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Setting Up Automated Email Configuration!

An automated email setup allows you to:

  • Regularly acquire new customers,
  • Retain existing customers,
  • Generate conversions,
  • Increase traffic to your site,
  • Build your reputation,
  • Credibilize your brand image in the eyes of prospects

Using Evergreen strategies for email campaigns, you can maximize the efficiency of your marketing efforts with emails that can be reused and refreshed over time, rather than creating new emails for each campaign.

Maintaining a connection with your audience is important for legitimacy and retention, as it shows people that you are genuinely interested in them and their needs.

By regularly communicating with your customers, you can establish a relationship of trust and transparency that can lead to increased long-term loyalty.

The idea is to automate this process to minimize staff costs and benefit from the advantages of emailing.
For this, I create a workflow (diagram) from which I define all the conditions that trigger the sending of personalized emails written for the occasion (by your writers or myself). I integrate it after getting your approval.

Rates for Setting Up Automated Emails

Basic Service
✔️ Optimization of email deliverability
✔️ Connection of entry points (where you collect emails) to your email solution. Custom site, WordPress, Shopify accepted.
✔️ 1 basic email maintenance workflow
✔️ 1 personalized journey workflow based on prospect behavior
2 days

A vidéo and screenshots will be provided to you to prove that everything works as intended.

Recommended email solution: Get Response, Brevo

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A la Carte Options for Automated Email Setup

🏮 OPTION 1: Writing your campaigns

I will write your emails for your workflows

How does it work in practice?

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Comeup acts as an intermediary. Your money will be debited but safely with them.

🔹➽ 3. It's done. Have a coffee, I'll take care of the rest!
... And a meticulous job. "Chef, please."

To ensure your projects are realized swiftly, I will respond as quickly as possible between 8 am and 10 pm.
If you have a specific request, feel free to share it with me too!

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Other Services: SEO, Web Development (React, API Creation), Google Ads, Writing, Graphic Design, Photography, Video


Conduct an SEO Audit

Develop in React for your site/elements

Create the Figma mockup of your site

Create a Rest/Crud API

Optimize the loading speed of your site

Manage your Google Ads campaigns

Optimize SEO / Ranking of your site

Write an SEO article

Automate email configuration

Create your WordPress site

Edit your photos

Freelance video editor (editing)"

I will configure your automatic emails

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Anthony_Etche 5 hours ago

“Audits, Consultations & Devis via Comeup gratuits.
Anciennes missions et portfolio dispos, envoyez moi un message et je vous les partagerai.

Mes spécialités sont le Développement de site web Sur-mesure et le Webmarketing :
- 80-100 de vitesse sur Pagespeed Insight, livré avec Dashboard et back-office + SEO technique et On-Site. Création de maquette et de d'assets sur demande. Livraison en moins d'1 mois tout compris.
- Le Webmarketing, Génération de leads B2B, SEO, SEA (Google Ads), Community management et Content marketing (Tiktok & Youtube), Mailing automatisé et comportemental pour vos prospects/clients

Je suis en activité dans le marché depuis début 2018. Je travaille encore avec mes plus vieux clients qui sont maintenant avec moi depuis 6-7 ans.

Je mets mes compétences au service de vos projets à travers mes nombreux services.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter directement via Comeup, je ferai tout pour vous répondre aussi vite que possible 7j/7 de 8h à 22h.”

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