I will create a pyramid of 222 backlinks to your website

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For 10 €, I will create a pyramid of 222 backlinks to your website distributed as follows:
• 2 DA (Domain Authority) 70+.
• 10 backlinks from Web 2.0 blogs.
• 100 Article backlinks (contextual backlinks).
• 111 Backlinks from mixed platforms (contextual backlinks) Tier 2.
• These backlinks are submitted with unique articles or paragraphs related to your keywords.

90% of Internet users only look at the first page results on search engines. If your website ranks at the top of the search engine results page, you may be attracting a third or more of the traffic for that keyword. Whether your site is new or old on the Web, to develop your business or your online sales, working on the SEO of your site is a virtual must. You need an expert who will use an effective strategy to optimize the natural referencing of your online site in order to gain positions on the search engines (SERPs). My pyramid scheme of building backlinks around your site aims to rank your website TOP of Google and other search engines for any keyword. These high-quality backlinks will boost your SEO ranking, increase your site's visibility and naturally generate organic traffic to your website. I've been a Marketer and SEO, Facebook and Storytelling Specialist for over 14 years. SEO is no secret to me; I have helped hundreds of companies optimize their SEO. I designed this Pyramid of backlinks construction, as a roadmap, and to optimize results at Google level, and I update this pyramid with each major or minor change of Google's algorithm.


1- FREE SEO AUDIT for my clients:
I will analyze the structure of your website, its internal architecture and other key elements in favor of which search engine algorithms are biased. Also check your site's overall SEO for on-page issues, and give some advice on how to improve your on-page SEO.

I reserve the right to disapprove any website, in our opinion (me and the host sites of the backlinks to be created), that does not sufficiently meet our quality standards.

Why should you say yes to this offer?
If you're wondering why you should take advantage оf this offer, consider the following benefits:
• 100% Risk-Free: You can rest assured thаt you won't be taking any chances with this service. The company behind this offer stands behind their work аnd they're confident in its quality. If fоr any reason you're not satisfied with the results, they offer a full refund.
• 100% Manual Work, Done According tо the Latest Google Updates: The team behind this service provides excellent manual work according tо the latest Google updates, ensuring thаt your website stays up-to-date аnd relevant.
• 100% Reliable: This service is provided by a trustworthy аnd reputable company that's been doing this kind оf work fоr many years. They have a proven track record оf delivering high-quality results аnd have received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers.
By saying yes tо this offers, you can take advantage оf these benefits while knowing you're getting a service that's risk-free, reliable, аnd done manually according tо the latest Google updates.

This service will allow you to:
• Real Boost for Your Website on Search Engines (SERP): This service can help improve your website's rank on search engines, which is beneficial because studies show thаt most people click on the top searches on the first search engine results page.
• Generate Organic Traffic to Your Website Naturally: With this service, you may experience аn increase in organic traffic tо your website, which could help attract potential customers tо your website without appearing spams.
• Improve Your Website Visibility and Brand Exposure: Greater visibility can lead to more interest in your brand. This service will help raise your website's online visibility and increase exposure to your brand.
• Give Your Company More Credibility: A high-quality backlink profile can help improve a website's authenticity, authority, and credibility. You'll be able to receive a full detailed report, including every backlink and account that was generated.
• Receive the Full Detailed Report Including Every Backlink and Account Created: By using this service, you'll receive a complete report that includes every backlink and account created, which can help you analyze your online presence and determine the next steps.

Additional options :

Pack Pro High DA1: 100 €
• 100 PR9 - DA (Domain Authority) 70+
• 5 days.

Pack Pro V1: 100 €
• 5,550 Backlinks in English with very high DA.
• 1 complete Monty Premium (1000 backlinks from high DA sites).
• 30 backlinks from Web 2.0 blogs.
• 20 DA (Domain Authority) 70+.
• 500 Do-Follow backlinks (contextual backlinks)
• 1000 No-Follow backlinks (contextual backlinks) Tier 2.
• 3000 Do-Follow backlinks (contextual backlinks) Tier 2.
• Full detailed report including every backlink created.
• 7 days.

Pack Pro Tier 3: 100 €
Build on Tier 2 of Pack Pro V1 or Pack Pro V2
• 10 000 Mix profiles backlinks (forum & social networks) Tier 3.
• 10 000 Article directories backlinks (contextual backlinks) Tier 3.
• 10 000 Mix platforms backlinks Tier 3.
• 7 days.

Pack Pro High DA2: 250 €
• 300 PR9 - DA (Domain Authority) 70+
• 7 days.

Pack Pro V2: 250 €
• 17 000 Backlinks in English with very high DA.
• 3 complete Monty Premium (1000 backlinks from high DA sites).
• 90 backlinks from Web 2.0 blogs.
• 50 DA (Domain Authority) 70+.
• 1500 Do-Follow backlinks (contextual backlinks)
• 3000 No-Follow backlinks (contextual backlinks) Tier 2.
• 9000 Do-Follow backlinks (contextual backlinks) Tier 2.
• Full detailed report including every backlink created.
• 10 days.

I will create a pyramid of 222 backlinks to your website

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