I will setup and manage amazon ppc campaign and amazon ppc campaign ads optimization

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Are you tired of losing money on Amazon PPC?

I am Usman; I am a Certified PPC Expert. I am a pro at managing PPC campaigns, reducing ACOS and improving sales velocity.

Working on Amazon for more than three years, I can testify to the numerous modifications that have occurred recently and the ongoing changes that they continue to make. My personal objective is to stay ahead of any changes that occur in the Amazon Ad sector and prepare myself to help my clients.

What I'll do for you? I'll launch your PPC campaign by researching your competitors and your customers properly. We need to know what our customers are searching for. What search queries they are putting into the search bar?

I'm going to collect our customers' search queries, PPC recommended keywords, and Sponsored Ad keywords that our competitors bid on it'll reduce your ACOS and increase Sales.

Campaign Strategy:

Create a launch plan..
Apply latest strategies
Proper budgeting for your business.
Profit & Loss sheet of advertisement
Advanced Keyword Research
PPC Campaign Setup (Auto-Manual)
PPC management and optimization.
the weekly audit report of the account.
Low ACOS & High ROAS

Before starting to work, I will need access to the account and after that I will take care of everything related to ads campaigns. In this service I will create campaigns for 3 products.


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Usman est quelqu'un de très compétan et très professionnel. En 5 jours il a réussi a augmenter considérablement la vente de mon produit. Je le recommande fortement Et je vais continuer à travailler avec lui.

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I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to work for you..