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🚀🔥 Rank higher on Google with safe high DA SEO contextual backlinks 🔥🚀

Are you tired of seeing your competitors outrank you on Google? Frustrated because your website is stuck on page 2 (or worse)? Don't worry, I've got your back!

Welcome to the most advanced and successful white hat backlink SEO service. It's time to leave your competition in the dust and dominate the search engine rankings.

Imagine this: You wake up one morning, check your website's ranking on Google, and boom – you're on the first page! Your traffic is skyrocketing, and your sales are through the roof. What if I told you that this dream could become a reality?

The secret to achieving these results is simple: a trustworthy backlinks which will be loved by Google. And guess what? That's exactly what I offer you.

🗝 More traffic = more business = more revenue. It's simple math. And with my high-quality, dofollow SEO backlinks, we'll help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

👉 So, are you ready to take your website to new heights and leave your competition wondering what happened? Let's get started!


What are backlinks and why do you need them?🔗🔗🔗

In the world of online marketing, backlinks are the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. Put simply, backlinks are external links to your website from other websites. They can be text, image, or button, and they hold a lot of power when it comes to improving your website's visibility on search engines.

The longer the backlinks, the better the chances of your website being recognized as a valuable source of information. By building high-quality backlinks, you can not only improve your search engine ranking but also provide valuable context to search engine crawlers about your website's content and value.

There are many ways to build effective backlinks that will drive traffic to your website. In this service, I offer only dofollow SEO backlinks, which are the most effective in terms of improving search engine rankings.

What is the importance of Dofollow backlinks for SEO?

As an SEO enthusiast, you must have come across the term "Dofollow backlinks" at some point in your online escapades. These links are essential because they allow search engines to track and index your site to determine its ranking. Without good quality Dofollow backlinks, your website may remain buried deep in the search results for a long time.

The importance of these links lies in their ability to signal to search engines that your site is credible and reliable. So, if you want to establish your online presence, enhance your credibility, and improve your ranking, focus on building long-lasting, high-quality Dofollow backlinks to your website. Trust me; it's a strategy that will take you a long way!


The Powerful Benefits of Quality Backlinks in SEO 🎯

✅ SEO backlinks impact multiple SEO ranking factors

Are you tired of chasing a long trail of low-quality backlinks, only to see little improvement in your website's search engine rankings? It's time to shift your focus to quality backlinks. These valuable links not only provide a boost to your SEO rankings, but they also have a ripple effect on other ranking factors.

Your website's domain and page authority can increase, which in turn can boost your search engine ranking position. Additionally, backlinks can help to generate referral traffic to your site, which can lead to more conversions and a better overall user experience. So, if you want to see long-term SEO success, invest in building high-quality backlinks.

✅ Quality backlinks bring direct traffic to your website

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, quality backlinks are a must-have. Not only do they bring in direct traffic from top news sites, blogs, and other authoritative sources, but they also increase your credibility and trust in the eyes of potential customers. One of the best things about backlinks is that they can have a long-lasting impact on your website's traffic.

While the initial surge of traffic might only last a few days, the backlink will remain and continue to drive traffic to your site for a long time to come. So, if you're looking to boost your website's traffic in the long run, investing in quality backlinks is definitely worth it!

✅ Quality backlinks boost trust in your brand

Quality backlinks on reputable sites can truly do wonders for your brand. Having your content featured on established blogs and news sites not only helps to increase your visibility, but also instills a sense of trust and credibility in your audience.

These long-lasting connections build a foundation of authority and influence, strengthening the bond between you and your potential customers. By focusing on creating quality backlinks on trustworthy platforms, you are positioning your brand as an industry thought leader and setting yourself up for long-term success.

✅ SEO backlinks are a promotion for your business

Having other websites linking to your website is like having an endorsement from a colleague in the same industry. It not only boosts your visibility but also establishes your credibility. So, don't wait any longer! Focus on building long-term relationships with other websites, and watch your website's traffic, and ultimately, your customer base grow!


How My Backlinks Boost Your Website's Ranking? 🚀🚀🚀

My secret sauce is the perfect blend of high-quality, dofollow backlinks that Google absolutely loves. These powerful links are like rocket fuel for your website's ranking. Here's ho
w I'll help you soar:

  • ✔ Contextual Backlinks: I create natural, contextual backlinks that are relevant to your niche and highly valuable to search engines. This means that not only will your website rank higher, but it will also attract more targeted traffic.

