I will make cool voice-overs for your video, audiobook, radio jingle, movie trailer, IVR, VM, or TV/Movie

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Since the 90s, I’ve recorded several hundred ad spots for companies, producing rich commercial audio for radio and television, commercials, video games, corporate explainers, audiobook narration, and websites.

My voice is often considered warm, soothing, cool, comedic, and witty. Within the scope of my range, I am an English speaker with the ability to do American, Irish, British, Scottish, Australian, and South African dialects. My accents include, Californian, Midwestern (upper), New Yorker, Southern, and general (neutral).

I've worked with Ambien, Iams, Popeye’s, Doritos, Raising Cane’s, British Airways, the University of Adelaide, Mazda, Ruffles, Jack Daniels, Highland Soap, Bank of Ireland, Lender’s, Extra, Jack’s Surfboards, Miller, Lion's Gate, and more!

So, if you are looking for the right sound...no problem! I am an extremely versatile voice actor, having many accents and dialects. Plus with a large diaphragm, I have a range of unique character voices and animal sounds, as well as realistic impersonations. So if you're looking for a voice over actor, look no further! Book your voice over talent today by contacting me. Lights. Camera. ACTION!


NOTE: When you make your purchase thru me, you get a professional voice over audio delivered as a WAV audio file. You'll have the option to upgrade to get additional features. Furthermore, please note that every voice over audio is up to 5 minutes per project. A project does not include several segments, rather one single audio project. To extend the length, please see the options section. There is no limit to the potential length of your audio project. For additional minutes, simply add the estimated time by going to the Express Options section and selecting the appropriate option to match the necessary length. First 2 revisions are free; 3rd revision is a paid option.

I will make cool voice-overs for your video, audiobook, radio jingle, movie trailer, IVR, VM, or TV/Movie

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lonniecrayton 24 mai 2024

“My start as a creative began in 1993, photographing clay animation stills, creative design (digital/print), and photo editing. After graduating Tulane University in Communications/Media Arts in 2005, I moved to Los Angeles to begin working with film companies, specializing in work with infomercials, commercials, music videos, and indie shorts. In 2016, I won Outlaw Film Festival's "Best Local Music Video" award, for my work with Grammy Award winner Howard Hewett.”

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