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Do you want to create a captivating trailer to promote your video?

A compelling teaser to hook your audience?

Are you in search of a compelling Teaser that hooks your audience from the very first second?
Do you aspire to create an enthralling Trailer that drives excitement and anticipation for your video?
Are you longing to provide a tantalizing glimpse of your content, igniting curiosity and capturing the interest of your viewers?

Look no further!

Online Trailer and Teaser Creation Service

A well-executed Trailer is essential for effectively promoting your videos, and with my online Trailer and Teaser creation service for all types of videos and audiovisual projects, I offer you the opportunity to captivate your audience and generate excitement around your content.

Whether you need a trailer or teaser for a short film, feature film, series, YouTube video or channel, conference, training, event, music video, or any other type of project, I am here to help bring your vision to life.

⚠️ Attention: Teaser vs. Trailer
Before we embark on this creative journey together, it's important to understand the distinction between a teaser and a trailer.
A teaser is a very short announcement that entices the viewer and creates anticipation without necessarily "presenting" a film or video in general. On the other hand, a trailer, which is more comprehensive, aims to seduce by highlighting the best moments of the film or video.
In cinema 📽️, a teaser is a very short "pre-trailer", approximately 30 seconds long, which appears a few weeks or months before the official trailer is released.

To put it simply: a teaser is a maximum of 30 seconds, while a trailer typically ranges from 1 to 3 minutes.

Experience and Expertise

As a professional video editor 🎞️, holder of a Professional Degree in Cinema and Audiovisuals, and with experience in the field of image 📸 and video 🎥 since 2009, I understand the importance of captivating your target audience from the first few seconds. Each project is unique, which is why every trailer or teaser I create is carefully crafted to suit you and your project, aiming to generate excitement and anticipation, thereby encouraging viewers to explore your content further.

Advanced Editing Techniques

With this in mind, I am committed to creating a professional teaser or trailer for you using the powerhouse editing software Adobe Premiere Pro, which I master perfectly. In certain cases, I also utilize Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop to apply specific effects, ensuring high-quality results.

✔️ Creative video editing: I assemble the best sequences from your project to create a trailer or a teaser that instantly captures the audience's attention.

✔️ Text effects and animations: I add texts, immersive visual effects, transitions, aesthetics... everything needed to give your teaser or trailer a professional and impressive appearance.

✔️ Impactful music and Sound Design: I select royalty-free musical tracks that suit the ambiance of your project, and I even add sound effects to enhance the emotional impact of your teaser or trailer.

In short, I employ all the necessary ingredients to create a teaser or trailer that perfectly matches the ambiance and style of your project.

Flexible Options and Competitive Pricing

For 20€ (basic offer):
I will create a teaser with a maximum duration of 30 seconds based on a 1 to 5-minute video.

If you need a trailer longer than 30 seconds, typically between 1 and 3 minutes, or if your video exceeds 5 minutes, I offer flexible options to meet your needs.

Basic Video Duration Teaser - 30 sec Trailer - 1 to 3 min
1-5 minutes 20 € 30 €
5-10 minutes 40 € 60 €
10-15 minutes 60 € 90 €
15-20 minutes 80 € 120 €
20-25 minutes 100 € 150 €
25-30 minutes 120 € 180 €
30-35 minutes 140 € 210 €
35-40 minutes 160 € 240 €
40-45 minutes 180 € 270 €
45-50 minutes 200 € 300 €
50-55 minutes 220 € 330 €
55-60 minutes 240 € 360 €
60-65 minutes 260 € 390 €
65-70 minutes 280 € 420 €
70-75 minutes 300 € 450 €
75-80 minutes 320 € 480 €
80-85 minutes 340 € 510 €
85-90 minutes 360 € 540 €
90-95 minutes 380 € 570 €
95-100 minutes 400 € 600 €

The file format delivered will be mp4, either in 16:9 (widescreen/horizontal🖼️) or 9:16 (Vertical/Story format📱) depending on your original video.

If you need additional formats, I can convert the final trailer or teaser to a square or vertical format according to your needs, you simply have to choose the desired additional format in the options.

Additional Square Format Additional Vertical / Story Format
+ 10 € + 20 €

With the basic package priced at 20€, you are entitled to one revision after delivery. However, if you desire further revisions, you can opt for a Revision Pack that suits your requirements.

Pack 3 Revisions Pack 5 Revisions Pack 10 Revisions
+ 10 € + 20 € + 30 €

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Contact me today to embark on this creative journey and transform your vision into a captivating visual masterpiece!

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