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Are you looking for a professional editor to manage the editing of your short film or artistic audiovisual project online?

Entrust your footage to an experienced specialist to bring your audiovisual project to life!

Fidae, holder of a professional degree in cinema and audiovisual 🎬, specialized in editing and postproduction 🎞️, I have been working in the field of image 📸 and video 📹 since 2009, and I am committed to using all my skills to offer you a professional and tailor-made editing that highlights your creativity and artistic vision.

With more than 15 years of experience, I have had the privilege of contributing to the editing of numerous short films, documentaries and various videos. This experience allowed me to develop an artistic sensitivity and expertise that allows me to capture the very essence of your work. My goal is to create an edit that transcends emotions and inspires admiration from the audience.

Whether you are a short film director, visual artist or audiovisual content creator, I am here to support you in carrying out your most ambitious projects.

Pricing and Additional Options:

My base offer at €200 covers editing for a short film under 5 minutes.
If you have a project exceeding 5 minutes, don't worry, I have options adapted to the duration of your project:

Duration Price
Project of less than 5 minutes 200 €
Project of 5 to 10 minutes 400 €
Project of 10 to 15 minutes 600 €
Project of 15 to 20 minutes 800 €
Project of 20 to 25 minutes 1000 €

In addition to editing, I offer a full range of services, including adding subtitles, color correction and color grading, sound adjustment, and the creation of custom visual effects to enhance the artistic character of your productions. You can easily add these options to your order:

Option Price
Color correction / color grading +100 €
Sound adjustment +100 €
Basic visual effects (VFX) +100 €
Complex visual effects (VFX) +200 €
Subtitles +50 €

*Basic VFX: Tracking, keying...
*Complex VFX: Rotoscoping, compositing...

Software used:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects

Type of file to deliver:

  • With the basic offer: MOV or MP4 according to your choice.
  • Source file in addition: +100 €

Modifications after delivery:

After delivery, you benefit from 3 free modifications to ensure that the final result perfectly matches your expectations. But you also have the possibility of choosing additional modifications after delivery according to your needs:

5 Modifications 10 Modifications 20 Modifications
+10 € +20 € +50 €

Contact me now to enhance your short film or artistic project with professional video editing.

I will edit a short film online

  • €200.00

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About the seller

Fidae 3 hours ago

Fidae Sbaai, réalisateur, monteur et infographiste titulaire d’une Licence Professionnelle en Cinéma et Audiovisuel, d’un Diplôme de Technicien Spécialisé en Infographie et d’un Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française DALF C1.

Mon expérience professionnelle a commencé en 2009 dans le domaine de l’image et de la vidéo, notamment avec la réalisation de plusieurs projets cinématographiques et audiovisuels, mais aussi comme traducteur dans plusieurs événements et festivals internationaux.

Montage, étalonnage, postproduction, retouches vidéo, réglage son, sous-titrage, traduction... je mets toutes mes compétences à votre disposition.

Fidae Sbaai, a filmmaker, editor, and graphic designer, holds a Professional degree in Cinema and Audiovisuals, a Diploma in Graphic Design, and an Advanced Diploma in French Language DALF C1.

Since 2009, my career has revolved around the captivating world of image and video production. Through my creative vision and technical expertise, I have successfully brought numerous film and audiovisual projects to life. Additionally, my language proficiency has allowed me to contribute as a reliable translator for prestigious international events and festivals.

With a deep passion for the arts and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I am poised to elevate your creative endeavors to new heights. Let me bring my expertise to the table and create an exceptional audiovisual experience that leaves a lasting impact. Together, we can turn your vision into a reality that captivates and inspires audiences.”

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