I will do web scraping on the official USA Yellow Pages to get all company information

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💥We have over 20 million complete and constantly updated files, taken from the official U.S. website yellowpages.com.

💥All our Databases are STRICTLY RGPD compliant.

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💥We have specialized in email verification since 2006 via our own online platform Emailchecker.fr dedicated exclusively to the French market. However, our email verification rates are even more affordable on ComeUp via this link : [https://comeup.com/fr/service/290880/verifier-votre-liste-demails-mixtes-pour-en-retirer-tous-les-emails-invalides]

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If you're looking to improve your visibility and boost your sales then you've come to the right place ! The USA Yellow Pages are considered by digital marketing experts to be one of the best sources of leads.

I'm going to scrape this information for you from the official website yellowpages.com :

Social Name
Postal code
Emails 100% verified(*)
Code SIC

(*) Valid emails will be shown in green.
Invalid emails will appear in red.
Unverifiable emails will remain in yellow.

For just 5 Euros I'll provide you with a file containing up to 1,000 lines (or less if the available data set is less than 1,000).
You can choose to target your prospects geographically by State(s), by or by City(ies)/Postal Code(s), but also by Activity. In order for me to validate an order, it must include the same activities in the same geographical zones. Once you've given me all these details and I've validated your order, it will no longer be possible to make any changes, as the data extraction will be in progress.

You will receive exactly the same information as that available on the official yellowpages.com website, so if any elements are missing, the same will apply to the final file delivered to you.

Without any instructions from you, your file will be delivered to you by default in .XLSX format, although we can offer you these types of format on request: .XLS, .CSV, .TXT, .JSON (non-exhaustive list).

I will do web scraping on the official USA Yellow Pages to get all company information

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Je vous propose de bénéficier de mon expérience de plus de 12 ans dans le monde de la Vérification d'Emails. Il est possible de vérifier jusqu'à 1 Million d'emails en moins de 24 heures.”

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