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LOFT 2.0, what is it?

=> It's an online platform for audio and video transcription. Before transcription, segmentation is required, meaning the sorting of participants' audio in a speech. Different colors are used to distinguish speakers; for example, if a person named Pascal speaks, we use the color 'Yellow,' and when Pierre speaks, we use 'Orange.' In summary, we color text in Yellow when Pascal speaks and in Orange for Pierre.

=> Transcription on LOFT 2.0 is generally full verbatim transcription because we type on the keyboard while listening to your audio.

How to access the LOFT 2.0 platform?

=> To access LOFT, we need the following access keys: link, email address, and password. We open the link in a private window of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. An internet connection and professional headphones are required, of course.

How to validate a task on LOFT?

=> Click 'Park.'

What are the prohibitions on LOFT?

=> Operators are prohibited from clicking 'Submit' and 'Skip.'

What are the specific features of LOFT 2.0?

=> On LOFT, it is possible for one person (A) to do the segmentation and another person (B) to do the transcription. The client is the only person who can validate the tasks.

Are there risks with the LOFT tool?

=> Yes, the client should not pay the transcriber/segmenter as they have control over the keys. When the work is completed, there are no files to send to the employer. The segmentation and transcription remain stored on the platform.

What is the solution?

=> I choose ComeUp to ensure payment.

What service do I offer?

=> I offer transcription services only on LOFT 2.0 in the Malagasy and French languages. If you need a segmentor, I have a service that can assist you; I invite you to find it on the service associated with my account.

Why choose me?

=> I have 4 years of experience with the LOFT tool.
=> I meet deadlines.
=> I have conducted personal studies on LOFT 2.0, including keyboard shortcuts, segmentation, and transcription techniques.

What is the base rate?

=> Transcription of audio/video from 1 to 20 minutes costs 10 euros.
=> For transcription of audio/video from 21 minutes up to 140 minutes, you can find it in the additional menu.

What are your advantages?
=> You have 2 revision rights with each order if needed.
This is included in the rate you have chosen.
(For example, if you pay 10 euros for the transcription of a 15-minute and 36-second video, you have 2 possible revisions for text modification)

=> I have a team to ensure express delivery (10 people).

How to place an order?

=> Click the «Commander» button, and I will ask you for the link, email address, and password.

How to know when the task is already completed?

=> You should monitor the progress I make at all times. But when I have finished all the transcription, I will inform you.

I am delighted to take your order.

I will transcribe your audio/video on the LOFT 2.0 platform

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