Are you looking for a text transcription? Do you need your documents in different formats? The most effective solution is to use the help of professional writers.

Benefit from the skills of experts who know how to convert an audio file into text with the right transcription tool, and how to transcribe your recordings and dictated files into a Word document.

Because transcribing an audio, video, or text file is both a technical and time-consuming task, it is in your best interest to take advantage of the online service of one of our professional editors.

With the help of our freelancers, there are no problems with voice recognition software that performs approximate transcriptions, without precision and especially without considering the voice recording in its entirety.

And if Google offers to convert an audio file to text via software that instantly transcribes your audio and video formats, these applications will never match the capabilities of our freelancers. Ensure you have the best results thanks to the expertise of seasoned professionals.

Because your voice, your work, and all the information you dictate cannot be properly transcribed by a robot, collaborate now with a writer who will achieve the best conversion.

Don't want to waste any more time going through software and wasting money on mid-level audio transcription?

To help you transcribe a recording or document efficiently and accurately, our writers offer quality services. Discover the hundreds of services available on ComeUp, upload your file, and get your transcription at the best price.


The audio-to-text transcription you need

With a secure and easy-to-understand order process, converting your audio recordings to text has never been easier!

Benefit from professionals who use the right audio and video transcription tools, and join the thousands of satisfied customers on our online services platform.

Because a portion of users view content without putting on the sound, inserting text into a video intended for YouTube or other social networks allows you to convert better.

In addition to requiring transcription skills, it is a time-consuming assignment. The solution? Call a professional on ComeUp! Choosing one of our services means choosing a quality transcription done with precision for as little as $5.

And to save even more time, select options to upload your files in the format you want, such as .srt for video transcription, or a foreign language version.

Contact them fast, our writers are available to make your transcriptions according to your preferences, in several languages, and for the best price.


Text entry and document: a transcription in the ideal format

Have a document to transcribe? Save precious time for your business, and select the seller who will take care of transcribing your content in the format you need.

If you have decided to optimize your workdays with the dictation of your files, maximize your time by entrusting the input of your content to a qualified web editor.

Among dozens of online services for you, select the scribe who corresponds to you and entrust him with the transcription of your file or document in the best way possible.

The ComeUp platform allows you to entrust your work to be transcribed by experienced freelancers, whether your document needs to be converted from Word, Excel, PDF, or any other format.

When transcribing files is easy, you'll love dictating meetings, minutes, and other business documents into your microphone.

Forget about your conversion apps that botch the job. On our dedicated online services platform, the seller who can convert your voice into a clear, concise, accurate text faithful to the original document is waiting for you.

Get on the mic. Create your recording, select a writer, and press order to receive your content in text format.

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