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I'm a Digital marketer and Advertising Expert with over 2 years of experience. My specialties are Google Ads , LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads

What are Google call-only ads?

Google call-only ads are a type of Google Search ads prompting immediate phone calls to your business and can only appear on devices capable of making phone calls.

Benefits of Google call ads:

-Efficient lead generation: Google call-only ads excel at driving direct and immediate leads.

-Higher conversion rates: People who phone businesses through call-only ads normally have high buying intent.

-Mobile-friendly engagement: Call-only campaigns are designed for mobile users, and the call button is prominently displayed in the ad.

-Local targeting: Call-only campaigns can be highly localized, targeting users in specific geographic areas.

Within 2 days, I will do the following:

Keyword Research
Ads creation (with use of your ad copy)
Campaign Set Up
Ads Extension
Excluding Negative Keywords
Location targeting
Calls only during the scheduled times
Conversion Tracking
Device Optimization
Follow up the campaign until it is approved by Google
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