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Optimize SEO / Website Ranking!

Google's bots analyze pages in their entirety, including content. This means that even your text, your page's code elements, or neighboring pages, are analyzed by Google to determine your site's ranking.

The problem is that it involves a bunch of small technical know-hows that not all webmasters may know how to implement.

... And it takes quite a bit of time to make all the necessary modifications.

Moreover, optimizing just one page isn't enough...

Optimizing your site for SEO is a whole process that prepares each of your pages for Google and your visitors.

If your ultimate goal is to have more visitors over time, start by optimizing the SEO of your site and all your content before moving on to backlinks.

Here's what you can expect from my SEO services:

  • On-site SEO optimization: I optimize content, titles, meta-data, Hn tags, Alt-text, semantics, your categorizations, and the structure of your site to make it better understood by search engines.
    All this using keywords (from Semrush and Ahref) that I will define during the analysis of your needs.

  • Asset optimization: I ensure that your images, videos, and other assets are well optimized for search engines to improve your visibility.

  • Local SEO optimization: I improve your visibility among users in your region by optimizing your local SEO.

  • Merchant Center optimization: I ensure that your Merchant Center account is well optimized for search engines to improve your visibility among Google Shopping users.

  • Snippets optimization: I optimize the snippets of your site to make it more visible and attractive to users.

I take into account your entire online marketing strategy to offer you concrete and lasting results.

SEO to be performed is unique to each as it is based on the work you have already done and that of your competitors. This includes, in addition to what is listed above:

  • The degree of optimization of your site's loading speed
  • Work on internal linking (creating a smooth internal hierarchy both for the user and for search engines)
  • Indexing of your pages via sitemap and/or external submission
  • Optimization of your texts and images to appear on the right keywords (keyword density, semantics, tagging)
  • The presence of quality backlinks pointing to your site
  • Research and use of good keywords bringing qualified traffic

By opting for my SEO services, you can be sure that your site will be well optimized and that you will be able to reach new potential customers.

My actions will bring you concrete results in the short and long term, and allow you to significantly develop your business.

Rates for Optimizing SEO / Website Ranking!

Basic Service
✔️ 1 SEO optimization of a product page, page or article*
1 day

SEO optimization of a product page, page, or article
I search for effective keywords, after which I take care of optimizing your pages / product pages / articles in terms of:

  • Hn tags (headlines),
  • Internal linking,
  • Meta description,
  • Categories,
  • Tags,
  • Management of density and semantics,
  • Compression of images and their metadata

To determine the number of pages requiring improvement, it is best to perform an audit.
I have a service for that if you wish, for €5.

If your site is new, everything will need to be optimized.

Base Service Options Description Price Time
🏮 OPTION 1: 5 SEO Optimizations of product pages, pages or articles* €125 2 days
🏮🏮 OPTION 2: 10 SEO Optimizations of product pages, pages or articles* €250 3 days
🏮🏮🏮 OPTION 3: 20 SEO Optimizations of product pages, pages or articles* €500 4 days

Have questions about the packages or options?

Ask me using the "Contact" button

Additional Options to Optimize Your Site's Ranking

👨🔧 Merchant Center
If you manage an e-commerce, you need a merchant center with optimized products to be indexed and benefit from the natural traffic of Google's shopping tab.
€20 / 1 optimized product
No additional delay

Merchant Center Options Price Time
👨🔧 5 optimized products €100 2 days
👨🔧👨🔧 10 optimized products €200 3 days
👨🔧👨🔧👨🔧 20 optimized products €400 4 days

🔗 Alexa Rank OPTION
Alexa Rank is a site ranking maintained by Amazon. It increases your authority when you have a good position.
This option is made to enter the ranking or improve it.
4 days

Setup, connection, and optimization of the Google MyBusiness account
4 days

🌐 Rich Snippets OPTION
Image, stock, reviews, stars are displayed directly on Google.
Your homepage displays up to 6 effective pages of your site below it, so you take up half the screen in search results. Search "amazon" via Google, and you'll understand.
This often results in an increase in your number of clicks (CTR) from Google searches.
€25 / 1 type of snippet
3 days

Snippet Options Price Time
🌐 2 types of snippets €50 4 days
🌐🌐 3 types of snippets €75 5 days
🌐🌐🌐 4 types of snippets €100 5 days

If you want writing, it's here.

How does it work in practice?

🔹➽ 1. Choose your "à la carte" order based on your needs...

... Is there an option I haven't thought of that would remove a thorn from your side?

🔹➽ 2. Confirm your order afterward.

Comeup acts as an intermediary. Your money will be debited but safely with them.

🔹➽ 3. It's done. Have a coffee, I'll take care of the rest!
... And a meticulous job. "Chef, please."

To ensure your projects are realized swiftly, I will respond as quickly as possible between 8 am and 10 pm.
If you have a specific request, feel free to share it with me too!

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I want to optimize the SEO of my site, can you tell me the most relevant options for my case?

With pleasure.
To determine your needs, I start with an audit of your site. After which, I will make a report that will allow us to evaluate the options together.

To advise you best, I need you to detail your objectives.

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Other Services: SEO, Web Development (React, API Creation), Google Ads, Writing, Graphic Design, Photography, Video


Perform an SEO Audit

Develop in React for your site/elements

Create the Figma mockup of your site

Create a Rest/Crud API

Optimize the loading speed of your site

Manage your Google Ads campaigns

Optimize SEO / Ranking of your site

Write an SEO article

Automate email configuration

Create your WordPress site

Edit your photos

Freelance video editor (editing)"

I will optimise your SEO / organic trafic

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“Audits, Consultations & Devis via Comeup gratuits.
Anciennes missions et portfolio dispos, envoyez moi un message et je vous les partagerai.

Mes spécialités sont le Développement de site web Sur-mesure et le Webmarketing :
- 80-100 de vitesse sur Pagespeed Insight, livré avec Dashboard et back-office + SEO technique et On-Site. Création de maquette et de d'assets sur demande. Livraison en moins d'1 mois tout compris.
- Le Webmarketing, Génération de leads B2B, SEO, SEA (Google Ads), Community management et Content marketing (Tiktok & Youtube), Mailing automatisé et comportemental pour vos prospects/clients

Je suis en activité dans le marché depuis début 2018. Je travaille encore avec mes plus vieux clients qui sont maintenant avec moi depuis 6-7 ans.

Je mets mes compétences au service de vos projets à travers mes nombreux services.

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