I will create AI voice-over in English French or Arabic

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Do you want to record a voice-over with AI?

Are you looking for a captivating voice to bring your audiovisual projects to life?

✅ In English (US or UK)

✅ In French

✅ Or in Arabic

You're in the right place!

🌐 Voice-overs, an essential element for your videos

In a world where online competition is fierce, capturing your audience's attention is crucial. This is where AI voice-overs come into play, offering an effective solution to create professional high quality recordings without compromise.

With the increasing importance of video content on digital platforms, adding a voice-over has become a key element to stand out. Whether for an advertisement, a YouTube video, a professional answering machine, an interactive online course, presentations, or educational videos... clear and engaging narration is essential to capture attention and effectively convey your message.

Moreover, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, errors and mistakes in recordings have become a thing of the past. AI voice-over systems ensure unmatched precision in pronunciation and syntax, thus delivering flawless results every time.

🎙️ Why choose my AI voice-over services?

Fidae, holder of a Professional Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual 🎬, working in the field of image 📸 and video 📹 since 2009, I commit to creating an AI voice-over for you in English, French, or Arabic that is perfectly tailored to your needs, combining the efficiency of AI with human expertise to offer you the best of both worlds:

  • Linguistic Precision: Avoid faults and pronunciation errors with cutting-edge technology.
  • Speed: Save time by producing professional recordings in record time.
  • Adaptability: Choose from a range of voices, male or female, and styles to perfectly match your project.

To give you a concrete idea of what I can offer, you will find in the service description video at the top of the page multiple demonstrations and examples of voice-overs that highlight my ability to adapt the voice to your message and target audience in the three languages offered (English, French, Arabic), covering several styles and accents. You can thus listen to the diversity and quality of the narrations I provide, helping you choose the option that best harmonizes with the needs of your project.

💲 Pricing and additional options

My rates are competitive, transparent, and without hidden surprises. With the base offer at 5 €, you get an AI-recorded voice-over in English, French, or Arabic for a text of 100 words.

For texts exceeding 100 words, the pricing is simple: it's 5 € for each additional 100 words.

If you need a non-AI Arabic voice-over, you can consult my Arabic voice-over recording service.

And if you need to insert and synchronize the voice-over onto your video, or even edit a video from scratch, if you don't already have a video, you can check out my video editing service.

🔊 Type of File to Deliver

  • mp3 or wav according to your choice.

🎛️ Modifications after delivery

The first modification is free, then it's 5 € per modification, unless the error is on my part. However, you can add a Modifications Package to your order to be entitled to more modifications after delivery.

🚧 💵
3 Modifications after delivery +10 €
5 Modifications after delivery +20 €
10 Modifications after delivery +30 €

🤙🏻 Contact me now!

You deserve a voice-over and narration that resonates your message with your audience, and you know it very well! Contact me today to start your project!

I will create AI voice-over in English French or Arabic

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“Fidae Sbaai, réalisateur, monteur et infographiste titulaire d’une Licence Professionnelle en Cinéma et Audiovisuel, d’un Diplôme de Technicien Spécialisé en Infographie et d’un Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française DALF C1.

Mon expérience professionnelle a commencé en 2009 dans le domaine de l’image et de la vidéo, notamment avec la réalisation de plusieurs projets cinématographiques et audiovisuels, mais aussi comme traducteur dans plusieurs événements et festivals internationaux.

Montage, étalonnage, postproduction, retouches vidéo, réglage son, sous-titrage, traduction... je mets toutes mes compétences à votre disposition.”

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