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One of the biggest concerns for students and researchers is the analysis of research data. Indeed, while most have good knowledge in their field of research or training, the statistical methods of data analysis are sometimes perceived as something reserved for a few insiders who are lucky enough to understand them (these methods). This is not entirely untrue, by the way. However, it is not necessary (nor is it possible) to have knowledge of all the areas of expertise that we may come into contact with in our lives, whether in our studies or simply in our daily lives. This is why we all consult specialists (doctors, carpenters, plumbers, civil engineers, etc.), each in their own field. And that's why you are here today, I guess. You are in the right "place".

I am a statistician with more than 14 years of experience in designing and implementing studies (socioeconomic, statistical, and market surveys), data processing, and analysis. I have had the good fortune and privilege to support dozens of graduate students, mainly in the field of medicine, but also in fields such as sociology, career counseling, marketing, and human resources, to name but a few.

My approach consists of exchanging with you via chat in order to understand your needs (if you wish, of course), and to bring you as many as possible relevant analyses that will help you in your quest for success. So, in case you have doubts about the methods to use, I will make suggestions that you are free to approve or not. The aim is not to increase the number of options to be charged to you but to help you address all the contours of your research question.

I make charts, tables, and comments available to you when available, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Exploring various fields through the lens of data is a passion above all else.

What I do:
- Descriptive statistical analysis of your data through graphs and tables to identify trends or insights;
- hypothesis testing, to verify assertions or intuitions (Chi-square, ANOVA, Student, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis...);
- univariate and multivariate statistical analyses (regressions, supervised classification, etc.)
- etc.

For 15 Euros, you get a univariate analysis of up to 4 variables. The tables and graphs are accompanied by one or two-sentence comments.
The results are provided to you in Word format within 24 hours.
From 3 options it is preferable to choose one of the three packs, for a better price, but the same quality of service:

Pack Light: 105 € instead of 180 €.
- 4 to 8 Charts and Tables (+ 45 €) ;
- 2 Factor analysis (+ 80 €) ;
- Analysis of independence between variables (chi-2, gamma, correlation, ANOVA...): 1 to
- 5 hypothesis testing (+ 50 €)

Silver Pack: 145 € instead of 260 €.
- 4 to 8 Graphs and Tables (+ 45 €) ;
- 4 Factor analysis (+ 160 €);
- Analysis of independence between variables (chi-2, gamma, correlation, ANOVA...): 1 to
- 5 hypothesis testing (+ 50 €).

Gold Pack: 200 € instead of 425 €.
- 9 to 15 Graphs and Tables (+ 75 €) ;
- 4 factorial analyses (+ 160 €);
- Analysis of independence between variables (chi-2, gamma, correlation, ANOVA...): 6 to
- 10 hypothesis testing (+ 90 €)
- Multivariate analysis (+ 95 €)

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adrien's dedication and expertise were evident throughout the entire process, resulting in outstanding outcomes. From the initial communication to the final deliverables, he displayed a remarkable level of professionalism and attention to detail.

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