  • ✔ Dofollow Links: Who doesn't love some good, old-fashioned link juice? My dofollow backlinks pass on authority and trust to your website, giving Google a reason to push you up the rankings.

  • ✔ White Hat Techniques: With me, you don't have to worry about playing a risky game with search engine algorithms. I only use ethical, white hat SEO techniques that deliver long-lasting results and keep your website safe from penalties.

  • ✔ Google Penguin and Panda Safe: My backlink building method follows the latest SEO guidelines to ensure your website stays safe from any potential penalties.

  • ✔ Very High Quality DA 50+: I create high authority links from blogs 2.0 with Domain Authorities of 50 or higher. This helps boost your website's rankings and position you as an industry leader in the eyes of Google.

  • ✔ In-Depth Reporting: I believe in transparency, so you'll receive detailed reports on the progress of your campaign. You'll be able to see the exact backlinks I've built.

So, if you want to get ahead of the competition and rocket up Google's rankings, look no further—I'm here to help! Get in touch and let's get your website soaring! 🚀


👉 What you will get for the basic service

With the basic service, you can get 75 high-quality backlinks with articles and content related to your niche, complete with long-tailed anchors (keywords) that you have chosen.

With Google's Penguin algorithm always lurking, it's crucial to steer clear of abusive techniques in building your website's links. That's why my strategy is to create long-lasting, optimized backlinks surrounded by relevant content.

So go ahead and give me your URLs and keywords, and watch as your website climbs up the search engine ladder!

In summary:

  • I can accept any number of keywords and URLs, but to see actual results, I recommend using 15 to 20 keywords for every 75 backlinks.
  • All of the backlinks are directed towards your main site and are "do-follow" backlinks.
  • The referring domains will have high DA (Domain Authority) and high PR.
  • All links are created manually and are from my own private list which is updated monthly this service will improve your SEO for the keywords you provide
  • To maximize results, article writing is included in the price.
  • The service is fully compatible with Google Panda & Penguin algorithms
  • You will receive a full report of backlinks created upon delivery.

Important note: The articles will be spun! Content spinning is a writing technique commonly used in SEO to create new content by replacing words, phrases, sentences, or entire paragraphs with alternative versions. It should be noted that content spinning is not the same as a Guest Post (sponsored article).

⛔ By placing an order, you agree that your backlinks will be retained indefinitely. Under no circumstances will I remove backlinks created in this service.


Discover my different packs

I provide various Premium Packs to help you enhance your SEO strategy and achieve better results and ROI, especially if your domain and keywords face significant competition.

⚓ I want to take it easy with the Link Building (for low competition, strong foundation of relevancy, and authority) 🔥

Premium Pack 1 Premium Pack 2 Premium Pack 3
150 Contextual Do Follow Backlinks 250 Contextual Do Follow Backlinks 450 Contextual Do Follow Backlinks
Very High DA authority blogs & Web 2.0 Very High DA authority blogs & Web 2.0 Very High DA authority blogs & Web 2.0
100% Safe and Dofollow Backlinks 100% Safe and Dofollow Backlinks 100% Safe and Dofollow Backlinks
Public blogs & Web 2.0 Public blogs & Web 2.0 Public blogs & Web 2.0
A competitive analysis of your competitors to identify and suggest relevant keywords that you may not have considered
15 30 60

⚓ I want to quickly achieve my Link Building Goals. (for faster results with high competition) 🚀🚀🚀

Premium Pack 4 Premium Pack 5 Premium Pack 6
900 Contextual Do Follow Backlinks 2000 Contextual Do Follow Backlinks 4000 Contextual Do Follow Backlinks
Very High DA authority blogs & Web 2.0 Very High DA authority blogs & Web 2.0 Very High DA authority blogs & Web 2.0
100% Safe and Dofollow Backlinks 100% Safe and Dofollow Backlinks 100% Safe and Dofollow Backlinks
Public blogs & Web 2.0 Public blogs & Web 2.0 Public blogs & Web 2.0
A competitive analysis of your competitors to identify and suggest relevant keywords that you may not have considered A competitive analysis of your competitors to identify and suggest relevant keywords that you may not have considered A competitive analysis of your competitors to identify and suggest relevant keywords that you may not have considered
Website SEO Analysis & Audit Report Website SEO Analysis & Audit Report Website SEO Analysis & Audit Report
120 250 500

✔ Clients who achieve positive results and a high return on investment often choose the premium pack 4 or more.

