I will fix an error or bug in your Flutter or Ionic application

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Have you ENCOUNTERED BUGS IN YOUR MOBILE APPLICATION developed using Ionic or Flutter but lack the necessary SKILLS to resolve them?

Did you know that 58% of mobile users abandon purchases midway? And that bugs are one of the reasons? Hence the need to optimize the USER'S CUSTOMER JOURNEY!!!

So, you're in the right place!


Software Engineer / Web & Mobile Developer with over 08 years of experience, I work with individuals and businesses on various projects related to the digital transformation of their products and services, as well as resolving bugs or errors they encounter on websites or web applications.

For €30 I offer you:
✔️ Resolve a bug in your Flutter or Ionic application

To make this service comprehensive, I offer the following OPTIONS:

For €50 I offer you:
✔️ Create one (01) page or modal
For €100 I offer you one of the following options:
✔️ Customize your application's splash screen
✔️ Implement a dynamic search bar
✔️ Compile and Deploy to Google Play Store (Platform registration fees are the client's responsibility)
✔️ Compile and Deploy to Apple Store (Platform registration fees are the client's responsibility)
For €400 I offer you one of the following options:
✔️ Implement authentication system with Firebase (Email or Google or Facebook)
✔️ Integration of a payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay)
✔️ Integration of Onsignal service into your application
✔️ Integration of Twilio service into your application
For €500 I offer you one of the following options:
✔️ Add one (01) feature to your existing application
✔️ Integrate a chat system

Why Trust Me?

1️⃣ Over 08 years of experience in Web & Mobile Development
2️⃣ We currently have several satisfied clients.
3️⃣ They testify on our profile, you can check them out here: https://5euros.com/profil/sthanial2002


For any further information, simply click the "Ask a Question" button and I will respond as soon as possible!

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See you soon!

I will fix an error or bug in your Flutter or Ionic application

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sthanial2002 9 hours ago

“Ingénieur Génie Logiciel et passionné des Technologies du Web, j'exerce en freelance en tant que Développeur web et Mobile avec plus de 5 ans d'expériences.

J'utilise principalement 4 langages : PHP, Python, Ruby & le Typescript et notamment les Frameworks et CMS associés à savoir :

* PHP : Framework -> Laravel & CMS -> Wordpress
* Python : Framework -> Django
* Ruby : Framework -> Ruby on Rails
* Typescript : Frameworks -> Angular & VuJs & Framework -> Ionic

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer afin d'amener à matérialisation vos idées de projets !”

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