is also a determinant.

I will write a sales copy cold email landing pages with high conversion rate

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“As a fresh face in the world of email copywriting, Adejimi Azeez is eager to make a mark with his unique perspective and creative flair. With a passion for crafting compelling content that resonates with audiences, Adejimi has honed the skills through rigorous training and practice.”

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