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You're so keen to concentrate on your sales and business development, yet you're reluctant to delegate the after-sales service side of your e-commerce store, since it's so important to the smooth running of your business.

Indeed, after-sales service management requires special attention from a vigilant person who is thinking not only of buyer satisfaction, but also of the good of the company.

It's important to have a trustworthy and experienced person in after-sales service to ensure the smooth handling of all requests, be they complaints, refunds, returns, requests for information or other. ....

Why choose me and not someone else?

My 2 years' experience in customer service makes my job easier. I'm able to meet customer expectations, but also to limit refunds to avoid losses. I always manage to reach an agreement between the customer and your company.

I'm passionate about this job, and never get bored answering a ton of emails, because I love solving problems.
I enjoy looking for lost orders, making reminders on the carrier's website, proposing solutions to customers in any situation, dealing with their complaints and reassuring them, but above all finishing all these requests myself.
I have peace of mind and I'm satisfied with my work every time I resolve a case.

Great responsiveness and efficiency. Finally, I am attentive to instructions and adapt very quickly.

My aim is to make you money and your customers happy.

The platforms I master are the following:

For €5, I'll answer up to 10 emails a day.

Offer 1: 100 EMAILS per week, i.e. a maximum of 20 emails/day +65 €.
Offer 2: From 101 to 200 EMAILS per week, i.e. max. 40 emails/day +70 €.
Offer 3: From 201 to 250 EMAILS per week, i.e. a maximum of 50 emails/day +95 €.

I take care of all your after-sales service per week, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week: EMAILS and SOCIAL NETWORKS

I will manage your customer service efficiently

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ABONI_AYI 3 days ago

“Salut à tous,

En tant qu'expert en saisie de données et en création de sites web, je suis ici pour donner un coup de pouce à votre entreprise en ligne. Fort de ma maîtrise de plates-formes telles que WordPress, Divi, Elementor et Oxygen, je suis prêt à contribuer à votre croissance. Mon expérience fructueuse avec des clients de renom tels que Futura, BFM TV et Ouest-France témoigne de ma capacité à fournir des résultats.

Au-delà de mes compétences en conception de sites web, je brille également dans l'art de la rédaction de contenus en ligne. J'excelle à créer des textes nets, concis et percutants qui renforcent votre présence en ligne et favorisent vos objectifs marketing.

Si vous recherchez un assistant virtuel compétent pour la gestion de données ou pour amplifier votre empreinte numérique, ne cherchez pas plus loin. Je suis disponible pour discuter de vos besoins et des moyens par lesquels je peux apporter mon aide.

Avec toute ma considération,”

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