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Nowadays, before you even think about sending a message to a mailing list, and even more so if you're an online file-buyer, it's essential to have your email list checked to avoid not only finding yourself in SPAMS from the very first minutes, but worse still, being permanently evicted from your emailing platform or seriously damaging the reputation of your SMTP server, whose IP(s) will find themselves blacklisted on blocking lists such as SPAMHAUS or SPAM EATING MONKEY, to name but a few.

That's why it's essential to clean up your mailing lists and remove the Invalid / CATCH ALL / Temporary emails and SPAM TRAPs that are bound to ruin your prospecting efforts. I suggest that you check all your e-mail lists to guarantee an average validity rate of over 99% after processing.

Price : 15 Euros to check up to 10,000 Emails in total, with a 24-hour turnaround.

Once your email list has been processed, you'll receive a file in XLSX format with 2 columns: the first showing all the emails that have been verified, and the second showing the verification status for each of these emails.

Some less frequently used emails are difficult to verify, such as @t-online.de or @bigpond.net.au. The cost of checking this type of email will therefore be increased to 1 verified email for the price of 3. So, depending on the offer you choose, 3 times fewer emails will be processed than initially announced, just for these difficult-to-verify emails.
For more information on this subject, please contact me before placing your order...

Otherwise, and without your confirmation to treat this type of email at a rate 3 times higher than that mentioned in my ad, these emails will probably obtain the checking status UNKNOWN (i.e. impossible to check).

We accept all of these file types : .TXT / .XLS / .XLSX / .CSV or Spreadsheet.

If you need to verify only a Microsoft Email list (Hotmail/Live/Outlook/MSN) please click on the following link :

I will remove all invalid emails from your mixed email list

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