Indeed, these clients have all reached the first page of Google even with competitive keywords.


What you need to provide me:

I would need :

  • 🌐 URLs: Home page, about page, blog posts...
  • ⚓ Keywords: You can give me as many keywords as possible. These will be used as anchors for your links, so the more the better!


Why Do You Trust Me To Buy?

Well, for starters, I'm an SEO expert who has been playing the SEO game for nearly a decade. I've seen the industry evolve and have adapted to every Google algorithm update. So, you can trust me when I say that I know what works and what doesn't.

I've been working on ComeUp for more than five years, delivering amazing results and earning rave reviews from my clients. But don't just take my word for it – here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

☑️ "Excellent seller, friendly and efficient. The backlinks seem to be of excellent quality. I recommend 100%." -rudym92

☑️ "Very responsive seller, order delivered as expected. High quality backlink with 0 spam according to MOZ metric. I highly recommend Mr. Yasserr" -FRANCISCOFRIAS

☑️ "As usual, great work. If you want good quality links, do not hesitate. After several orders I'm still satisfied. Moreover Yasser always answers the question quickly and will help you to develop your website." -Olivier63

☑️ "I have tested many sellers here and elsewhere and I work with different specialists here. Yasser is undoubtedly one of the best in Quality, Cost, Time and Communication. I just ordered his biggest BL pack (5000) and all my Ahrefs and SERanking tools confirm that the backlinks are there and their quality. I recommend" -ThibaultMouille

☑️ "Thank you very much! I highly recommend Yasserr's services! Quality work and dofolow backllinks with anchor text respected!!! A big thank you!" -tfo


💬 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I get from my order?

A: You will get a detailed report with contextual dofollow backlinks that have been created for your website. All of the links will be checked to make sure they are safe and secure, and high DA authority websites. You will also get a competitive analysis of your competitors, a website SEO analysis and audit report, as well as keyword research.

Q: Will my order be safe?

A: Absolutely! All of my backlinks are 100% safe and dofollow links which have been carefully created to ensure that your website is not affected in any way. I make sure to follow all of the latest Google guidelines in order to ensure the best possible results for your website.

Q: How long will it take for my order to be completed?

A: Depending on the size of your order, orders typically take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete. I strive to make sure that each and every one of my customers is 100% satisfied, so I'll work diligently to make sure your order is completed in a timely manner.

Q: If I place an order for 400 Backlinks, will they be on 400 different blogs?

A: It's advisable to have fewer Referring Domains (RD) than the number of Backlinks when dealing with Google. For instance, if your sports website is highly rated on a sport forum, you might receive numerous backlinks from that website. However, thanks to my domains list, if you order 100 backlinks, they will be generated from 70% of unique websites.

Q: Where exactly will the backlinks be published?

A: I have hundreds of Fully Optimized Web 2.0 Blogs. I plan to publish spun articles that are closely related to your niche.

Q: What is Spun Content?

A: In simple terms, spun content refers to text that has been generated using a writing technique called content spinning. This technique involves replacing words or phrases within a piece of text, while still retaining the same overall meaning. Each time the content is "spun," it produces a slightly different variation of the original text. While it can be a long and tedious process, content spinning allows for the creation of multiple versions of an article, which can be useful to publish a large quantity of content.

Q: What is the maximum number of URLs and keywords that I can provide?

A: You can order as many URLs as you want as long as you follow the guidelines, but there is a limit on keywords. Giving me 100 keywords would be over-optimization for Google, which doesn't make sense. To stay within reason, please provide me with important pages like your homepage and some deep pages such as category pages. Additionally, limit your keywords to a maximum of 10.

Q: How long will it take to get results?

A: Improving your website's SEO takes time, especially if the competition in your niche is high. To improve your SEO, focus on creating quality content and utilizing appropriate link building strategies. However, it's important to understand that no one can guarantee you'll rank #1 within a certain timeframe. If someone claims they can, they're not being truthful. The only way to guarantee a top spot quickly is through paid advertising with Google Ads.


❓ You have more questions?

Whether you're looking for advice or just have a simple question, don't hesitate to click that blue button at the top right of this page. I'll be happy to start a conversation and help you out in any way I can. So go ahead and ask, I'm all ears!

🎯 The sooner you take action, the faster you'll see results. Don't let your competitors get ahead – invest in your website's success today!

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