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We transform your ideas into innovative SaaS solutions, powered by artificial intelligence.🚀

This service is aimed at startups and entrepreneurs wishing to market an innovative AI solution as SaaS (Software as a Service). Our team focuses on development, using the most appropriate existing AI models to ensure the performance and scalability of your web application.

What are the advantages of entrusting us with your project?

👉🏾 I am Issam ISSA, analyst-programmer with more than five years of experience in the development of information technology solutions.

👉🏾 I lead a dynamic team composed exclusively of professionals specialized in the field of artificial intelligence.

👉🏾 We designed stewdy, the very first web application for academic support in France.

👉🏾 You access leading technical expertise in the fields of AI and SaaS development.

👉🏾 We will also provide you with professional assistance in analyzing your project and make appropriate recommendations.

👉🏾 This collaboration significantly reduces development time and costs, thanks to the exploitation of pre-existing AI models, thus guaranteeing a reliable and efficient solution.

Our achievements
👉🏾 stewdy.com: the 1st academic support site for middle and high school students based on artificial intelligence.
👉🏾futbot.io: site to improve your knowledge and prepare you for the challenges of the football field.
My clients are always satisfied with the quality of my work 👍🏾

Skyco ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Great work from Issa! Always responsive and keen to do excellent work. I recommend! "

wilfriddhs ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I am satisfied"


"I highly recommend, Issa is very professional and attentive, I am very satisfied with the work done."

"Fast, efficient"

What you will get

✅ A SaaS web application integrating personalized artificial intelligence functionalities.
✅ A product ready to be launched on the market, with a scalable and secure infrastructure.

Production process

1️⃣ Needs analysis and feasibility study:

👉🏾 Understanding of objectives and vision: Careful analysis of the client's objectives and specific needs to ensure that the proposed solution is perfectly adapted to their expectations.

👉🏾 Identification of key functionalities and use cases: Definition of the main functionalities of the application and the different use scenarios.

👉🏾 Evaluation of suitable AI technologies: Selection of the most appropriate AI technologies and models from those available on the market.

2️⃣ Selection and integration of AI models:

👉🏾 Search and selection of existing AI models: Identification of AI models already available that best match your needs.

👉🏾 Model adaptation and integration: Customization and integration of selected AI models into the application.

👉🏾 Performance testing and validation: Verifying the performance of integrated models to ensure they meet project requirements.

3️⃣ Development of the web application:

👉🏾 Front-end and back-end development: Using modern technologies such as Nuxt3 and Tailwind CSS for the front-end, and Node.js for the back-end.

👉🏾 Integration of AI models: Incorporation of AI models into application features.

👉🏾 Unit and integration testing: Carrying out tests to ensure the quality and reliability of the code.

4️⃣ Cloud infrastructure and deployment:

👉🏾 Cloud hosting: Deployment of the application on cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. (I don't take care of purchasing hosting for you)

👉🏾 Scalable and secure infrastructure: Implementation of an infrastructure capable of adapting to the needs of the application while ensuring data security.

Discover our range of competitive offers, perfectly adapted to your specific needs.🤩

Basic package 1800€
This package provides the essential features to launch your AI solution as SaaS.


👉🏾 Needs analysis and feasibility study: Understanding the project objectives and requirements.

👉🏾 Selection and integration of simple existing AI models: Selection and integration of basic AI models for essential functionalities.

👉🏾 Development of the web application: Creation of the application with the appropriate front-end and back-end technologies.

👉🏾 Cloud hosting and initial deployment: Uploading the application to a cloud platform.

Features of the web application:

👉🏾 User registration and authentication: System allowing users to create accounts and log in securely.

👉🏾 User Management: Features to add, edit and delete users.

👉🏾 Creation of all necessary pages maximum (20 pages)

👉🏾 User Dashboard: Personalized interface for each user, displaying relevant information.

Basic AI features:

👉🏾 Integrating AI models for simple tasks like prediction and classification.

Advanced package + 3600€
This package includes additional features for a more robust and customized solution.


👉🏾 All the features of the Base Package

👉🏾 Selection and integration of advanced existing AI models: Using more complex models like natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

👉🏾 Multitenancy: Support for managing multiple users or clients with data isolation.

👉🏾 Performance Monitoring: Tools to monitor application performance in real time.

👉🏾 Analytical Reports: Generate detailed reports on application usage and performance.

Features of the web application:

👉🏾 Payment systems integration: Systems to manage user payments.

👉🏾 Subscription and payment management: Tools to administer subscriptions and process payments.

👉🏾 Data Analysis and Visualization: Features to analyze the collected data and visualize it in an understandable way.

👉🏾 Notifications and alerts: Systems to notify users of important updates, alerts, etc.

Premium package + 5000€
This comprehensive package offers a turnkey solution with ongoing guidance and support.


👉🏾 All features of the Advanced Package

👉🏾 Selection and integration of existing tailor-made AI models: Selection and customization of specific AI models to meet your particular needs.

👉🏾 Advanced security and compliance features: Implementing robust security measures and complying with current regulations.

Features of the web application:

👉🏾 Integration with third-party APIs: Connecting the application to external services to enrich its functionalities.

👉🏾 Advanced reporting features: Tools to create detailed and personalized reports.

👉🏾 UI Customization: Adjustments to tailor the look and feel of the app to customer preferences.

👉🏾 Multi-language support: Features to support multiple languages and make the application accessible to an international audience.

If these offers don't suit you, don't worry, contact me and let's discuss it. I can then offer you a personalized offer that you can order directly.

I will create your custom SaaS ai web application

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