I will manage the customer service of your e-shop

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I will take care of the customer service of your e-commerce store!

I can answer messages in these different languages

In English (full professional capability - C2)
In French (native)
In German (full professional capability - C2)

I have already worked with several people on a regular basis to manage one or more after-sales services simultaneously. So I already have a good experience in the customer service and dropshipping environment. Handling up to 100 messages per day is not a problem for me.

I can also handle contacting these different postal services in case of problem(s) with an order:

Laposte / Swiss Post / PostNL / Bpost / Colicoli

Details of my different offers
The starting offer is 5 € for 5 messages. This way you can test me and make your own opinion about my work. My goal is that we can then continue to work together on the long term.

1st offer => You have an online store that is just starting out, and you want to avoid multiple returns on the platform? Then it's simple, opt for an option of the amount of your choice. I will keep track of this amount as a basis for the number of mails to manage and I will contact you when this amount has been exceeded. If you're unsure about the amount, know that usually dropshippers who just launched a store take the option for 20 or 30 messages to be safe for several weeks.

I will take care of answering your customer messages, whether it's by Gmail, but also Messenger or even Freshdesk or Zendesk (to be defined together at the beginning of the service)

2nd offer => You know roughly how many messages you receive per week on your customer service. In this case, you have the possibility to propose me a regular rate for the payment. Thus, I will not have to count anything, the option to take will be the same every week or every month, as long as the customer support keeps the same size. It is also possible to offer me a monthly rate.

At the beginning, I may have to ask you different questions. I need to become familiar with your store's domain and your type of customers. This will allow me to work more efficiently in order to relieve you of this task which can quickly become quite troublesome to manage.

I am a very motivated person and will listen to you to best meet the expectations of your customers.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

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I will manage the customer service of your e-shop

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“Salutations, moi c'est Oliver

Je suis passionné par les langues, trois en particulier.

➜ l'allemand
➜ l'anglais
➜ le français

Ces connaissances linguistiques me sont utiles pour ces différent services.

la traduction
la transcription d'un fichier audio ou vidéo
le sous-titrage de vidéos
Gérer votre SAV Facebook ou/ et Gmail

Master Etudes Culturelles Internationales”

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