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✔️ Do you want a passive income selling your e-books on Amazon?

✔️ Would you like to increase sales of your online business?

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How writing E-books enable thousands of entrepreneurs to earn a passive income every month? 💰

Nowadays, people have abandoned traditional book reading in favor of Ebook. 📘

Most of the people have already read a digital book and are ready to do it again

**E-books are in demand, you have to seize the opportunity!

An Ebook is above all a gateway to your world, your business. It is a decisive element which will complete your offer, the icing on the cake in a way.

It is also possible to make it a business in itself. Here are the different business model with e-books:

🧲 Creating a Lead Magnet in order to bring you emails and leads for free
🥇 Complementing your offer by offering a free Ebook for a purchased product
🎁 Offering the e-book as a gift after an order, to build customer loyalty
👔 Offer it as free access on your website to prove your authority
💰 Sell it directly on Amazon to earn money

Simply put, an E-book links your business to this virtuous circle that allows you to generate sales automatically. 🤑

📢 Today, I'm going to create such an E-Book for you to earn passive income 💰 and push your business up 🚀


Who am I, in a few words...

🖋️ Professional Ghostwriter

✅ Over 1300 assignments completed on ComeUp

🎓 Several years of experience in the business of selling e-books on Amazon

From my experience as a writer and blogger, I can provide you with good advice and custom solutions.

📢 Get leads and make sales with your e-books NOW 💵💵


They got rich with E-books 🤑

And all they had to do... was to get in touch with me 📞

user39555 - 🥇 Ebook to include in an Offer
Finally a REAL PROFESSIONAL! The instructions were followed perfectly. I am very satisfied with the work done and I will not hesitate to use your services again. Thank you, you are TOP!
Frostiiz - 📓 Ebook Amazon Kindle
Thank you for understanding my niche and for being able to apply it so professionally in an e-book. See you soon for sure!
freddy74 - 📓 Ebook Amazon Kindle
Very good job, he is very accommodating in case of problems, I recommend him he does a very good job. thanks


💲 My 5€ Offer:

➡️ For 5€, I will create the introduction of your Ebook in 250 words (3 pages)

➡️ I will write an introduction that will make your reader want to continue reading your ebook

➡️ I will add a free stock-image

But as you can imagine, an introduction will not be enough to sell this Ebook or showcase your expertise.

So, I want to offer you a quality Ebook according to your needs.

As you can see, there are a total of 5 ways to use your Ebook for your business, that's why I have categorized my Ebook offers into 5 different categories:



🥇 The Ebook to include in an Offer: (8 pages)
2000 words
2 images
Complete page-layout

This Ebook is a must-have for dropshippers and other e-commerce webmaster. It will help you to increase the value of your Offer by including a niche Ebook

🎁 The Gift Ebook (15 pages)
4000 words
4 images
Complete page-layout

This Ebook is excellent to build authority for your website and increasing your brand image. Many businessmen offer an Ebook after purchase to build customer loyalty and encourage their customers to come back to their website.

🧲 The Lead Magnet Ebook (20 pages)
5000 words
6 images
Complete page-layout

More complete, this Ebook will serve its purpose as a Lead Magnet to give good content to your prospects in exchange for their mail It is very useful for any webmaster willing to expand his mail-base. This Ebook is longer, because it must bring a real added-value for your prospects

📓 The Amazon KDP Ebook (40 pages)
10 000 words
12 images
Complete page-layout
300€ 250€

Here we are really starting on advanced research for the writing of a real e-book. This one is intended to be sold directly, it must occupy and interest your customers during several evenings with an interesting subject.
Ideal for an Amazon Kindle e-book

📌 The Ebook à la carte
With this option, you will choose your word count. Professional and complete page-layout is included, and you will get one image per 1000 words


Various topics for your E-books

Researching content is part of my service, even if I am not an expert in your niche, I will do my research to be able to write about your subject and to be as accurate and thorough as possible.

I will be able to write on many topics such as:

*Technology & new technologies
*Sports, health, yoga and food
*Home automation
*Gardening, breeding, permaculture…
*Real estate
*And many more!


How will I ghostwrite your bestseller for Amazon KDP? 📚

This is what you’ll get when placing an order on my e-book ghostwriting service:

💎 A quality content, with added-value and accurate information
🖋️ A light and compelling writing style
📑 An effective and aesthetically pleasing page-layout
⛰️ Images that will perfectly illustrate your Ebook and make it enjoyable to read


Still hesitating?

How many opportunities have you missed while hesitating?
How many people got rich while you hesitated?

Whether you order or not won't change my life, but what would it change for yours?

If you have read this far, you know more than anyone that a well-written Ebook can generate a ton of money, so what are you waiting for?⌚

See you soon,


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